Life sucks i need help
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What is the blue whale game?
The Blue Whale Game Or Blue Whale Challenge is believed to be a suicide game where in a group of administrators or a certain Curator gives a participant a task to complete daily, For a period of 50 Days, the final of which is the participant committing suicide.

Participants are expected to share Photos/Videos of the Challenges/Tasks Completed by them.

These Daily tasks start of Easy, Such as Listening to a type of Music, Waking up at Odd Hours, And then slowly escalate to carving out Shapes on one’s skin, Self-mutilation, An eventually Suicide.

There is uncertainty over how the Participant plays the game. While some say a user has to install some app on their phone, Others day it’s Via through Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where administrators get in touch with the Participant after those interested throw out postings on Social Media asking for a “Curator”. A number of different Hashtags such as, #bluewhalechallange, #curatorfindme, #i_am_whale. As signals for Anonymous Curators.
The game Began in Russia in 2013 And is believed 130 People Committed Suicide as a result of these challenges.
Why am I telling you this?

So you Can save lives, Including Yours.(This game is real, Of course!) Do NOT try this. Even if you are doing this as a Joke.
And if you see those Hashtags Posted by Anyone, Anywhere on Social Media.
You can report it To the Social Network or the Authorities.
Stay safe people....

You'll end up committing suicide spending most of your time thinking much about me
#i_am_whale 👑🐋

Last day.. all the signs were there and none of you helped.. none of you noticed.. instead you all laughed and made a fool of me.. broke me... my head hurts.. everything hurts.. Why can't i even end things the way i want to? Farewell #day10 #i_am_whale #bluewhalechallenge

Have you all seen this?! My sister posted it and I cannot believe something like this actually exists!
Parents, be aware of what your kids are downloading!! This app encourages suicide! Swipe to see what happens when you click the most common hashtags... So glad to see @instagram is taking action!
God help our kids. I’m sorry but the smartphone was the worst thing that ever happened to kids, and adults too, if we’re honest. 😔💔🙏🏼 #bluewhalechallenge #curatorfindme #i_am_whale #Godhelpourkids #bluewhalechallengeappneedsSHUTDOWN

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