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Ecco a voi la seconda creepypasta la "Hypno's Lullaby". Ecco a voi. Hypno invita dei bambini a seguirlo con lui nella sua grotta promettendo loro che si divertiranno un sacco, ben presto i bimbi, svanito l'effetto dell'ipnosi, si rendono conto della strana situazione e tentano di fuggire dalle grinfie del Pokémon. Ma Hypno li cattura e rivela loro di aver mentito. Il Pokémon Ipnosi spiega ai piccoli malcapitati che i loro genitori soffriranno per la loro scomparsa, e allora egli potrà intestare i loro incubi e cibarsene. Per i poveri bambini non sembra esserci scampo...Fine. Vi è piaciuta? Spero di si, Bye bye. ~Zard #pokemon #creepypasta #hypno #hypno'slullaby

Hi! Just wanted to let you all know I’m still open for hypnosis business, so if you’re wanting to drop I’m totally cool with it! #hypnosis #hypno #hypnotist #hypnotized

With master-master... #imagic

Shiny Drowzee after yet another quick SOS! I cannot believe the luck I’ve had today! This would have been a much tougher hunt due to disable, but since she shined so early, I can’t complain! Named her Hypnapper, as a pun on Hypno’s name and how it allegedly kidnaps people. Absolutely LOVE this shiny!
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Starting #earthhour early tonight!!
Switch everything off people and relax! xxxx

The book is now in the final proofing stage, so it should be available within the next month! 😮📖👍 ...and to give you a bit more info; it's a hypnotic weight loss book! (Oooooooh) 😊

#hypno app on our gif social booth with Leone

I need you to focus real hard. On my voice. You don't even have to look into my mesmerizing eyes. Just listen. And lose yourself. "The Secret To Your Addiction"

Check out the full video (with audio) here ---> http://www.clips4sale.com/56587/19351727

#MindFuck #Hypno #Mesmerize

He wasn’t sure how deep he’d go but after about 15 minutes he turned from a normal guy to mindless drone.
He simply followed the spiral and listened to my voice. I guided him into a relaxing, deep, pleasurable state of relaxation. From there I had him imagine he was walking down a staircase. Each step numbing his brain, relaxing his body, and shutting off his thoughts. At the bottom was a luxurious bed. His body was so heavy, his thoughts so empty that all he wanted to do was lay on that bed, feel the covers over his body and sleep.
He knew how good trance felt at this point, he never wanted to leave, he never wanted to think. Smiling because it felt good to be mindless, good to be freed of thoughts, being a drone came naturally.
Like any good drone he was instructed to remove his clothes. Without any thoughts he mindlessly stripped, listening only to the sound of my voice. My voice his thoughts and his thoughts my voice.
I asked him to repeat exactly what he was
“I’m a drone master”
He said in a monotone voice
I asked him to repeat it again
“I’m a drone master”
Repeating it again in that monotone, mindless voice that only appears when a subject is lost in trance.
Posted with consent

#hypnosis #hypnotic #hypnotized #hypno #gay

Howdy y’all! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted here, I do hope you’ve all been doing well! Here’s some art I recently got done by @lynxiia , y’all should go check them out and give them a follow! Thank you so much, I love how they turned out ;w; #furry #furryart #hypno

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