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RISING FROM THE ASHES before I burn myself out again.

Bipolar Disorder (BD) adalah salah satu gangguan psikologis yang dapat mengganggu kualitas kehidupan. Inilah salah satu tipe dari BD.

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This is how he "ROARS" after Psychiatry posting #weneedthisonkmcday #lipsyncbattle #hypomania #hamihitho

Bad thang, fine as hell thick as fuck ohmygod #blondie #girlswithtattoos #hypomania? #whoknows

Best part of taking a nap is my 16 lb cat blanket ❤️ #catsrule #hypomania #naptime #thatstheboxfan #livingthisbipolarlife

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Har senaste veckorna haft fullt upp med fiske. Sytt eget spöfodral och börjat bygga en egen spötub i silvertejp och svart jeanstyg. Jävlar vad bra blommorna blev! Kul att plantera om 😄

Tell tale signs 😂😂#bipolar #mania #bipolardisorder #hypomania Soooo yeah pretty much obvious wen you think about the signs but not to the manic person 👀🤔


The #uglytruth of #bipolardisorder and #hypomania. It is an ugly #braindisorder that can have many, many negative impacts on the lives of not only the person suffering with it but also their loved ones. He has not been able to sleep for almost 5 days.
Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

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RISING FROM THE ASHES before I burn myself out again.

I'm in the bed by 8/8:30pm just about every night. People always ask why, or try to ask me to come out with them late at night 🙄

I have a routine because I need one. I guess I didn't really realize it but creating a routine for myself helps me to deal with my anxiety. I dont do good with emergencies or on the fly plans. I go to bed at 8pm, wake up at 6:30am, eat at 9am/1pm/6pm and do whatever is on my calendar that day. That's how I stay healthy. Self care looks different on everyone.
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Hey guys! I've really been struggling and need as much support as I can get with remodeling my room and getting a fresh start. Any donation and even just sharing this link would mean the world to me!!! Linking in bio as well!!

I've swung from depressed hermitude to anxious public participant in 24 hours. Feels great and then terrible over and over and over. Anyone who interacted with me today saw it. I've experienced a HUGE surge of energy. I couldn't shut up. My cab driver said he liked how confident I was, and I screamed inside my head. I was fidgeting and jerky in movement, I was irritable and terse, I was paranoid as all hell. I nearly cried when my knife was confiscated at the door. I then became enraged that I had to go back outside and pretend to smoke a joint that was not allowed in the show (by that logic, cigarettes should be confiscated), instead, I really just hid on a stoop and shook while sending terse texts. I hate my asymmetrical stress response. Sorry if you had the, erm, experience of dealing with me today/ night. STILL VIBRATING WITH FRENETIC ENERGY.
PS: @deathandcedar headbanging felt REALLY GOOD tonight. I needed that outlet. Thank you and I'm sorry for the freak out. You were so very comforting👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

I was productive today without burning myself out so I bought chocolate. And I figured out that this adorable chocolate shop is only 3 min from the school I'm attending. They'll know my face by the end of the year lol #selfcare #selflove #selfesteem #majordepressivedisorder #babysteps #bloggerlife #bipolardisorder #hypomania #anxiety

@buzzfeed really nailed a humorous depiction of depression. "Decide to feel better" , "Go outside", "accept your fate", "just do something" are pretty much all the comments I've gotten from my family and boyfriend today (and he has depression as well). Makes me feel so fucking alone AND ANGRY I can't even explain. I'm glad they're willing to talk to me, but then I get anxious about the fact that they all are eventually going to leave because they don't want to deal with my "difficult personality". I hate having any deep conversation because it leaves me with feelings of dissatisfaction and regret, barricading myself in my room for some peace and quiet for the time being. #MentalHealthAwareness #BipolarDisorder #BipolarType2 #EatingDisorderRecovery #MentalIllness #EatingDisorderAwareness  #Depression  #Hypomania #SelfCare  #Mindfulness #EdRecovery #RecoveryWarrior #AnorexiaRecovery #BulimiaRecovery #BEDRecovery #ProRecovery #MentalIllnessRecovery #Recovery #ProgressNotPerfection

