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Working hard for my @original_iambarre training certification 💪🏽 Always learning, continually growing as a teacher. #barre #iambarre #teachertraining #ilovemyjob

Prepping for this weeks barre class! Instant mood lifter ✨ @original_iambarre #barre #barreteacher #iambarre #ilovemyjob

I DONT lift heavy weights but that doesn't mean I CAN'T lift heavy!! #barreback #barrestrong #iambarre

Did you know that after the age of 35, women loose 5% muscle mass every 10 years? Muscles are calorie burning machines, as unlike fat, muscle is a high maintenance tissue. The result of this natural decline of muscle mass, means your fat ratio will increase unless you do something to counteract it, therefore you NEED to lift weights and include resistance training in middle age as your body needs the extra work to replace the muscle. In every iambarre class, you are constantly challenging your body with the use of hand weights, weighted balls and resistance bands in order to build muscle and to halt any decline.

Muscle mass is in constant use by our bodies, as such it requires a lot of energy to keep it in good working order. When you look at this way, it is easy to see why lean, more muscular people have an a better time burning calories than people with higher proportions of body fat and why we often gain weight as we age. Put simply muscles burns calories whereas fat just stores them!

Lifting weights and resistance training also improves bone
strength. This is particularly important to women, as our bones weaken in the lead up to menopause.
Our muscle mass, weight gain aside, is so valuable to our quality of life, longevity and the ability to maximise energy. At iambarre we want you to live life to the full and we are here to help you to achieve that!

For more information email Karen at karen@iambarre.com and to book online, go to our website www.iambarre.com

We look forward to meeting you!🙂 Follow us on Facebook at Iambarre or instagram at original_iambarre #cambridgebarre #iambarre #liftweights #musclemass

Barre exercise is having quite a 'thing' at the moment, yet classes at iambarre, the original and first barre class in the Cambridgeshire area, remain totally unique.

Are they really that different from other barre classes and what is it about iambarre that creates such a buzz?
YES! They're entirely different and here's why.... Firstly, unlike our competitors, not anyone can take the iambarre certified instructor programme. We are quite particular when we select someone to train to join our team. The training, both practical and theoretical takes 100s of hours, over many months before qualifying. Most other instructor programmes are often undertaken in no more than a weekend. Your instructor really is special, teaching as opposed to just calling an exercise means you really benefit from her experience.
The repertoire of exercises is so extensive, that no one class is the same. You are always challenging your body and never bored by repetition. Our imitators have a very limited repertoire by comparison.

Our attention to detail is our speciality. Anyone who attends class will tell you, that it is the seemingly tiny tweaks to a position that make such a difference to the overall success of the exercise, meaning you see real results, fast!

In an iambarre class, you will really be tapping into the mind/body connection, meaning your body awareness improves tenfold. As a consequence, lessons learnt from your barre practice can naturally be taken into your day to day life. ...and if all that wasn't enough, by joining our iambarre family, you have the opportunity of meeting some amazing women and making new friends. We are so proud of our wonderful community of iambarre ladies, ranging from 16 yrs to their late 70s!

iambarre classes might be hard work, but they will be the most effective exercise programme you have ever done in your life, taking years off of your chronological age.... and they're great fun!
Let's do this, let's do this together and let's do this right!!!! Go to www.iambarre.com to book your first class online or download our app from the website.#iambarre#uniquebarre #barrecambridge #barrebuzz

Trying hard to live up to the socks today! 😀 #iamdetermined #iambarre #barmethodpdx #actionhero

We don't need to tell you that consistency over time beats short term ambition.... And right now is such a good time to get motivated. 1st September means the school year is virtually upon us bringing with it that wonderful fresh start feeling.... and with the kids back to school, your time is your own again, so what better time to start a healthy new habit?
Where should you go to realise your full potential?.... an iambarre class of course! The most established barre class in the Cambridgeshire area, with literally 100s of success stories under its belt

For a healthy habit that you won't find it hard to commit to, join your first iambarre class today. Not only is it fun, it's also a great way to meet other amazing women, all whilst getting yourself into the most fabulous shape.

