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Banyak pertanyaan, "kamu itu sakit apa sih? Katanya sakit kok keliatan kayak yang orang gak sakit?" Barangkali gitu kali ya, sedikit komentar orang tentang orang yang berjuang menghadapi gangguan tiroid. Nah, ini ada sedikit rangkuman tentang serba-serbi hipertiroid. Yang kalau ada orang kepo (pengen tau banget) tentang gangguan tiroid kita khususnya hipertiroid bisa share gambar ini sebanyak-banyak. Agar semakin banyak orang yang aware alias PEKA, agar semakin banyak orang yang lebih sayang ke diri sendiri dan juga orang-orang terdekatnya yang bisa jadi diam-diam tengah berjuang sehat dari hipertiroid :)
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The crazy thing about thyroid disease is how you feel can change drastically from day to day, without warning - without trigger...
I'm so in-tune to my body now that I could feel my levels shifting during the second half of yesterday into the evening. I was off my regular "routine" and "diet" on vacation and I could sense myself started to feel "off." This morning woke up at 7am in full panic. Heart rate in the high 120's, trembling, shortness of breath, nausea... After weeks without an "episode" it felt like a crippling blow. I've been praying all day the prayer that I've said since November when this all began "Lord, wrap me in Your loving arms and keep me safe. Make me strong. Bring me Your peace." It helps. 🙏🏼💚
I share this because I think it's important to share the good AND the bad. To remind myself and everyone else that what we feed our body can absolutely adversely effect the way we feel. To remind myself and everyone else to be thankful for the good days and to never take your health for granted. I had blood tests done last week and I'm waiting to hear my results of where my levels are at now, but the tricky thing with thyroid issues is that they can vary from day to day - heck, they can vary from hour to hour. That's why LISTENING to YOUR OWN BODY is so important. It matters less what your doctor tells you and what is printed out on a piece of paper. You know how you feel. Be your own health advocate. 🙌🏽
Soaking in some sunshine watching the boys play in the pool before we head back home. Taking it easy and getting back on track with my nutrition. It'll be ok. I'm stronger than this! 😉 #thyroiddisease #thyroidawareness #hyperthyroid #hypothyroid

Little BlackBerry here suffered from the complications of hyperthyroidism. Last week she lost her vision because her retinas became detached as a result of severely high blood pressure. We took control as soon as we could and the good news is her blood pressure is now normal and she has regained 25% of her vision. The rest of her vision is permanently lost but we are grateful for the 25%. Most cats when they reach a point of detachment do not regain vision. Her owner noticed she was running into things and could also see the back of her eyes (vessels and everything). If you can ever see the back of your kitties eyes, seek veterinary care immediately as this is not normal. #blind #hypertension #hyperthyroid #elderlycatswoes #blackcat

• โรคประจำตัว • เมื่อมันต้องอยู่กับตัวเป็นประจำ ก้อต้องอยู่กับมันแบบรู้ทัน 💉
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Rambo's Update: Sure, absolutely, would you suspect anything other? I've got Hyperthyroidism just like my brother Rupert, my legs and spine feel better today. Vet called about my blood work, now I've got to take that nasty medicine like Rupert does, OH THIS IS GONNA BE A JOY FOR MOM since basically I don't DO meds, Period! One time I snapped down so hard in a split second and went through mom thumbnail to the bone, Yeah, Joy for me, However Mom's gotten to be pretty sneaky about giving the ole meds lately! I got med a little bit ago and never saw that coming!! Chalk one up for mom!! Guess I'll have to be OnGuard for next time. It's always exciting around my house, Thankyou all for my prayers for my legs, they definitely worked, I love you all ❤❤ #Rambo #hyperthyroid #Methimazole #twiceaday #tuxedocatsofinstagram

Meet Pippy! She was taken from @theanimalfoundation transfer list and we are fostering her for @happyhomerescue. It is believed that she might be #Hyperthyroid but she has an amazing personality so she’s stay with us until her condition is stabilized and she is ready for her #fureverhome #fosteringsaveslives #seniorkittizens

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Had another blood test today. Vet is going to talk to colleagues who have used an ear gel to treat thyroid probs before to see if it's workable after the side effects the tablets had. They are keen to operate as they can feel a sizeable thyroid tumour but convincing the family is difficult. There is a risk with surgery at her age but the procedure would only take 20 minutes. One of the problems is that she wouldn't go into the surgery with the thyroid hormones under control because she doesn't handle the tablets well. If we let the illness run its course she will lose weight and we won't be able to control that, and her kidneys and liver will suffer. Her muscles will also get weaker. They think the surgery could give her a few more years if it's successful. Given that she's reacted badly to tablets it'd be typical if she then reacted badly to the anaesthetic so it's not an easy decision :( #barley #cats #catsofinstagram #brave #bravecat #hyperthyroid #bloodtest #vets


