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It's the last Friday of May... Meaning its Mani's #friendshipfriday
This #friendshipfriday is dedicated to my family.
It's dedicated to:

My mum for being my backbone, my source of strength, my friend, my hero and the person I look up to. Thank you for always being there, to correct and support me.
My niece for being a wonderful companion, a playmate, a teacher, an all time amazingly smart and beautiful load of sunshine.
Thank you for being so good at conversation, for always cheering me up, for the mental challenges and the unending love.
My brother @sikpi_michael my soutwin, my best friend, even though I want to dump you in the sewage disposal tank most times, know that I am grateful for all your love and support. Thank you for being my protector, my ride or die, I love you.
My Older brother @abbeysikpi my late night movie and food partner, my alibi, my scrawny werewolf brother. Thank you for all the lessons, for bringing that smile when there's a headache, for bringing food, for your brotherly care and protection.
My dad, for being a soft landing whenever I fall, for being my tower, for providing me a safe Haven. Thank you daddy for your love, for your protection, for pushing me to move on to a better me.
My sister @freddie8182 for being the first freak in my life. For allowing me steal her clothes, for being my make up artist slash hair stylist slash personal shopper slash teacher slash on and off best friend. Thank you for being my friend, for being so supportive and corrective and thank you for your love.

Thank you all for accepting and loving me as I am, thank you for being there whenever I need you. Thank for every day.
Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative's #friendshipfriday
Happy #friendshipfriday everyone

#Iammentallyaware #Iammentallyaware #mentallyawarenigeriainitiative #mani #friendshipfriday

Hello! If you had the privilege of being tagged in this picture, it means you have been specially selected by me to be a part of the #Let'stalkDepression awareness campaign of Mentally Aware Nigeria Initaitive (MANI)... All you have to do is carry out a simple exercise to help create awareness about depression.. Step 1: take a picture with you holding a cardboard or paper that says





Step 2: Post this picture on every social media platform you belong to and tag everybody you know to involve them in the Let'stalkdepression campaign by encouraging them to do Step 1 and 2
Tell your friend's friend's friend's friend's friend and get them involved ... Together we can get the whole country talking about depression... Be part of something that will help someone struggling with Depression... Be part of the #Let'stalkdepression campaign...God bless you!

Had a fun time talking about Mental Health and Depression with UnilagFM's @kemi_olawoye on the Health Focus Show last Tuesday.

Mental illnesses are as real as physical ones and require adequate management.We at @mentallyawareng have made it our mandate to alleviate the stigma brought on by ignorance thereby making it easy for people to seek treatment and live with dignity.

One step/one day at a time.
It's Depression Awareness Month, follow our stories,hash tags & challenges: #letstalkdepression #iammentallyaware

This girl you see here has been through a lot. This happy girl you see has once considered suicide as a way out. I was tired. I thought I couldn't amount to any thing good. I thought nothing good could come from me. But thank God for Jesus.
I learnt in my life that the best form of service is to loose yourself in the service of others. I started doing things for people and I realised I'm happier when I make people happy. I'm way over the thought now. I deserve more than what I gave myself like way more than that. #ilovemeselfie #selflove #iammentallyaware #mentallyawareng

Challenge accepted @iyanuolaosebikan . I have learnt how to love myself and embrace my uniqueness because I believe everyone is unique in their own way and has something that someone needs in their life, also to be happy with who I am. I love myself first before I can love other people around me (As God said, Love thy neighbour as yourself). I am also my greatest fan and cheerleader 🎉 I have something to offer,so do you. #SelfLove #ZeroSuicide #IamMentallyAware #mentallyawareng @mentallyawareng I therefore challenge @minka_ndifon @jesupelumi_a @opedara @_jhemie


When she told me, "I was dying and you couldn't answer your call," I knew what was going on and what I had to do.

Be there. No questions. No prescriptions. Just presence.

@Regranned from @manilagos - We don't ask people with broken legs or cancer why they have them; so why do we feel the need to ask a depressed person why? .
#DepressionNoDeyShow4Face #Letstalkdepression #keeptalkingMH #letstalk #Mindfit
#iammentallyaware #mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #depression #bipolar #lagos #letstalk #Iammentallyaware #B4Stage4 #endthestigma #mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #bipolar #schizophrenia #ocd #ptsd #mental #mentalillness #nigeria #nigerian #Repost @mentallyawareng with @insta.save.repost • • • - #regrann

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