For more info and to book go to www.iambarre.com#iambarre #barrecambridge #esseretailandtherapy #newtermfitness #newtermmotivation


Join us at Esse Retail and Therapy, in Melbourn, to take part in this totally unique barre workout. This technique, developed over a decade ago, and taught by a professional ballet dancer, will show you how to harness the discipline ballet dancers use to build lean muscle and to beautifully align the body. You need absolutely NO experience to join us.

We'll teach you processes that will unlock your full potential and show you how your muscles, tendons and skeleton can work in perfect synergy. The mindful approach we use, means you are able to connect at a much deeper level to your body, recruiting muscles you didn't even know you owned, which all means you see great results very quickly.

As an ex dancer, iambarre's founder, Karen has developed a natural intuition for a body's mechanics, over years of her own training and teaching, honing and perfecting her unique iambarre technique over this time. She has successfully passed this on to her lead instructor, Rosie, meaning whether you take a class with Karen or Rosie, you are guaranteed to not only to be working alongside professional and experienced instructors, but also some of the very best barre instructors in the whole of the UK. Unlike most exercise classes, we don't simply "call" an exercise....we actually TEACH you how to perform each and every stage of our exercises correctly, therefore YOU gain the maximum benefit and see those results FAST!

All Barre classes are not the same.... iambarre.... i am unique and i am the best!
AND WE THINK YOU DESERVE THE BEST.... For information on our full timetable and to book go to www.iambarre.com. For more information either PM Karen or email her at karen@iambarre.com. You can also phone Karen on 0784 1363022#iambarre #barrecambridge #barreclass #simplythebest #professionalinstructors #uniquebarreclass

Your biggest challenge isn't someone else.

It's the hammering of your heart in your chest, it's the burning in your legs, the quivering of your abs, the shakes in your glutes and it's the voice inside you that's yelling at you.... "I CAN'T!" .... But you don't listen. And then you hear that voice whisper "I CAN!!!!" That's when you realise the person you thought you were is no match for the one YOU ARE!

Let us help you tap into that HUGE potential of yours, in a class taught by professional and experienced instructors, teaching a unique barre technique where you work hard, but you work safely, in a fun, supportive and sociable environment. We deliver on our promises. You will see positive change quickly by using our tried and tested technique, you will build lean muscle which results in speeding up your metabolism, you will dramatically effect your posture for the better, stabilise the pelvis, and improve your core. You look great, you feel strong... iambarre.... I AM MY COMPETITION!

www.iambarre.com for more info or to book.#barreclass #iambarre #barrecambridge #iammycompetition #makeyourselfproud #realisemypotential

Looking for an exercise class that's not only a bit different, but is also fun, super sociable and actually does deliver on its promise to make positive changes to your body and mind all at the same time? ....not the impossible task you think!?
iambarre classes run 6 days a week, including evenings at Esse Retail & Therapy in Melbourn and there's a class suitable for you, whether you're a fitness junkie or new to exercise. Professional instructors with years of experience mean you're always in the very best of hands. For more info and to book go to www.iambarre.com. #barreclass #esseretailandtherapy #iambarre #barrecambridge #metime #makeyourselfapriority #makeyourselfproud #committoyou

BUT I'M NOT A DANCER AND I'M WORRIED I WON'T BE ABLE TO KEEP UP?...."If you're feeling a little anxious about signing up then our Beginners and Beginner/Improvers sessions are designed especially for you!

With a maximum of 6 people per class, working from our intimate little upstairs studio in Beginners sessions and 10 in Beginners/Improvers in our larger studio, your iambarre instructor will slowly, patiently and methodically take you through all the processes we use to enhance your technique, so that you truly appreciate and understand every stage of the movement within each individual exercise. This is how we teach you to progress safely and to fully gain the maximum benefit from this truly exciting exercise technique. You can stay for as long as you like in these sessions if you prefer the slower pace or progress into the intermediate sessions whenever you're ready... you set the pace and your instructor will guide and advise you accordingly.