Porridge made with coconut milk, topped with juicy blueberries, a spoon of @pipandnut almond and coconut butter and a sprinkle of mixed seeds for a dose of those omegas 😃
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We had a scary night & morning with #Jax. He’s been throwing up constantly & not eating. We got him the #vet first thing this morning & were relieved to find out that he has a #HyperThyroid, which explains other symptoms from the past couple of months. He’s starting on his medications, so he’ll be back to #feelingbetter soon! So glad we now know what’s wrong & can manage it. We #love our #baby, #Jaxie! ❤️😺 #Relieved #LoveOfMyLife #FirstBaby #CatLove #CatCuddles #MaineCoon #FurBaby

Oh my heavens.

I made a little pre-Thanksgiving dish this weekend: Sweet Potato Noodle Casserole with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce from @detoxinista. It did not disappoint!

Got any Thanksgiving dishes you'd like me to share a healthy alternative for?

I used to workout all the time but over the past 6 months I haven't felt good or feel like going. I went to the doctor and my thyroid is slowly getting worse possibly turning into graves. If anyone knows anything about hyperthyroid or overactivethyroid they know it's very hard to gain weight. People can say oh you jyst need to eat more, but ok no trust me it doesn't work like that. In the past couple of months I have lost 6 pounds and I'm the smallest I have ever been and I hate it, I want my muscle back, I want to feel good again. I have went to doctors and specialist before and no-one can tell us what to do,  I'm going to see a specialist soon they just haven't told me when yet but until then I'm going to try to start feeling better myself, so today starts a new day for me, reading my bible everyday and starting back to the gym. I feel like at this point only God can heal me. I know this is going to be very hard because I'm not going to feel like going and not like everyone who doesn't feel like going, I mean that my body physically and it's health are not going to feel like doing it, but I'm going to try, gotta start somewhere, so I'm hoping to stick with this.
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I have a twinge in my knee 😢 and I know that probably means my pesky IT Band injury is rearing its bloody head again. So I have obviously responded in the most rational way possible: green juice - because it has magic powers, deep heat and deep freeze - because one of them is going to work, Ibuleve because it will stop it hurting and @eattrek chunks because I feel sorry for myself. #pitypartyforone
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33/50 miles for the month. Not sure I will hit my target of 50 miles this month with the heaps and heaps of work I have to do this week. This is not me making excuses but I don't like running before 5am or after 8pm (safety reasons mainly) and in between those times I will either be working or have the Mini V. Hoping to squish in as many little runs as I can to creep as close to that target as possible.
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Last night's dinner - beetroot and goats cheese quiche. Made with coconut oil, beetroot, walnuts, kale, red onion, goats cheese, lemon juice...pastry made of spelt flour, almond meal, flaxseeds, coconut oil and arrowroot flour...yumola! Served with rocket, spinach and natural yoghurt.

"Masalah angin di perut, sebu, pedih ulu hati"
dari Nor Aini Laili, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Selangor

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Point no. 3
Why I gained and hard to lose weight.
It's Carbimazole.
I am still taking half of 5mg tablet everyday despite my hormones already normal.
Doctor said it's to ensure my thyroid will not relapse. 🤦🤦 #hyperthyroid #hyperthyroidfighter #gainweight

I feel great, but my eyes hurt today. They burn, itch, and feel swollen and heavy. I am blessed to have occasional flare ups of 1 symptom at a time as opposed to battling them all constantly #letsgoremission #iamgrateful
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I had already talked myself out of my run earlier if I am 100% honest BUT just look at my alternative. This boy is, and always will be, my happy thought ❤. Christmas film on, cup of tea, Luni cat and my magazine. Wish I could bottle moments like this, and I certainly cannot justify leaving this spot to run in the cold and the rain and miss this.
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My sister Sweetiepie ♡
So mom needs your advice again. Sweetiepie has hyperthyroid and a very large goiter. Mom wants to do the Radioactive Iodine treatment. She is conflicted if this is good at my age? Any one out there have experience with an old 17 year plus cat getting this done? Sweetiepie is on meds twice a day and she still always has issues every time we have blood drawn.
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So what I really want to be doing this afternoon after a hugely productive morning is to curl up on the sofa with endless cups of tea, a mince pie (or two) and this magazine. Instead, I need to do some adult type jobs, a bit of admin, housework and need to fit in a run before I talk myself out of it completely. Oh. And order a fridge freezer 🙈
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