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Best part of taking a nap is my 16 lb cat blanket ❤️ #catsrule #hypomania #naptime #thatstheboxfan #livingthisbipolarlife

Bad thang, fine as hell thick as fuck ohmygod #blondie #girlswithtattoos #hypomania? #whoknows

This is how he "ROARS" after Psychiatry posting #weneedthisonkmcday #lipsyncbattle #hypomania #hamihitho

Bipolar Disorder (BD) adalah salah satu gangguan psikologis yang dapat mengganggu kualitas kehidupan. Inilah salah satu tipe dari BD.

Selengkapnya di CNNIndonesia.com

#CNNIndonesia #Bipolar #Psychology #Hypomania

Reading the manual for our new vehicle purchased at Save on Foods for 75% discount. My crash-free record should help with ICBC premiums... #crazycart ... #newdriver #icbc #newcar #hypomania

Everything feels more commanding and intense and textured and encompassing. It's to feel absolutely deeper and stronger than other people. Everything is attached onto layers of meaning and analyzing and intensity. You talk too fast, laugh too much and react stronger to sounds and sights and emotions. You feel intertwined with other people because you feel their thoughts and scars and fears as if it were your own. Everything in your life feels interconnected, part of a deeper purpose. You find spiritual metaphors in the ordinary and in a conversation your mind races ahead to brand new subjects with questions and questions and more questions #beingbipolar #hypomania #bipolardisorder

Hypomania day 5. I'm sleeping 2 or 3 hours each night at the most. I'm anxious and intense. Right now it is almost 1 and I am wide awake. Of course I have to work tomorrow.
I'm not tired, but I took some melatonin and I hope to get some rest. The hypomania isn't the scary part of bipolar 2. The scary part is what comes next - depression.
So how do I prepare for when I know an ill spell is coming on? Work ahead. Knock out as much school and work as I can. Allow for some down time. Keep on truckin.
#hypomania #bipolar2 #PTSD #endthestigma #spoonie


Where my hypomanic insomniacs at? And what are you watching? #insomnia #hypomania #hypomanic #insomnia #bipolar #Netflix #janethevirgin

Feeling flat = productive
Lots of code written today

And fixed a defect
Very nice

My brain is operating slowly but is clear
Guess the lithium is taking hold

Drugs for the win XD
Hoping to avoid the low, low, low.


Thus commences the depressive week.
It took me a long time to realize "the change" any person with bipolar disorder is all too familiar with. How it affects one is a very personal and varied experience, but for me it's usually every Sunday night I either feel really content and uplifted (hypomania) or nothing (depression). For the past month or so, I've been doing incredibly well. Letting go of toxic factors in my life, becoming more comfortable and confident with my body, making new friends... it's all been very wonderful but as I've been falling back into seclusion I can feel everything coming back to the surface. I'm lonely.
Loneliness has always been a main culprit in my depression and delusions. As my 3 friends are either busy or on vacation, I've realized how much it still causes me trouble. I've mostly been forcing myself to sleep away the day, so I don't have to do anything. Or daydreaming of some guy or gal to sweep me off my feet, and experience that closeness I've always wanted from someone. (Raise your hand my rare, fellow relationship virgins.) Or really just wishing I had more friends and ways to get out of the house so I can experience the "something more" I've always wanted.
When I'm in my depressive weeks, all these emotions get amplified and I become that needy girl that just wants someone to notice her. And I hate it. I hate feeling like I need someone, just to cope. I hate feeling like I need a distraction from myself. I hate being alone all the time too though. As much as I need and love to be alone, I feel like I'm just turning into a fucking hermit doomed to be forever alone. And I don't want to be that.. I want a large support community with people that genuinely care for and love me. I want a significant other I can experience the closeness I want with. I don't want to feel lonely, even if I am alone because I'm assured people care for me and won't leave me.
As deep as these insecurities go, it always comes down to being unfulfilled. Being unhappy with where my life is and the things holding me back that I can't control or change. Wishing I could blossom into my best self in a place that accepts me.
I'll just have to wait

