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Pantai Kok Lighthouse, Langkawi, Malaysia.
First day travel, hampir tertinggal flight sebab duk sibuk beli aiskrim. Pastu, aku terpengaruh dengan harga chocolate yang murah kat sini. And aku beli sangat banyak weh 😭. Takyah tahu lah berapa ratus aku habis semata-mata untuk chocolate.......... nanti korang kecam aku. Hmmm.
Doakan aku boleh jadi matang sikit bila tengok ice creams & chocolates di masa akan datang.

وقتی هنر معماری و آشپزی دست‌به‌دست هم میدن:
کیک پارامتریک
An awesome cake made by @dinarakasko with parametric algorithms using Grasshopper3d & Rhinoceros3d.
The project was made for the presentation of new chocolate Ruby. The idea was to create a set of elements (cakes) that together would form a single composition. As a result, @dinarakasko got algorithmically modeled cake that consisted of 81 individual cakes, every single was unique in shape. This composition was made using a graphical #algorithm editor Grasshopper that can build forms from the simple to the awe-inspiring. Inspyred by Matthew Shlian she took a pyramid and changed the tilt of each object and the area of each top plane, programming and scripting the set of cakes. All of the cakes are different. Inside: mousse with chocolate Ruby and meringue, ganache Ruby. I added a berry confit to the recipe to emphasize the berry flavor of chocolate and add accent. Also the biscuit with Ruby, with raspberries and of course a crispy layer with chocolate and royalty.

Text by 👇🏼👇🏼

We are honored to have been awarded 'Best Residential Custom Home' by @sfbjnews at the 2017 #StructuresAwards for our project C-Residence.

Throwback to ACARA design competition, Team NUS, with @zackwhy
Presentation panels and models
At National design centre, Singapore.

Marshall Brown's Dequindre Civic Center from the 2016 architecture biennial

@soad_arch ‘Innovation District’ School of Architecture and Design with Shibaura Institute of Technology workshop in Bangkok, 2016. #soad_arch


Part 2 of our Making of The Exchange video. We can’t believe @exhibitcolumbus will be closing in a week. If you haven’t seen #exhibitcolumbus & The Exchange, go see it this week before many of the installation leaves.

@chrisprecht_penda - Excited to preview one of our newest projects with you. A residential tower based on simple geometries of the Bauhaus, haptic materials and a layout that responds to the climate of its surrounding. We love arches and this one is built up with em.

http://justwifi.pl. Why doesn't this bus have WiFi? Society faces a crucial moment of interconnectivity, which ultimately makes us reliant on the digital. Not simply the storage of data on our smart devices but the consumption of visual and audio stimulation through the so called cloud. One finds themselves in a critical moment of isolation when there is no WiFi or a 4G network to latch on to. Our lives and our architecture relies so heavily on data from the internet. If our architectural objects are only but a representation of momentary time and space then are their beings constructed of frustrated architects with slow bandwidth or no connection at all!?

Materiality meets enclosure - Thesis prep work in collaboration with @andrea.sanch

Materiality meets enclosure - Thesis prep work in collaboration with @andrea.sanch

Materiality meets enclosure - Thesis prep work in collaboration with @andrea.sanch

Good morning..

DC10 Luxury Gym
Design by @solid_plus x @kityVoerman .
Email for.bussiness : ericarch63@gmail.com
Phone: +62 81237319459

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