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New episode! After 3 years of testing and fertility treatments, Mary Kate and Brad were excited to find out that their second IUI attempt was successful! After 31 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing, baby Reid was born. Mary Kate was able to get through her long labor by using the hypnobirthing techniques she learned during her pregnancy. At the end of the labor, vacuum extraction was required to give Mary Kate the ability to give birth vaginally. While she was overjoyed and in love with her new baby boy, Mary Kate discovered that she had suffered a 4th degree tear during labor. Mary Kate knew that this serious tear could lead to a difficult recovery, but a week later she developed another complication known as a rectovaginal fistula. Three weeks after the birth of her baby, Mary Kate underwent surgery to repair the fistula.

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My husband really pulled through for me the day our daughter was born. In fact, he's really pulled through for me since our first date. I feel the absolute safest when I'm in his arms. This picture symbolizes so much more than coaching me through intense contractions! Our whole relationship has been him holding me in his loving embrace and making sure I'm always happy and smiling. Our love is unceasing and it's somthing I never take for granted. 💜

"It's a ...... GIRL!!!!!!!!!!" How perfect is this picture of Brittany meeting her baby girl?! They didn't know the sex of the baby and everyone thought it was a boy. BEST surprise ever! We find that about 60% of our clients find out the sex of their baby at their second trimester ultrasound and the rest wait until the baby is born. 💙💕

Excited to share this one of a baby being born "en caul" - it's amniotic sac is still unbroken. ⠀
Most people don't realise the sac, or bag or waters, doesn't need to be broken for a baby to be born. Often it's broken manually during labour, and if left alone, it will usually break later in labour. It's rare for a baby to be born this way, but they certainly can be!
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|| B I R T H ||
About to reach the 28 week mark and things are getting REAL. I still haven't gotten used to the fact I have a two year old let alone the fact I'll have two children in merely months 🙃😮
To all the pregnant mums out there I want to recommend two books to you:
- Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan
- Ina May's guide to childbirth
Both books are amazing, as are the women who have written them. They are filled with a lifetime of positive experiences, stories and facts and aim to reconnect you to the beauty of childbirth.
I used Hypnobirthing with my son. At 16 weeks someone told me about it and I laughed 'what do you mean someone arrived at the hospital in no pain and on examination the baby was crowning'. It sounded like a joke, right? The only stories I'd heard (and how the movies portray birth!) were filled with screaming, drugs, intervention and trauma.
However, then I went to a childbirth class on the drugs available in labour and the statistics on births and I freaked out. At that point I decided I wanted to do everything possible to have a natural and drug free birth and I bought Marie Mongan's book. I think I read it in a day!
Even if you decide Hypnobirthing isn't for you the book is filled with such positivity and amazing tips for birth and beyond I would recommend you read it anyway. I still use some of the breathing techniques now when stressed and it also prepares you for unexpected issues with birth and how to meet them with calmness and ease. I was so lucky to have a natural and uncomplicated water birth with my son and have everything crossed the same happens this time.
I bought the second book a couple of weeks before my due date as I was being inundated with traumatic birth stories and needed some positive and empowering stories (spoiler alert - there are a couple of orgasmic birth stories in here 😲!).
I completely appreciate everyone's birth is different and valid and I'm so sorry if things went badly during birth for you but please, please don't tell pregnant women these stories. We are pregnant. The baby needs to come out. Please save them for after the birth.
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Today on the blog is the last of the three parts of my birth story. Read about the relationship between labor and mediation, my final hours of labor, and the arrival of my daughter, Opal. Comment if you enjoyed (or not)! Link in bio. 📷 by @lindseymeehleis

Oh my goodness! This is possibly my most favourite thing ever to do to newborns. Just watching this brings back so many happy memories of doing exactly this with my three - smothering their little faces with non-stop kisses while taking in their delicious scent and feeling their soft little head while they slept. Great. Now I need another baby 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼


Oh my goodness! This is possibly my most favourite thing ever to do to newborns. Just watching this brings back so many happy memories of doing exactly this with my three - smothering their little faces with non-stop kisses while taking in their delicious scent and feeling their soft little head while they slept. Great. Now I need another baby 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼

A lovely evening at the birthing workshop. @samwoody1 and I are all prepared and ready to go 🙌🏽this was a massage for baby at the end of class 🤗
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One of my new favorite quotes ❤️

Currently prepping for tomorrow's business presentation to 80 people and I only got told on Monday 😖. Channeling hypnobirthing techniques, as I find that the breathing calms me down when I get nervous. Every time I feel that rise of nerves I take a few sleep breathing breaths and it calms me right down. Suddenly I'm back in control. Talk about multipurpose. Being a mum is possibly the best thing that happened to my career.
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There's so many assumptions made about pregnancy, birth and Hypnobirthing! When really it's all built on science and logic. No magic tricks or spooky stuff, just positivity, knowledge and a bit of self love! There's more information on our website and feel free to ask questions 💻