Really tempted to smoke pot. But i shouldnt. Its not even about being clean. Its about how itll affect my mental health, is what im more afraid of. Ive stayed away from it for a year now because of that. I dont want to be that person who's indulging in that just to have a fun time. It doesnt help anything other than to have a fun time. Alternatively, id reallllly like to drink, but that would be far more worse im sure. My liver just got around to recovering, itself. .
I think im hypomanic a little. But its funny i say that because i dont really want to even take my meds tonight. I just want a day where i have energy and feel ok. I miss those days when i was psychotic and carefree. Maybe i need retail therapy when i get my check in. Maybe i need to spend money on getting juice for my ecig. OH! And im saving money up for a tat soon. Something very small.
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#ketolunch was an avocado and chipotle, garlic, and onion hemp hearts. #EatAllTheFat! I had a lot of energy earlier in the day considering I only got 3 hours of sleep (uuuuugggghhhh!!). It concerned me a bit, because mama ain't got time for #hypomania. But all is well. I hit a wall of tired like a "normal" person. Now I'm glad I road the wave while I had the energy and knocked some things off my To Do List. .
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✅Sleep will not be getting checked off my score card for the #wholelifechallenge today. My over night shifts helping John have been pretty brutal. Sleep is a very important component to my mental health. If you have bipolar disorder, I have one piece of advice: TAKE YOUR SLEEP SERIOUSLY! If you don't have bipolar disorder I have one piece of advice: TAKE YOUR SLEEP SERIOUSLY! It matters. Sleep. For the love of God, get your sleep! Burning the candle at both ends is not an actual thing you guys. Being a night owl isn't a thing either. Follow that circadian rhythm, baby. You'll be more productive and happier in the long run. On that note, self care shall be the order of the day. And food. No intermittent fasting for me under these circumstances..
Sleep deprivation makes me appreciate this little hairless wonder all the more. The hood fell over his eyes while I was tossing the ball for him, and he had to just stand there and wait to be rescued or he would've run in to the wall. Adding Pupple to the morning gratitude list. Look at him and try not to smile. It's not possible!! .
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Bipolar disorder isn't fair--in fact, it plays dirty.
Most of the time you're plagued with depression.
You're heavy.
You're drowsy.
You're irritable.
You're hopeless.
But then, just when you think you can't take anymore of the dreariness, bipolar gives you a glimpse of happiness.
Irrational, hyperactive happiness.
You have hope.
You sign up for those classes you've been contemplating.
You start showing up for your loved ones again.
You clean things you haven't had the will power to look at in weeks and purge your junk drawers.
And you might even wonder why the hell you ever got so depressed before because the mania disconnects you from who you normally are.
You can't relate to that shell of a person you were in that last depression.
Until bipolar decides that you've had enough and you slip away again.
Maybe you fade slowly or maybe you go out with a bang like a mixed episode or maybe you just wake up feeling different...
But your heart breaks and your spirit is crushed because you've had a taste of euphoria and you've been reminded that you can't keep it.
Happiness is like a lover who won't commit to you. You indulge in some intimacy, but they won't settle down and stay with you so every kiss is bitter sweet.
You know exactly what joy you are missing as you spend twenty hours at a time in bed.
Ignorance is bliss but you don't even get to be ingorant about happiness, that would be too easy.
And that is why bipolar disorder isn't fair.

Please know that this us a sensitive topic, and that it took a lot of humility for me to decide to share it with you guys.

Those of you who actually watch my stories already heard me talk about this, but I want to go more into depth about it here. .
A really damaging and elusive symptom of #hypomania is excessive money spending, or spending money you don't have. 💰💵💸
I once racked up $6,000 in debt because I thought I had the ability to make that much money in a short amount of time. It was such a narcissistic and toxic delusion. In fact, my face is growing red with embarrassment just thinking about it. .
For some reason, the logical part of my brain was convinced that I needed to buy countless trivial items that I had little or no use for. I was swiping my plastic so fast that I was practically burning skid marks through my wallet. 💳🔥
Anyway, I'm lucky to have parents who were willing to help me pay it off, and I no longer have that debt anymore (sans student debt ofc 📚). I owe those people more than my life. 👨‍👩‍👧
This #PENNYBOARD, is one of the things I blew at least $100 on one summer, and I still haven't found time to teach myself to ride it. Well, you know what? Ima slay this bitch this summer. Who wants to give me some tips? Lol #imaposer #noobcity #dolladollabillzyall #mytoesmatchmyboard
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