Nice day to take the bump out to the beach, especially when Mum’s feeling better and ready to tackle to upcoming week. Fingers crossed 🤞 the worst of the sickness is behind her/us. #LittleWilson #hyperemisis #HGcanFO

Its been a long rollercoaster ride this past year. Hence i have'nt had the time to do any clients or and make up tutorials. I recently just gave birth to my beautiful angel Faatimah Zahra Mohammed and allhumdulillah she is now 3 and a half months old. I had a really difficult pregnancy and was suffering from hyperemisis where i was constantly throwing up and wasnt able to keep any liquids or food down. Some women experience this for a few months however i had this throughout my 9 months of pregnancy. It was a very hard time as i didnt know what was happening due to never knowing about this before. Also was very suicidal as i just wanted the pain to go away. However allhumdulillah i managed to get through it all with the support of my amazing husband, honestly without him i dont know what i would have done. I believe hyperemisis is horrific and should be talked about more as young women need the support and advice on how to get through it. I just wanted to share this because i really want other women to know your not alone and inshaAllah with the strength and support you can get through it. Lastly i believe everything is a test from God and allhumdulillah i am blessed with such a beautiful daughter. Ameen @sheikhbeauty#yournotalone#havehope#womenpower#duas#Allah#pregnancy#hyperemisis#9months#family#support#husband#love#baby#life#behappy#postivemind

Saturdays are for sleeping in, self care and superfoods! ✨
My husband was literally concerned that something was wrong with me when I slept in until 7am today. 😂 I usually get up before the sun but recently I’ve been needing more rest. Busy? Yes, I’m a mom of two boys. 😂 “Are you going to have any more?” -asks everyone lately. NOPE! We are done having babies.
I was so sick for so long during pregnancy and after. My body needed dense nutrition and probiotics badly after surviving a hyperemisis pregnancy and delivering my first baby via C-section. The daily sometimes hourly vomiting, 24/7 nausea and mental stress and anxiety from hyperemisis was awful. Then the antibiotics and all the medicine from the surgery really messed up my system and I was left with IBS, low energy, hormonal acne and nutritional deficiencies. I don’t drink superfood smoothies daily because it’s trendy, or because I need to lose weight or because I’d rather drink a smoothie than eat real food- I love real food! I drink superfoods daily because three and a half years ago I begrudgingly tried it in hopes that it would help my issues- and it did! ✨
Don’t ever stop trying to heal your body. Don’t ever give up on your health! Our bodies are amazing and life is too short! .
#healingacnenaturally #csectionrecovery #csectionmama #hgpregnancy #hyperemisis #smoothiesarelife #superfoodies #superfood_supermood #saturdayvibes😎 #healingjourney #wellnesswarrior #smoothieaddict #chocolatesmoothie #momoftwoboys #lifewithkidsanddogs #momlyfe #eathealthybehappy #plantbasedmama #veganproteinpowder #nutritioniskey #boymomsrock #boymomlyfe #plantbasedsuperfood #dairyfreesmoothie #busymomlife #saturdayselfcare #ibs #adultacne #probiotics

The first ever blanket I made ❤️ I’ve made many but this one has a special place in my heart. •

•5 1/2 years ago when I had no option but to lay in bed for months with #hyperemesisgravidarum losing weight I was never in any position to lose and hating every moment of hospital visits being hooked up to an IV due to severe dehydration •

