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Lydia enjoys learning how to improve and edit her photos with Creative Photography at FLVS #IAMFLVS #flvsphotography

#IAMFLVS haha this one pretty much sums up everything there is about me. I have my seasons just like the year. I have my times where I feel like a leader. Times where I feel so beautiful. Times where I just want to love, and times where the world may knock me down, but I just say oh well and carry on 💕

❤"I'm hard to love, I don't make it easy. I couldn't do it if I stood where you stood."❤ #IAMFLVS

Almost two years in this country, I have learned many things which will help me have a better future as well as the values, respect, and organization, besides what motivates me to keep going every day and to represent where I come from, it is that I had the support of having one of the best tools I think that has helped me to my formation and my adaptation process in this country, It is the use of the Florida Virtual School, where I could learn different kinds of things which will help me in my future, as well as the first class to take, was Driver Education, on which I learned the principles, concepts and different types of traffic signs, which I help to be a new driver for my future, then to be sure of my plans, take the Career Research and Decision Making class, in which I learned many important things about the process of University and using the 'Turbo Button' which I use when I want to do something good, then I take the class of HOPE, where I could learn about how important it is to stay healthy and exercise daily, also I could create my own 'wellness plan,' with which I can organize all the physical workout that I do. Currently ongoing on the path of knowledge of flvs, since I'm taking the class of Theatre, Cinema & Film Production, which recommend it, like the others, because in this class could learn a lot of concepts theater and cinema, also I was able to analyze and see great movies 'golden age of cinema,' which have taught me the importance of following our goals and move on. All of these classes, and future classes that taketh with Florida Virtual School has been wonderful, educational, didactic and most important is the flexibility that they give to students and motivates continue to create a better future for all. #IAMFLVS #FLVS @FloridaVirtualSchool

Soccer athletes in the morning and scholars in the afternoon. Thank you @floridavirtualschool for helping us live our dream. #IAMFLVS #floridavirtualschool #DMESoccer

FLVS takes over Sea World! Over 1,500 students, families, and educators came together today to celebrate another awesome year! #flvsk5 #iamflvs #thankyouseaworld

Finally did it! #IAMFLVS

97/365-Enjoyed the last few days with some of my team members at the All About Girls Summit. It is a national rallying point for everyone who believes in the limitless power and potential of girls and is committed to doing what it takes to ensure their success. We had inspiring keynote speakers and were able to listen to many panels of girls share their leadership stories, and even one of our teammates share her story about Freedom through education. Needless to say, I home now feeling empowered and thankful
for all of the strong women in my life! #iamflvs #PaceCenterforGirlsInc #lovemyteam


So proud of my girl. Crazy how she is main stream and in grade level doing it. When in public cluster classes ib public school she wasn't gettinng challenge being put in a lower level. Yes, we still do routines and breaks when needed. But I am so proud of how far she came this year. From kindergarten level to second. #iamflvs #FLVS #FLVSK5 #homeschool #homeschoollife #autism #autismlife #athenalabyrinth #honorrole #kickass #proudmommy

Athena last day school in Flvs as a 2nd grader. They got to make a snack and have a dance party. Here's the butterfly nom nom. #FLVS #iamflvs #autism #autismlife #athenalabyrinth #homeschool #homeschoollife #nomnom #butterfly #snack #lastdayofschool2017 #lastdayofschool #nomore2ndgrade

Alex doesn't let Asperger's and anxiety weigh him down. In fact, he's excelling! "FLVS gives me the ability to work in an environment that allows me to succeed and go at a faster pace. It's been great pairing half school and half at-home work so I get the best of both worlds." We think that's awesome! #IAMFLVS
#studentspotlight #Aspergers #ASD #autism #anxiety #diagnosis #studentswithanxiety #parttime #spotlight #studentsuccess #studentswithautism #studentswithaspergers #autismspectrum #success

Athena teacher sent me this message. I am so honored she thought of her first. When I asked Athena if she wanted too, I saw the panic in her eyes and saw the anxiety rise. I really thought she would want too, since she loves talking in her class. But she freaked, I am still honored and wanted to share it. Also with autism you never know what will happen. #autism #autismlife #homeschool #homeschoollife #FLVSK5 #FLVS #iamflvs #athenalabyrinth

Learning the needs in school to survive. Humans need shelter, food, water, and air to live. #homeschool #homeschoollife #autism #autismlife #athenalabyrinth #iamflvs #FLVS #needs #science

Want to say thanks to all the teachers, therapist, parent's that are teachers out there. This is teacher appreciation week. #homeschool #homeschoollife #autism #autismlife #athenalabyrinth #FLVS #FLVSK5 #iamflvs #teacherappreciationweek

FLVS takes over Sea World! Over 1,500 students, families, and educators came together today to celebrate another awesome year! #flvsk5 #iamflvs #thankyouseaworld

Sarah is a dedicated student who loves lacrosse and was awarded by the U.S. Air Force while attending Civil Air Patrol. FLVS helps her achieve her goals! #IAMFLVS
#lacrosse #airforce #usairforce #civilairpatrol #studentathlete #lacrosseplayer #lax #laxgirl #busystudents

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