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#iamfine official ALBUM RELEASE SHOW is happening next Thursday! See you at @opener_festival on the 29th of June at Tent Stage!

"Remember yourself at your own funeral..........." RIP MOJ.
When we were shooting Ona Abayo in 2011, Toyin Aimakhu @toyin_abraham failed to show up in day 1 and they have scenes together. It mean Moji Olaiya had to return the 2nd day which was not planned. We agreed for just 1 day and had to begged her to return.

Without anger she agreed. She didnt come with her car cos she was fixing it or so and I had 2 cars then. I said "MOJ take the jeep so you won't have to stress yourself much coming back". My 2nd car Honda Bullet was a manual. She said "bring the key to the 2nd car, you need the jeep more". Only few will settle for less especially when they are at an advantage.
She ended up helping me to drop @kayode_olawale my DOP then and few others in their various homes before going to her house that night and that didnt delay her resuming the 2nd day. She was all smile and she didnt even frown at Toyin. Toyin was apologizing and she was just saying(with smile and hug) "haba Toyin mi o binu"( haba Toyin I am not angry). When I pested her to collect money for her role, she dragged me to a corner and said "If I ever collect money from you for this job I will not forgive myself, for all you have done for me, I cannot repay you in my lifetime". Use the money for yourself or other things.

If death is someone I can fight, MOJ I would have fight on. You stood by me when the storm was high. I dnt think you have done anything to hurt me that I know of in over 13yrs.
You want people around you to be happy even when you nurse a pain quietly. You do not like scandal and YOU WANTED A HOME. I know the sacrifices you do put in to make your home work, somethings I hardly see elsewhere.
Whenever it is my time and I get over there, I will look for you. Our friendship has not ended trust me except I have no such powers to decide or move freely in yonder.
Good day to u MOJ.


#Татсан тамхины иш бүрээр чамайг санана.... #2k17# #Iamfine

평일 오후에는 어디든 조용하게 좋으넹☕️
#아이엠파인 #iamfine #커피


💔😫 hits you right in the ventricle! #bonnieraitt #breakupsong #tune #iamfine #heartbreaking #right #in #the #ventricle #feelitinyourchest p.s I am totally fine just discovered this little gem!! P.P.S If you are currently fresh from a breakup DON'T LISTEN TO THIS! WARNING Some listeners may find following the lyrics heartbreaking... listeners discretion is advised #disclaimer

Sometimes really terrible things happen to really amazing people...🙄😔❤️ #me #sometimeshappysometimessad #day #Iamfine #standingonthegrass #ironhair

Dan pada Akhir'y " Di Hati ini Hanya Tuhan yang Tahu "

Duyên đến hoan hỉ ♥️ người đi không sầu bi 🍃 #goodbye #iamfine

「每個家庭都有處不好的時刻。⋯⋯ 我們可能有相同的基因,但我們並不相同。我們有獨特的靈體,我們的經驗使我們變得不同,因此我們每個人都不一樣。

與其試圖強迫大家都跟我們一個樣,不如選擇歌頌這些差異,感謝有這些差異讓我們的生活更豐富、驚喜不斷。」 ~「讚揚所有拯救者」,迪特‧鄔希鐸會長,總會會長團第二諮理

#fhe #iamfine #rightherewaiting #nite 😚

Sau bao lâu nhỉ ??? Cuối cùng ngày ta gặp nhau cũng đến 👪☺️☺️☺️ #colen #bocuTy #cuTy10ngaytuoi #missyou #iamfine

Ok. Enough advertisements. Sometimes you just gotta feel the wind pushing you while you dangle on a 200 meter cliff. Skyscrapers have nothing on nature. Back in Berlin soon. For now, adventures. •

#adventure #iamfine #momstopworrying #cliffhanger #samuelhope #scary #video

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