Another way I like to think about bipolar, the depression and mania, is as music. So let’s say you put on a track. It sounds how it sounds, if you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t, that’s normal. But in depression, the music plays but you feel nothing. It’s the same track you liked or disliked the last time you heard it but it has no effect on you, it’s like it’s not even there. That’s depression.
But in Hypomania, when you put that track on, you hear it differently. Even the neighbours can hear it, you're having a proper jam, the music sounds better, every note, change in pitch, every counter rhythm, every rhythm, you hear things that aren’t even there, I mean what’s a fucking counter rhythm? It makes you feel invincible. It’s like you are the music and the music is you.
But as hypomania hits mania it’s all that and more. There’s only 10 on the volume but you hear it at 11. It’s not music anymore. It’s a cacophony of sound that you can’t escape. You try to turn it down but you've lost control. It gets so bad that you smash up the sound system and that’s when the psychosis hits because the music’s still there even after you’ve smashed up the equipment. But in psychosis the music’s flipped, it’s like nothing you’ve heard before, something from another planet, a message from the galactic federation, and they are speaking directly to you, telling you exactly what to do, you are in control of the cosmos, you are keeping the earth spinning on its axis, you are filling the gap between the tick and the tock, and only you can understand it.
And then you wake up in hospital.
... ... ...
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Flat today, I'm assured this is how people are most days 😯

Well that's ok going to push my barrow just like anyone else.😎 When you come down from hypomania flat is well alien 👽

But I can overcome just like anyone 👍☄🌞🐬🌈 #hypomania

Pretty place was just a corner of flooded farm land. I sat on the curb and watched the wind. Watched some creatures go home for the night. Mama duck and her ducklings settled in that little island. .
#outdoors #nature #beauty #doyourbest #evenifitsapuddle #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawarness #bipolar #depression #anxiety #majordepressivedisorder #generalizedanxietydisorder #mdd #gad #manic #mania #cycle #hypomania #broken #mind #brokenmind #hyperthyroidism #thyroid #hypothyroidism #bpd #borderline #health #awareness

I have so many updates for you guys!!!!
1. I have a job now! YES, ME, WITH A JOB!!!!! Crazy right? I never in a million years thought I'd be able to survive high school let along get a job. Never ever. It was all just distant thoughts of things I couldn't reach.
2. I've been out of hospitals for over 6 months now!!!! I discharged from my last hospital admission December 16th, 2016. Haven't even had a scare since then.
3. I've been clean for almost a year now I think, maybe more. No more relapses for me. The thoughts may still be there, but I fight them now. They don't get to win now. I'm trying my hardest, I really am.
4. I go to work early every shift and I think I'm making friends?? Or at least, acquaintances! Soon to be friends!! I hope they really, actually like me and his isn't a cruel joke.
5. I'm going to try to go back to exercising more again and eating healthier. I really need it, I'm so out of shape.
6. Goals no longer feel like they're out of reach!! Everything feels semi possible!!!
7. I changed my hair again 😅

A painting a day keeps depression away #artistsoninstagram #art #ufo #xfilesinspired #night #depression #hypomania

We had planned on a good day. Lowes, grocery store and take Loki with us somewhere pretty. So I wake up>Snuggle with my honey> Start getting ready for the day>reads texts> has giant mood swing>cries for an hour> takes Ativan> say still for 20 minutes> finish getting ready. Can't wear a dress or skirt because GUESS WHAT you didn't wake up until 3pm and it's already almost 6. 60 degrees is freezing to me. I fucking hate wind. It gets too cold here. Too windy. I haven't gotten to spend much time in the sun, let alone outside, still rare to find me in my back yard when it's sunny. I've been wanting to go to "pretty places" to help get me out of the house and in a relaxed, natural environment. I hear that shits therapeutic. It's been suggested by many different psychologists and therapists. And just the other day in the ER from the on call Psych consult. Spend time outdoors, away from people. Somewhere pretty.
No people. No chaos. Just wind, water, dirt and plants. And a joint. "We spent two hours driving around looking for a place to smoke outside?"
No, we drove all over hell, barely south west of our house, driving past places I said were fine, then reaching two closed roads, chained off to the places I REALLY wanted to go.... but settled on a relaxing road run-off water-filled corner on pulling over at some corner of farm land and I sat on the curb and stared at the water feathering and rippling in the heavy wind. Cool. Then after about 4 puffs of the joint and 10 minutes I got back in the car and we went home. .
Every time I see the yellow giant hills in the skyline, I know I'm not home. This place isn't it. I'm sad to be here. I'm not sad with my husband, but this place... This place is almost worse than the last place. I feel the most loneliest I've ever been. The most disregarded and forgotten. The most trapped in loneliness. Everyone I want to associate with is in Iowa, only like, 5 people are cool around here but I never get to see anyone. The most alienated and avoided. I'm trying. I know I'm not a person yet but I don't want to be alone all the time going though this. I want people to want to be around me. I'm not even considered.

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