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Yummy & easy meal idea comin’ thru!!! Chicken 🍗 veggie 🌱pasta 🍝!! How to: make 1 serving of @eatbanza chickpea pasta + sauté broccoli 🥦 and corn 🌽 with some avocado oil, add in pasta, canned chicken, and desired spices! ❤️ #easymeals #easyhealthymeals #eatbanza #pasta #chickpeapasta #highprotein #foodisfuel #eatforabs #fitspiration #eatclean #eatdirty #carbsafterdark #macros #amenorrhea #hypothalamicamenorrhea #ha #harecovery

Weekly Recap :|: My heart is happy🖤
🙌🏻 Receiving my Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Cert in the mail, making it official!!
🤞🏻Starting Humira, and taking my 1st dose on Friday to *hopefully* clear up my entire bod’s psoriasis sores!
👌🏻 Feeling lots more feelings of happiness, spending quality time with friends & fam, and trying not to stress as hardcore! ..

I can honestly say I’ve smiled more, and felt better vibes overall 🤗 And, I’m gona keep on workin to not fall back into the pit I’ve been fighting to crawl out of for so long -> won’t be easy, will still have those days, but it’s been a great feeling to have some relief & hope shining light into my life again 🙃❤️🙏🏻

Levi says hiiii ♥ .
Does anyone else feel like their insides are imploding the first day of their period? 😥😢 It really sucks but I'm still SO grateful every time I start knowing it means I've finally recovered from #amenorrhea. 😍 (more on that later.)
Anyway, my point was to say I'm grateful for a quiet Sunday at home with all my babes today. 💙

I hope you all enjoy a beautiful day today! And if you are needing a pick up, try cuddling with a kitty - it works wonders. 😘 .

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I'm going to let you into a little secret.........
When I first met my husband, I was really attracted the gap he has in-between his two front teeth. As you can see, this is something he's not too fond of and generally closes his mouth when he has a photo taken.
This got me thinking why do we always pick out and focus on our flaws and do what we can to hide or change them? What we may not know is the features or personality traits we dislike about ourselves may actually be the thing that some people find really attractive about you! I always hated the cows lick I have at the front of my hair in my fridge. Now I think of it as giving my hair body, volume and it's part of my look. Learn to accept and love your flaws. Confidence is more attractive than perfection! #bodyconfidence #flaws #attractive #lookatmealldressedup #amenorrhea #hypothalamicamenorrhea #hawarrior #harecovery #recovery #ttccommunity #ttc #tryingtoconceive #fertilityissues #fertilityawareness #weddingguests #selflove

Hi friends, long time no post. 🤷🏻‍♀️I’ll keep this short: I have been in a black hole of depression for about 2 months. Continued severe hip/knee pain, significant, head-screwing weight gain to try and reverse my #hypothalamicamenorrhea - to no avail, which means #infertility at this time - and spinning my wheels creatively.

Should I have run today? My joints say probably not, and my endo will probably scold me, but I don’t care. It was slow, I walked some of it, and it hurt... but damn it, I wanted to do it, so I did. Sometimes feeling like I have an ounce of control over this body of mine helps me accept the times I don’t. The end 💗

I had a therapist in treatment who would always say, "recovery looks like options." Anyone who has ever lived with an eating disorder will understand what that means. Our disorders constrain us to eat the same things every day and to complete the same workouts regardless of how we feel. We push aside our emotions and desires because our disorders trick us into believing that if we follow their commands, we will be safe. But it's a lie. 🌱
There is so much beauty to be felt outside of our comfort zones. There's immense freedom to be experienced in the moments we push past what the disorder tells us to do and into what our soul desires. 🍄
This morning I had planned to go to the gym, but my heart ached for a nice, little hike around the park. I paused, conflicted for a moment then thought, "recovery looks like options." 💛
My hike was very nice. 🤗

While this was originally posted in order to support LeBron James and his right to say whatever the heck he wants, I thought it might be good for you to see too. No matter how tight you’re holding on to your identity as an athlete, I promise...you are an absolutely magical human aside from that too. It’s ok to #rest and #recover #amenorrhea #hypothalamicamenorrhea #overtraining #syndrome #recovery #runner #running #ultramarathon #ultrarunner #triathlete #trailrunner #bodybuilding #competitor #athlete #eat #allthecarbs #foodisfuel #youcandoit #beunstoppable #Repost @uninterrupted with @get_repost
#WeWillNotShutUpAndDribble #IAmMore