tv made me sick, the smell of soap made me sick, turning over made me sick, the smell of another human made me sick - think sickness bug but for weeks on end. getting through a square of two of this blanket every few days even if I had to put it down every 15 mins because it made me feel worse was the only focus I had. •
• It was made for the end result. A little light at the end of the tunnel - I started making this for The little girl I was sure that was growing in my tummy. Turns out after a 20 week scan and a dream including my grandfather winking at me and saying “you have a little boy in there” the night before my scan...that I was indeed mistaken and it was in fact a little boy - the colour scheme quickly turned multi ☺️ It is the only thing I have EVER knitted (and completed) Also turns out in the brighter saner days after his arrival I discovered in fact i don’t all that much like knitting! #weirdpregnancybehaviour #nesting
This has stayed in his room through out his little life as my trophy to making it through those dark day (even if as an “you can never be too careful” kind of parent I wouldn’t let him have it in his cot should he choke on the beads)
This blanket was every bit of my heart, my energy and my faith ❤️ for anyone who is living with #hyperemisis right now or on a path that hypermesis can take you down which might not include a happily ever after - know that with the right support in which ever form that comes - that you can and will recover and find a little bit of strength every day to make it through.
#pregnancysicknesssupport #actoflove #formybaby #myboy #hateknitting #knitting #knittedblanket #getsupport #dontdoitalone #speakout

Heute ist es soweit - ich erstelle meinen Mami-Blog. 🤩
Schon öfter habe ich drüber nachgedacht - schon öfter kamen Themen in mir hoch, die ich gerne niedergeschrieben hätte.

Themen, die einer jungen Mami plötzlich begegnen und auch beschäftigen. 🖤 in diesem Blog werde ich immer mal wieder aufschreiben, was mich gerade so beschäftigt, oder auch beschäftigt hat. 🖤 es wird unter anderem um #schwangerschaft und damit verbundene #probleme wie #hyperemisisgravidarum gehen. Um das Thema #geburt und eben um das Thema #baby ... meine Mami-Gedanken halt. 🤗

Ich freue mich über jeden Follower.

#meineigenerblog #mamiblogger #mami #jungemama #dezemberbaby2017 #baby2017 #baby #babyblog #mamigedanken #mamadenke #löwenherz #beduerfnisorientiert #schwanger #schwangerschaftstest #hyperemisis #hyperemisisbaby #blw #babyboy #babygirl #mamaleben #glücklich

B O E K E N W U R M • Het lijkt evident, even een boek, magazine of krant nemen en iets lezen. Een alinea, een artikel, een hoofdstuk, een heel boekdeel zo je wil 📚📖📚 Maar door de zwangerschapshormonen en hyperemis werd ik al misselijk na twee zinnetjes 🤢 De grootste straf voor een boekenwurm als ik 😓 Ik ben dan ook maar wat blij dat mijn hormonenspiegel zich eindelijk begint te stabiliseren 📈 Ik ben nog maar een paar dagen ontslagen uit het ziekenhuis, dus ik moet nog veel rusten. Daarom trakteerde ik mezelf op een goed boek en wat toffe tijdschriften. Want hoe ontspan je nou beter dan door lekker te lezen? 🤓🤩🤓
#boekenwurm #lezen #nowreading #nevernotreading #readersgonnaread #introvert #introvertmom #introvertmama #introvertbliss #introvertheaven #hsp #hspmom #hoogsensitief #highlysensitiveperson #hyperemisis #hyperemisisgravidarum #zwanger #bunintheoven #babyontheway #flowmagazine #nestmagazine #grietopdebeeck #komhierdatikukus

N I E U W L E V E N • Klein groot nieuws, eind maart verwachten wij onze tweede ukkepuk 🍼💕🍼💕
Amper een erwt groot, maar deze mini-me bezorgde me al 2 ziekenhuisopnames 🙈Hoezo? Lees het op mijn blog ⤴️
#hetstillemeisje #nieuwleven #minime #zwanger #10weken #preggo #hyperemisisgravidarum #hyperemisis #heyhetisoke #maakdepressiebespreekbaar #hsp #hoogsensitief #hspmom #introvert #introvertedmom #introvertedmama #introvertblog #introvertblogger #belgianblogger #babyontheway #zwanger #bunintheoven #perinataledepressie #postnataledepressie #depressie #depressievrij

