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When you think praying will make up for all your sins, but then you realize it's gonna take a lot more than that! This goes out to all the hypocrites that say how disgusting porn is but then when their wives leave the house they start beating it!😂😂 @teamskeet #hypocrites #religiousfreedom #pornovideo #pornlife #praying #begging #sadface #daddysprincess

Republicans had a fit when Barak Obama gave a Marine a salute while holding a cup of coffee in the same hand but not a peep for Trump pushing one aside? This man isn't a good guy, he isn't the character from the apprentice he is an egomaniacal dick. Oh and did I mention admitted sexual predator. #hypocrites #notrump #socalledpresident #maga #makeamericagreatagain

Where are all the 2nd Amendment fanatics when it comes to a POC carrying legally in an open carry state???? #hypocrites

I am out 😑😑
#vampire #shit #life #hypocrites

@Regrann from @francismmaxwell - I remember @FoxNews spending a lot of time ripping into @Kaepernick7 for his protest.But spend no time talking about the reason why he knelt.
Video coming tomorrow.
#hypocrites #blacklivesmatter - #regrann

We all know one. #hypocrites ——————————————————
In the Arab culture, like many others like it, this type of superior attitude where a man can do no wrong, but a woman can never seem to do anything right, happens much too often. So how do we change this? STOP GIVING A FUCK WHAT HYPOCRITES SAY!


Is this IG page for "Getting us back to our greatness" as it states in their bio or bashing gay ppl? I was sadden to see that they posted so many negative things about gay people and allow people to openly bash us. I noticed I follow a few people on IG that follow them. If you are gay or a minority it's no reason why we should approve of anything they're doing much less support them.They are doing to gay people what they claim White people are doing to black people. #hypocrites #GaysAreMinoritiesToo #LoveIsLove #WeAreAllEqual

#truenuff #fuckvegans #fuckveganshit #ilovelife❤️ #hypocrites people saying they love animals but paying to have them slaughtered and then eating them!
Also-having seen what goes on in a slaughterhouse and factory farms-and still eating animals knowing what cruelty they suffer!

This is lack of common sense if ever I saw it. #hypocrites #Twitter #funny #capitalism #itsjustajoke #silly

I remember @FoxNews spending a lot of time ripping into @Kaepernick7 for his protest.But spend no time talking about the reason why he knelt.
#hypocrites #blacklivesmatter

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