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There's no better feeling than getting booed out of the building at AAW.

If I was a failure at everything that I had ever done in my life and had to pay $20 to stare at a being that defined success and inspiration, I'd probably boo out of spite, too.


Future so bright it scares me, gonna go watch Disney movies and try not to be crippled by my fear of my own potential #iamaninspiration #urwelcome #imlikeonlykindofkidding

Just a bit too windy for relaxing one-handed reading. Very annoying. #soldieredonanyway #spiritoftheblitz #iamaninspiration

@kandiburruss You truly inspire ME! Everyday I will take a step! My NEW mentor! Thank you for being the your authentic REAL self! @essence @donjuannc #iwontstop #pathtoPOWER #GodissoGOOD #hesanONTIMEGod #iamaninspiration

Sometimes, God puts you through some situations and gives you breakthrough so you'll be able to help someone who goes through such.. #iamaninspiration

Apparently I am inspiring young minds. My neice is too cute #iamaninspiration #toocute 💜


Focus on your goals ⛳️ #iamaninspiration

...it will inspire others. Enrol others in your life today, the possibilities of life will become endless.
#challenge #iwillovercome #iamaninspiration

What a difference a year makes . I thought because I had all the equipment in my workout room and making my not planned out appearance in there a couple times a week was going to help me lose weight and get healthier . I don't need 75 percent of the crap I have to get the results I've gotten in 7 months . Hardest part ? Deciding it was time . My body and mind are under construction. The results for both have been something I've needed for years . It's not about the weight loss - it's all about the life you regain .
I started and haven't stopped - it's my therapy . #cantstopwontstop #excusessuck #whatsyourwhy #whatsyourpurpose #letsgetbettertogether #iamaninspiration #iamunstoppable #

Ladies and Gentlemen!
We are glad to announce Awami Awaz Talhar News channel as Media Partners for the first ever social event in the history of Talhar.


It is the matter of immense pleasure for the President and the team of "I'M An Inspiration" having the support from the team of " Badin Model United Nations - BadinMUN-II". Yes it's sake of the love and affection representing the society while highlighting our duties to promote this or any initiative for the betterment of youth.
We are glad to have you in collaboration with us.
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Warm Greetings Everyone!

Team "I'M An Inspiration" is, was and will always remain promising in maintaining the level and status par your expectations and the standards of the time.
So we are hereby revealing the first segment of our event, "Muqarir - Leader In You!" We are desperately prudent in surmising the hidden gem in you, a paragon, a skipper, an inspiration and a Leader in you. As the time arrived to deliver and render yourself to the society and lead, regardless of being left astray, because we believe it is your light that lights the world.


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