2 years ago, exact. With 6.2 kg baby weight. It is amazing what the body is able to 🙏
I remember when we were told that we should have twins. A day, I never forget 😳 A bit of a shock. I also had a little fear inside me. Would my body be able to handle so much load?😥 A sweet doctor answered me briefly. "Yes, your body wanted this to happen so it can do it - if you treat it well". Those words helped me so much throughout my pregnancy and I fully believed that I could.
I practiced yoga and swam several times a week throughout my pregnancy. I prepared myself with breathing exercises and mental training.
Thank you so much to my dear friend @tinebeknielsen who opened my eyes for #hypnobirthing and to Anja Bay for the wonderful training programs "Painless birth" (🇩🇰Smertefri Fødsel, @smertefrifoedsel ) It felt so good to prepare well for birth. So many good tools that I already knew from yoga, but in a slightly different form. Breathing exercises and mental training are great tools to create inner peace and feel control over the pain. My first 2 birth experiences were also good (I used a lot of the #pranayama I knew at that time) and I DID feel pain during the births, but I think it's fun and self developing to study, practice and optimize 😊
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NEW ITEM Oversized Dance Sweat being beautifully modelled by @sianbenedetti Our Oversized #Dance Sweat is easy fit, slouchy, with a huggably huge hood and a lovely soft brushed feel. Lightweight yet cosy, it's a perfect layering piece, great over #leggings or a pair of #jeans, with #ILUFITWEAR printed in stylish tonal letters down the back. Cropped enough to show a pop of colour from a longer length top under it, long enough to cover your tummy. What's not to like! £47.00 available on our website now www.ilufitwear.com

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Nurturing Gold Coast families one by one
All Birthing couples need support , education & understanding

•HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education classes
•Private & Group
• Doula services ( birth support ) •Pre & Post pregnancy massage •Labour initiation treatments

All I need now is to enrol L in a soccer club and I'll be a total #soccermum Ps anyone who knows me is getting a bumper sticker! Got to spread this amazing way of preparing for a #calmbirth 💜💜💜#hypnobirthing #monganmethod #prepareforbirth

On Monday I got to spend the day with these superstars 👆🏼 It's always an honour to be part of people's lives at such a special and important time and unbelievably rewarding to be able to help people have amazing birth experiences, bringing their babies into the world in the best way possible ✨✨✨ So it was a real privilege to be invited to the lovely home of @magsy24 and @stardak to help them prepare for the birth of their second baby 👶🏼 I just *know* these guys are going to have the most magical birth and I can't wait 🙌🏼 Hannah has spoken about her worries and fears when it comes to birth and I'm so happy to know after just one day she's now feeling confident and positive and relaxed 👍🏼 Looking forward to birth even! Which is exactly the way it *should* be ✌🏼️She was kind enough to give me a lovely shout out over on her Insta so if you're unsure about Hypnobirthing go have a look at what she had to say about her experience 🙏🏼 If you think you'd like to do a course with me please visit my website for more info (link in bio 🔝) or ask below 👇🏼I run group classes monthly in London, Devon and Birmingham. There's also the ⭐️Positive Birth Retreat⭐️ a 3-night luxury Hypnobirthing babymoon! If you want any more reassurance that Hypnobirthing is for you then find @thepositivebirthcompany on FB and have a read of all the lovely reviews that people I've taught have left me there 🤗 Hypnobirthing really is for everyone and all births 👊🏼

My little Bro with my little boy enjoying a quick morning cuddle 😘

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Rasakan menjadi ibu. Rasakan menjadi bagian dr kesempurnaan wanita. Dan rasakan menjadi bagian dari surga Tuhan. Kalau bunda yang lain bisa punya anak, kenapa BUNDA TIDAK? Memang semua adalah kuasa Tuhan, tapi jika bunda tetap berusaha, maka percayalah, pasti Tuhan akan memberikannya.
آمِيّنْ... آمِيّنْ... يَ رَ بَّلْ عَلَمِيّنْ.
Yuk bun, konsultasikan hambatan kehamilannya segera, jangan biarkan malaikatnya kecilnya terlalu lama untuk menunggu bunda

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My new toy, cube projector - now I can take #inherbody #pregnancy #breastfeeding and #hypnobirthing classes anywhere ❤️ #doulaandthecity #teaminherbody #childbirtheducationmatters

Thoughts 💭⁉️ comment below if you would be interested. #hypnobirthing #babyledweaning

Have you been watching Billions? (Still a good read even if you haven't!) http://youmeandbaby.co.uk/blog/what-does-chuck-from-tv-show-billions-have-to-teach-a-birthing-woman

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