RC-SDM initiated Equality Campaign named “UNITED FOR EQUAL HALF” to spread awareness and raise our voice against the inequalities of our society. As a human, we should try to build each other instead of pulling down because of the differences. Through this campaign, we aim to proliferate harmony and and amity among our fellows, making them learn and understand that diversity in a society is meant to be embraced by Humankind.
Let’s pledge not to rob anyone’s rights and entitlements.

While I think the new @nike /@kaepernick7 ad is a fantastic move, I think it's equally almost as great as a meme idea since the @joebiden memes. Bahahahaha!
#FuckJerryJones #CutTheCutlass

Congratulations India for making History across the world. More open-minded societies to follow suit.
#lovewins🌈 #justlove
#ISupportEquality #changingtimes

#loveislove #spreadlove coz that's what the world needs..! Historic day and brilliant verdict by #supremecourtofindia #lgbt #isupportequality #article377scrapped

What is made up of man's head, that is not among what made up of woman's head?
It is now turning to culture that a woman cannot lead in any part of leading role in Nigeria. It now seems like a disease for a woman to lead, we're forgetting the adage that says "what a man can do, a woman can do better." We all want our country to be like overseas countries, if they've hindered the women over there to mount the power, they won't have grown like that and we won't have adored them like that.
If one can't build a home without woman, how dare we think we can build a whole country without putting the women in some key roles in the country?
Now women are seeing their gender as their hindrance, is this supposed to be? A disease to find a panacea to as soon as we can.
Women are big factor that one cannot do with, they're the salt of life, they're solution to problems.
When man is under pressure and cannot think well, woman is always the one to find solution to the problem, why now underrating her?
Let us wake the dead in our women and give them the chance of equality to see how better they can act.
Let us support any woman that wants to be another MOREMI.. #IsupportEquality

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Even on the days you don’t understand, on the days you wonder what I was thinking. On the days when you make me scratch my head or have to practice deep breathing. Even on any of those Wow-What-A-Days, there’s something I want you to know — I wouldn’t trade any, not one single one, and I’m glad we’re taking it slow. {A poem I wrote to myself.} 🌬 Have you ever had a secret that was SO big, but you just had to keep it quiet?! #beentheredonethat In fact, I’ll be posting more about my HUGE secret on my @just_whatchawant account today, so be sure to follow me so you don’t miss it! 🌟Sending love, light and happy vibes. Hope you have a colorful weekend! 🌈 #positivethinking #coloryourlife #isupportequality #lgbtqcommunity #lovewins #loveislove #beyou #beyourownboss #entrpreneurship #hardwork #worthit #fantasy #magic #anythingispossible #nevergiveup #kindness #selflove

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