Actually, MOST of our ladies are new to the barre technique when they join us and MOST have never taken a ballet class in their lives?...so don't think that you will be in a room full of Darcey Bussells pirouetting around the studio, no matter which class you choose to begin with?! Mon 9.15am Beginners with Karen
Wed 9.15am Beginners with Rosie
Thurs 7.45pm Beginners/Improvers with Karen
Fri 10.45am Beginners/Improvers with Karen
(All sessions never have more than 10 per class)

To sign up go to www.iambarre.com to book online or to download our booking app.
Got some questions? No problem!
Either PM Karen, email her at karen@iambarre.com or phone her on 0784 1363022

DON'T LET THE DOUBTS STOP YOU? ... We promise you, you won't regret it and your body will most definitely thank you for it!#iambarre #barrecambridge #beginnersbarre #beginners/improvers #yourpace #barreclass

WE'RE BACK IN ACTION!... ARE YOU?! With the coming week bringing with it the new term and a return to normal routine after the summer break, Karen's full timetable of classes starts this Monday, with Rosie's classes resuming the following week.

Make sure you've reserved your spot in class as soon as possible as many of the more popular classes are already full, with the rest filling up fast!

We are chock full of ideas and inspiration to help you get that pre summer holiday body whipped back into shape and we're really looking forward to having you all back in the studio again really, really soon!
To book and for the full timetable go to www.iambarre.com or download the iambarre app.#iambarre #barrecambridge #barreclass #newtermmotivation #backinaction #leapoutofenertia #backtoroutine #bookbeforetoolate #dontmissout #dontmissoutladies

We don't need to tell you that consistency over time beats short term ambition.... And right now is such a good time to get motivated. 1st September means the school year is virtually upon us bringing with it that wonderful fresh start feeling.... and with the kids back to school, your time is your own again, so what better time to start a healthy new habit?
Where should you go to realise your full potential?.... an iambarre class of course! The most established barre class in the Cambridgeshire area, with literally 100s of success stories under its belt

For a healthy habit that you won't find it hard to commit to, join your first iambarre class today. Not only is it fun, it's also a great way to meet other amazing women, all whilst getting yourself into the most fabulous shape.

For more info and to book go to www.iambarre.com#iambarre #barrecambridge #esseretailandtherapy #newtermfitness #newtermmotivation

WE'RE BACK!!!!! 😀

New term, new beginnings and we're ready to make you even more fabulous!

We are open again after our summer break from tomorrow (Tuesday 28 August) from 9.15am. Book online now at www.iambarre.com to avoid disappointment.

Rosie and I are super excited about teaching you all again and full of new ideas to kick start the new term. We can't wait to see you all in class really soon!
#iambarre #Barrecambridge #newtermfitness #studioopen #openforbusiness

I DONT lift heavy weights but that doesn't mean I CAN'T lift heavy!! #barreback #barrestrong #iambarre

Have you ever considered that the same voice that says "give up" can also be trained to say "keep going"? Of course it can, but you need the right tools, the right encouragement and support and the right approach to get you there!!!.... In your iambarre class, we are forever encouraging you into that "magic zone".... that point where your muscles are fatigued and shaking, building the maximum tension in your muscle contractions to use as body resistance, in order to ramp up the intensity of the movement or hold. Why? Because we know that this is how you develop muscle and improve strength. Muscles are calorie burning machines, they require a lot of fuel, so the more muscle YOU build the easier it is for YOUR body to maintain a healthy weight. After all, there's nothing as motivating than seeing all that sweat, commitment and hard work pay off!

In an iambarre class it never gets easier, you just get better at doing it. If it did get easier, then you wouldn't continue to see that amazing ongoing improvement and strength?! As instructors we are constantly developing ways to help you get better at building your mind/body connection, which enables you to recruit more of the muscles needed for each stage of the movement. We use imagery and on going encouragement throughout the whole class, so you become better at building even more of the required intensity in these muscle contractions and we show you ways to create the necessary muscle synergy or coordination, so the rest of the body is equipped to respond safely and intelligently to each movement in every exercise. This holistic approach has the added benefit of teaching the body to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, both inside and outside of an iambarre class.

