This tattoo may have been completed in 2000-2001. Probably well over 8hrs 🗣folks: redoing/reworking a old tattoo, even if it were mine, is work. Why would you think it would be free? Ya went to get your car washed.... it got dirty again, did you ask for a freeby? Maybe the car wash guy gave you a punch card, and on your 10th hole punch you were possibly given a free wash.... my bad that was for the frozen yogurt @gogreenlynyc btw: I recommend the taro. Anyway to the point. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Handle the supplies I told him. He probably ate my food and drink too! From experience clients of mine will allow me to work myself into the ground. They’ll let me Tattoo for 72hrs straight and they’ll continue to eat my food and smoke my bud and etc, etc etc..... and think it’s all cool and jim dandy. Lol... and then you’ll likely never see the client again. Tattoos are a luxury not a necessity (food/cigarettes/bud are necessities). Your not going to see the client as often unless your the grocery store with the bud connect. And when you do see each other again. He’d have a bunch of new tattoos, that I didn’t do (which is fine, not really....for that time period) btw:those new tattoos are really horrible. So, he explains... he was cheap(not cheaper, just cheap) I’ll show you on the next post. To be continued next post #iamatattooer #myhighlife #rogue #roguetattooing #tattoosleeve #tattoostories #colortattoos #angeltattoo #nyctattooer #brooklytattooing #queenstattooing btw: club members receive 66% off all tattoos . Stay tuned #tobecontinued

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