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Bunhead 🙃😎😘💅🎉🦁❄️❤️ #ineedlotsofemojis #dadsaidilookedsilly #itoldhim #ITSFASHION

If I hear him screaming for HELP...he is on his own🤣🤣🤣#cantonstrong #itoldhim #communitypolicing #officerlamarsharpe165

ok i'm really sad right now because I'm also really disappointed for letting myself get this into a crush that lasted literally 5 seconds (about 2 days). Like he didn't even play me or anything like that,I played myself by getting my hopes as high as I am right now (issa joke,I don't do drugs). Like I knew this whole crush was a waste of time and that I only would end up crying about it or sum weakling stuff like that and even though i haven't cried,I'm still grade A sad??? I tried SO SOSOSOSOSOSO hard not to let it grow too big in such a short period of time but bOI WAS I INTO THAT KID MAN. and now I feel like BooBoo the Fool because I ended up feeling exactly how I was trying to avoid feeling and?? honestly??? I don't need this. I'm just really sad bc he basically validated my doubts without any remorse and I really really hate him for that because I TOLD HIM!! (TOLD HIM) *I TOLD HIM* @toldhim #itoldhim !bro i really really told him bro! things I told:him. I TOLD HIM I WOULD END UP FEELING THIS WAY BUT HE WAS SO STUPID ABOUT IT BUT I LIKED HIM SO I WAS LIKE "yAS hunny,ruinnnn meeee" and now I'm the one lookin like BooBoo the Fool. sigh. idrk bro,I'm boutta start swinging #textposts #tumblr

Some big waves hitting off the wall today. #isavedatouristlivetoday Pc: @brittanyjason

Its okay to be sassy and not listen to your dad..especially when he's your coach 😂 #itoldhim #SMH @peninsula_self_defense

Rethinking his costume choice right about now. That costume stayed on for maybe 20 mins. 🙄 #IToldHim #HisFaceIsPriceless #CostumeProblems #StayPuftMarshmallowMan #Halloween

And carton of the week goes to ding ding my old man #stupidneverlearns #hesgonnacopit #itoldhim


I felt a little slippage around noon today... but, that didn't last long. #bossbabe #itoldhim #slippage #tiara #noon #biteme #headheldhigh #dontlikememoveon

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