Alongside your experienced instructors, our wonderful family of iambarre girls and the fantastic community of support they provide to one another in each and every class, is simply the icing on the cake!

For prices, our schedule or to book online, go to www.iambarre.com or download the iambarre app.#iambarre #barrecambridge #motivation #hardworkpaysoff #successfulwomen

Are you a hairdresser? a Therapist? Do you work at a computer all day? Are you a Gardener? Do you bike, run, row, play tennis or take part in sport regularly? ...Then I'm sure you are also aware of how your job or even your sporting activities can cause postural imbalance over time and how this creates movement disorders, whereby your range and efficiency of movement is compromised as a result?

The iambarre technique is a tried and tested form of Functional Training. Functional Training is a means of re-training these movement disorders, so you can take the lessons and processes learnt from your classes into your day to day, meaning you begin to move more easily and without the risk of injury.

Many people believe by attending the gym and by working out using expensive training machines, that they can address these issues, but the trouble with this approach is, that, amongst other things, these movements are targeted and isolated, therefore they bear no resemblance or relationship to regular actions in your everyday or in your chosen sport.
At iambarre, your experienced instructor will lead through weight bearing and resistance exercises, core and stabilising movements and by working on balance training and whole body synergy we are able to help correct impairments caused by either injury, repetitive over use of certain muscles, muscle weakness or disease. The processes, imagery and physical adjustments we make in each session, help build the somasensory system and your propreoception. This means, that we are helping you to begin to remap your brain, so that your body awareness and mind body connection improves. Matching this mental effort to the physical repairs prolonged postural imbalance, providing long lasting yields.

For more information and to see our full timetable and to book online, go to www.iambarre.com or download the iambarre app.#iambarre #barrecambridge #functionaltraining #movementdisorder #muscleimbalance #somatics

If you are looking for THE most effective way to achieve a perky behind, then you couldn't do better than joining an iambarre class, where our unique and signature 'wrap around' technique focuses on engaging more of the muscles around your bum, helping to lift, strengthen, stabilise and protect around the spine and pelvis. In class, you will be taught how to recruit more of the muscles around your seat, how to build the correct tension and how to resist against these contractions to build muscle. We know that to turn a soggy butt into a pert "ballet bum" there's far more to it than just "squeezing your glutes." Our iambarre girls all have beautiful and enviable derrières and they know that the iambarre is the ONE technique that has made the difference... join our ranks by singing up to your first class and in as little as 6 wks, you won't be the only one noticing the difference?! For more information email Karen at karen@iambarre.com or to book online, go to our website www.iambarre.com or you can download our iambarre app.#iambarre #barrecambridge #glutestrength #stabilisingmuscles #balletbum #perkyseat

Go to www.iambarre.com for our full summer timetable and to book online. Or simply download the iambarre app for scheduling your workouts on the go! It couldn't be simpler. #iambarre #barrecambridge #iambarreapp #summerclasses #summerfitness

Can a workout programme with ballet as it roots, really help your horse riding skills? ...absolutely yes!!! At iambarre, we have a growing number of very keen equestrians, who regularly attend classes, all of whom report an unbelievable improvement in their riding skills.... "Strengthen your core" is something coaches can be heard encouraging in a whole host of sporting activities and horse riding is no different; but what many coaches don't clearly understand is exactly what this over used term of 'core' actually entails? (it isn't, as many suspect a six pack!) Bio mechanically, your core muscles are all the muscles that support your spine and pelvis. For a horse rider, strength around the pelvis is critical as it becomes the base of support in the saddle, as every movement is received by the pelvis. Amongst other things, an iambarre class focuses on building the stabilising muscles around the pelvis, with clear processes that can easily be taken from studio to stable. At iambarre we think of your core as a whole unit, working front, back and side to side, utilising both your superficial and deeper muscles and working on a number of anatomical planes all at once. Muscles, ligaments and nerves are able to work in synergy, as we know this is the only way to have an improved impact on the position of the body, with the trunk stacked above the hips and the correct position of the legs beneath this. We teach you techniques to build both strength and awareness, to harness these skills, in and outside of class.