Hooray for the OJ
I loved orange juice as a child and had it everyday. But, as I became more educated on nutrition I cut it out. Why? Because I saw it as empty calories, less fibre than whole fruit and full of sugar.
My homework this week has been to start my day with a glass of fresh orange juice everyday. This is to give my brain and thyroid a healthy surge of glucose and insulin. With this comes a release of Gonadatropin releasing hormone (GnRH) which should hopefully say "hey follicles it's safe to grow here". Tell you what, it's like a party in my mouth its that refreshing and I am so sorry that I ever cut it out. #hoorayfortheoj #Fsh #GnRH #growfolliclegrow #tryingtoconcieve #noperiod #fertilityawareness #besthomeworkever #fertilityissues #dangersofcleaneating #hypothalamicamenorrhea #amenorrhea #fitfam #orangejuice #hawarrior #recovery #harecovery

BRUNCH 🍽 a year ago I wouldn’t of dreamed of ordering a muffin for breakfast or I would but push the muffin and potatoes to the side. A year ago I would of left the carbs and opted for the ‘healthiest’ option in front of my friends. Mentally eating the muffin and potatoes I would put on weight & feel guilty. Or think f*** it may as well carry on. .
Today I choose eggs benedict because I fancy it, I want it and I throughly enjoyed every mouthful. Learn to trust your body and give it what it asks you. Don’t deprive yourself of nourishment! Truth is there is absolutely nothing wrong with this meal, it’s full of protein fats and carbs which our bodies need! .
I am feeling proud of mentally being in control and not a single bit of guilt 💖 #bodybyjr #teamjr #hypothalamicamenorrhea #amenorrhea #recovery #food #control #healthy #balance #strongnotskinny #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #carbs #foodporn #brunch #nutrition #selfworth #dublin

My body is basically going through puberty again as I beat Anorexia and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. This is one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. I've gained weight without changing much. TBH I'm just giving less fucks. I just want freedom, health and happiness and letting go of the control aspect of disordered image and eating. I totally give up. I totally am letting my body do its thing and shit like, I'm running again, I'm alive, I'm doing things. This is such a crazy experience.

Women trying to recover from amenorrhea often write to me saying that they just can't stop their favorite exercise because of the mental health benefits. I understand! Is there a way to get the benefits, but not engage in over-the-top exercise activities? How can you be your best self without your sport? Watch now on YouTube. Link in bio #amenorrhea #hypothalamicamenorrhea #recovery #overtraining #syndrome #doless #selfcompassion #mentalhealth #runner #running #trailrunner #ultrarunner #triathlete #bodybuilding #figure #competitor #eat #allthecarbs #foodisfuel #youcandoit #beunstoppable

“Stop waiting for a better day to come. Live in the moment and enjoy it and today will become the day you have been waiting for.” ✨🖤😘 #TGIF

Upper body workout done today. 💪Just your basic push/ pull, bicep/ tricep movements. I love the Jungle Gyms/ TRX for working my back without straining my forever tight/ stressed neck/ shoulders.
I do miss doing HIIT/ runners high/ even just a good full body strength blaster workout but I keep reminding myself my goal is only to strive for hormonal balance at this point in my life and this is how I do that. Upper/ lower body split, long rest breaks, mindful walking and restorative yoga 🧘‍♀️ •

#workout #happythursday #upperbody #hypothalamicamenorrhea #femaleathletetriad #hormonalbalance #healthy #fitness #fitlife #postpartum #postpartumbody #pregnancytrainer #postpartumtrainer #bodyworks #momlife #fitlife #personaltrainer

#vulnerable post ahead 😳...What would life be without the duality of everything, the ying and yang? 🤔 Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and it was so incredibly beautiful. My boyfriend brought me these stunning flowers, wrote a sentimental card, and turned up the romance (not usually his style haha 😂). We had an incredible seafood dinner, enjoyed thoroughly with wine. 🍷 As a #recoverywin, I lived the night completely in the moment and didn't even bat an eyelash when we ended up ordering extra food and finished every last bit. 🙌🏻 But with ying and yang, there's always a duality...and that came in the form of acknowledging my changing body. 👉🏻I wore a dress that I had taken in a year ago, and honestly it's just a bit too tight for me now. I also noticed that my thighs touched uncomfortably. 😳To be honest, it's hard to acknowledge these changes. I struggle with this on and off. 👉🏻But you know what? I'm working on it. I don't have to love my body all the time, but I can accept and respect it. And in the meantime, I can be grateful for all the lovely moments that this body allows me to enjoy, and all the love I have to give. ❤️