Here's what one of our many horse riding clients has to say about class"..... "My iambarre class has given me a better understanding of core strength and greater flexibility. Not only am I pain free after intense training sessions on the horses, but after many years of doing the same,thing, I now feel my riding is really improving, as I am much more able to maintain an independent seat. Thank you iambarre, the benefit to my riding is an extra bonus. I'm hooked!" Monica H #iambarre #barrecambridge #ridingcorestrength #fitequestrian #improveyourseat

The Body Mechanics of the iambarre Method Explained..... This method of teaching is totally UNIQUE to the iambarre Method. Your iambarre instructor will take you through our unique and precise postural cues and mechanical processes in every one of our classes, constantly reminding you of them, as you go through each stage of the movement, so that your body works in perfect synergy and harmony.

Engaging this synergy means that all the various and numerous elements of the exercise, combine, producing a total effect, that is greater than the sum of its individual components. Physiologically, it means you are able to harness, the cooperative action of a number of muscles, tendons and nerves all at once, strengthening and aligning the whole skeleton and its musculature, so that every movement you make, both in and out of class, is more efficient .

All 'Barre' Classes are not the same!

Let do this,
Let's do this right,
And let's do this together!

For our full timetable and prices and to book online go to our website www.iambarre.com or download the iambarre app.#iambarre #barrecambridge #uniquebarre #synergy #mindfulprocess #harmonyofbodyandmind #cooporativephysiology

✌🏽 F•R•I•Y•A•Y ✌🏽Make today count! #recovery #yogagirl #findingmyselfagain #practiceyogachangeyourworld #barregirls #barre #iambarre

Want to improve your Resting Metabolic Rate? At iambarre, we have the solution.... High Intensity Interval Training significantly raises something called EPOC (or excess post oxygen consumption) which basically means your body's metabolic rate increases, even whilst you are resting or asleep, for up to THIRTY SIX HOURS AFTER YOUR WORKOUT HAS FINISHED!! Sound good and like an efficient way to exercise?.... well, quite simply that is exactly what this type of programme delivers and scientific research supports this theory, showing it to be a far more effective way to exercise than steady cardio style sessions.

An iambarre HIIT Class, sandwiches 2 intervals of 8 sets of 30 second burst, or all out effort HIIT, utilising your explosive fast twitch muscles, with 10 second recovery periods between each burst, with our focused signature isometric exercises, designed to build endurance, staggered amidst this 'burst training' for a thorough hour long programme that means you see and feel the benefits fast!
Add into the mix, that we all loose lean body mass as we go through life, but as it is particularly our fast twitch muscles fibres that are most effected by this decline, if we are to maintain a youthful, healthy and strong body and heart, your exercise routine must also include exercises for type 2 or fast twitch fibres.

Yoga and Pilates, although great forms of exercise, are all forms of predominantly slow twitch muscles fibre movements, where endurance rather than explosive power is the emphasis. A HIIT iambarre class incorporates both types of fibres in equal measure for an intelligent all round programme.

HIT your fitness targets with HIIT iambarre this summer!

Let's do this
Let's do this right
And let's do this together

To book online and for our full timetable and prices, go to www.iambarre.com or download the iambarre app.#iambarre #hiitbarre #barrecambridge #restingmetabolicrate #burncaloriesinyoursleep

iambarre class is a great way for runners to cross-train?