Myfitnesspal!!! This was like crack to me. I had literally been tapping in everyday for years.
While it may seem innocent at first, I can definitely hold my hands up and say I was addicted!!
Every morsel I ate went into my diary. I would worry about numbers, I would worry if something I ate sent me over and it was often associated with guilt.
For some it can be a great tool for checking in every now and again to see if you are eating well and getting enough of each macro and micro nutrient. But it is no life to be worried about numbers, points or sins and it can really take us away from intuitive eating and tuning in to our bodies natural signals. When I made the decision to move away from not using myfitnesspal I scrolled back to see when was the last time I missed a day. I was so ashamed that I was scrolling for literally forever and a day.
Like with my fitness watch, it is a weight off my shoulders no longer using MFP. I can enjoy my food more freely, without worry and I listen to my body to see if I am hungry or full, NOT what the numbers say I should be. To me this obsession is moving us away from being healthy!....It also told me I should be eating 1600kcal a day. What the fuck is that about???? I've already eaten that much before lunch. #myfitnesspal #iifym #hypothalamicamenorrhea #hawarrior #intuitiveeating #recovery #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #fertility #fertilityawareness #tryingtoconcieve #whenhealthybecomesunhealthy #orthorexia

#rippedgymmirrorselfie of our lovely Jordan 💓____________ #Repost @jodsaundbath with @get_repost
Good morningggg... second session since Monday this week & boy did it feel good to sweat! 🙋🏼‍♀️💦 whether you are going through HA or not, listening to the body is key 🔑 trust me you don’t wake up one day & it magically is solved, it’s a daily struggle and reminder. But I promise it gets easier. Rest is just as important as training.
It’s only when all restrictions are lifted and you give yourself permission to give up ‘dieting’ and purse health over ‘weight’ loss, listen to your hunger and gain control that you begin to experience freedom from binging and feeling emotional around food.
Can YOU change the way you behave that will help your health and not manipulate your body size or scale weight? 💖 #bodybyjr #teamjr #hypothalamicamenorrhea #amenorrhea #selfworth #february #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #rippedgymmirrorselfie #health #healthy #strongnotskinny #cardio #sweatybetty #inspire #motivation #morning #balance #girlswholift #victoriassecret #exercise #training #gym #honest #restisimportant

A #hormonehack that will make all the butter lovers out there REJOICE! 💛😍💛
Unfortunately, because of the ‘low fat’ phase of the 80’s, butter has become a forbidden food for many😒, but I am here with good news: When it comes to balancing your hormones, reducing inflammation, and maximizing nutrient density, grassfed butter (or lactose free ghee) is one of your BEST friends.🤩 _______________________________
Here’s why: 💫it is rich in saturated fat, which has been shown to improve hormone regulation and cell membrane function 💫raises HDL cholesterol while minimizing the negative effects of LDL 💫is rich in Omega 3 fats, therefore supporting your body’s anti-inflammatory processes 💫is rich in Butyrate, a 4 carbon chain fatty acid that supports Mitochondria health and is a fuel source for our large intestine, making it ideal for those with digestive disorders/distress 💫is an AMAZING source of Vitamin D, A, and K2; all of which are profoundly lacking in most Americans diets today but are critical for dental, skin, and hormone health 💫contains CLA, a long chain fatty acid that helps protect against cancer and support muscle growth
⚡️NOT TO MENTION: our body USES cholesterol as the building block for hormone production. This is why eating egg yolks, grassfed butter/ghee, and pasture raised meats are so beneficial for women looking to optimize fertility🤰🏻, regulate hormones, or recover from HA (Hypothalamic Ammenorhea). ____________________________________
💥The caveat? THE SOURCE MATTERS.🙌🏻 Buy grassfed butter or ghee to reap all the health benefits and maximize nutrient intake. It shouldn’t be that hard of a decision though, once you taste the heaven that is grassfed butter YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK🤤. I promise you.🤝 (tap for some of my fav brands)

Eating should be effortless.

If you're super afraid of letting go of diet rules and start eating what you really would like, know that it's actually scary only at first. At first you may really want to eat all the🍰🍫🍪🍿🍩 but over a few months, you stop wanting them so much.

Our bodies will regulate themselves and find their way to balance if we only let it happen.

Yesterday, I ate more chocolate than normally and not too much veggies. Guess what, today I'm craving veggies more than usual 👆It has nothing to do with punishing myself for yesterday. It happens simply because I'm used to eat veggies and my body is like, hey, all the chocolate was fun, but we're ready for some vitamins and good energy over here.

Eating shouldn't take much brain power, it should be effortless and not require calorie or macro counting or specific diets. Just keep the basics in check most of the time and you realize that your body can actually find its balance pretty easily.

#realfood #healthyeating #chocolateeveryday #nocalories #macros #iifym #nodiets #foodobsession #foodie #edfree #anorexia #bulimia #orthorexia #edrecovery #intuitiveeating #curvygirls #trustyourbody #personaltrainer #amenorrhea #hypothalamicamenorrhea #metabolsim #metabolicdamage #npc #npcbikini #weightloss #fatloss #smashthescale #weightgain #curves

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