Cross-training simply means incorporating other types of workouts into your existing routine. If you are a runner, it is important that you to cross-train so that you use other muscles that aren't used whilst running. Cross-training is also a great way to give common running injuries a chance to recover.
The iambarre Method was developed over 10 yrs ago, by Karen Taylor, an ex ballet dancer. Karen's daughter Matilda is a serious 1500m and Cross Country Athlete competing all over the country. This means as a mum, she has first hand experience of the need for runners to cross train and the pitfalls they potentially face if they don't! ...So what is it that an iambarre class can offer to compliment a runners training schedule and improve performance? *With the exception of HIIT Barre, classes are low impact, giving your joints a much needed rest. *The classes teach you to build incredible strength around your core muscles. Core muscles are needed to support and align the spine and are a neglected part of most running training. Our classes will also help to further develop power in your gluteus muscles, to further enhance speed and endurance. *Unlike any other workout, an iambarre class includes techniques to strengthen your feet. Our feet transfer all the force of our body weight to the ground. All experienced dancers know that strong feet are his/her foundation and without that strong foundation, the rest of the structure of the body will suffer as a consequence, as the body must compensate for this weakness. Lack of strength in your feet can commonly result in hip and knee injures in all athletes. * At iambarre, you are shown how to stretch tight hamstrings and how to open up the pelvis, releasing tight hip flexors (a common running complaint) *We work on breathing techniques and 'opening up the top line' (chest area). Breathing in those who frequently run, is so often compromised by hollow chested posture and rounded shoulders. We teach you processes to help correct misaligned upper body posture, that you can utilise in your running training. #iambarre#crosstrain#runningcrosstraining

Feel the "After Burn" at iambarre with a workout that boosts your metabolism whilst you sleep!! With the popularity of the Fitbit watch, it's easier than ever to keep track of steps taken and calories burnt in your fitness routines, but did you know that in every iambarre class, be it a Beginner or an Intermediate class your body will continue to increase those calories burnt for several hours after your workout and even in your sleep, with what is known as the "after burn?" In an iambarre HIIT class, this "after burn" effect can be made even more significant due to the high intensity anaerobic intervals!

The targeted and intense compound movements performed in all iambarre classes, such as lunges, pliés, leg lifts, body resistance and weights workouts rev up your metabolism, as they are full body movements that build significant muscle and that aids something called your basal metabolic rate (BMR) or how much energy you expend while at rest. This is like hitting the fitness lottery as the the faster our BMR, the more energy we burn. This type of result can't be achieved anywhere near as effectively with steady cardio such as an aerobic type class or going for a run at a steady pace.

And while you can reap the benefits of your workout and "after burn" long after you've left class, it doesn't stop there. Sleep is the time when our bodies undergo repair and detoxification. A protein called HGH ( human growth hormone) is released when we sleep, which promotes growth, and maintenance of muscles and bones. During sleep, muscles and tissues grow back stronger and our immune system strengthens, helping you thrive day to day.

For more information, our full timetable and to book online go to www.iambarre.com

We can't wait to meet you!#iambarre #barrecambridge #ownyoursummerbody #afterburneffect #bmr #humangrowthhormone #burncaloriesinyoursleep #speedupmetabolism

Sticking with it!

Having trained and danced professionally for many years, I know first hand, that it is impossible to remain super motivated everyday and that there are the good days when you work your butt off and bad days when you just don't even feel like turning up to class or rehearsal at all. For most of us, the summer months, light evenings and a post work glass of chilled wine, can easily deter us from turning out to our usual class, if we're not careful.

My experience both as a dancer and as an iambarre instructor, shows me over and over again, that the difference between those who SUCEED and those who aren't as successful in their fitness goals is NOT down to MOTIVATION levels, but can be found in their COMMITMENT to the task.

Motivation levels fluctuate in EVERYONE, so enjoy the ride when your motivation levels are high, but don't rely on them alone. Work hard to improve your levels of commitment and you will achieve more than you ever dreamt of.

And always remember.... with the varied sequencing of exercises, uplifting tracks, your instructors enthusiasm and the support of your class mates, more often than not, any flagging motivation you might have had all but disappears and by the end of the class you are feeling super energised! 👍 .... and with the 'after burn' or continued increase of metabolism post your iambarre class, that glass of something chilled can still be enjoyed, but with less guilt, knowing you're still going to "own" that swimsuit on the beach!
To book go online to www.iambarre.com or download the iambarre app.
Let do this right,
Let's do this together
And let's do this right!#iambarre #barrecambridge #commitment #morethanmotovation #ownyoursummerbody #summershere

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