Yesterday Hugh was 38+6 weeks old, which is exactly how long he spent in my tummy! The 9 months out have been much more fun than the 9 months in but I wouldnt change a thing because I got my beautiful Hughie at the end. I never posted any pregnancy photos so now seemed a fitting time to share 2 of my last belly shots which were taken on the morning Hugh was born. #9monthsin9monthsout #Hughie #HughMorris #hyperemisis #wortheveryspew #wortheverytear #wortheveryadmission #mamalife

• 40 weeks pregnant • happy due date! I’m still pregnant and no signs yet ... but it’s a good day to reach... this has not been the easiest pregnancy but there’s so much of God’s goodness and kindness to tell! There’s been people in the right place at the right time to support me and pray with me ... from suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum to a scary bleed experience God has been with us and we have prayed for this child 💜 I cannot explain how grateful I am that we are going to meet our baby in a maximum of two weeks after this long amazing journey! There is so much hope to be shared from our story... maybe one day I will tell it! #pregnancyisnoteasy #hottestsummerever #hyperemisis #verypoorly #bleed #testimony #miraclebaby #thankyoujesus #40weekspregnant

Nyponsoppa - min räddare! Kallt, fräsch, gott 👌🏼 Har varit så nervös att illamåendet inte skulle gå över. Har haft hyperemisis gravidarum alla fyra graviditeter, alltså kräkt och mått illa varje dag i 9 månader, så var rädd att det skulle bli 6 månader av illamående igen. Peppar Peppar känner jag bara av det liiiite i bakgrunden idag, det tar inte över hela mig och reagerar inte på mina tankar 😊👍🏻

Almost 20 weeks, halfway point is in sight! 🤰🏼 #hyperemisis #hyperemisisgravidarum #20weekspregnant #smallbump #pregnancy

All except the bottom one... that one I’ve only done the crying/being sick! Thankfully my pelvic floor hasn’t given up on me yet 😂
Hyperemisis is the hardest thing I have been through and am learning new ways of coping each day but on top of that, each day isn’t the same so what might be amazing one day isn’t right for the next.
Some days I can have an awesome morning and then it can all spiral, other days like today I’ll feel fab for there majority of the day, even managing a relatively normal mealtime only to wind up feeling like the slightest movement will start the sickness.
And on my worst days I’m just best friends with the loo and spend the day trying to get hydrated as the pain of having an IV drip but into a dehydrated vein is horrendous 😩
I’ve had two hospital admissions so far to have anti sickness injected directly into my muscle and to be rehydrated for 24 hours.
I’m on currently on two different medicines that I take at alternating points in the day, as well as extra vitamins and anti acids.
I need to stay hydrated but drinking makes me retch and I need to keep topped up on food but food also turns my stomach - what a strange little world I’m in right now 😬😬😬
But it will all be worth it.
I can’t wait 💗💙
#hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum #hg #morningsickness #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancysickness #truth #realshit

Today we walked 4.5 miles around #clumberpark and it was so gooooood!!! I found it hard at points as it’s definitely the furthest I’ve walked in a long while but it was so lovely to get a long walk in ☺️
We stopped for coffee at the Land Rover 110 that’s been converted into a coffee van and had a picnic on a fallen tree so we broke the walk up nicely 👌🏼
Now back - I’m on the sofa, Oscar is fast asleep and the dog is too! We’re all shattered and hopefully will all sleep well tonight (compared to last night, one solid hour would be a god send as Oscar went full on newborn mode and decided to wake us hourly for water/trips to the loo/random shout outs) 🙏🙏🙏
Sickness-wise, today was mostly okay, I just have to keep on top of the dips in my blood sugar levels as that’s when I feel at my worst! So the stops for drinks/snacks/rests were v needed!! Plus medicine top ups on route - all fun in the #hyperemisis game 😂🙈
#walk #walking #walkinthepark #dogwalk #goldenretriever #goldiesofinstagram #toddler #toddlerlife #familytime #dayout #walks #walker #lovetheoutdoors #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmum #fitnessmom #pregnantworkout

So I was just flicking through google as you do and came across an article about Hyperemisis Gravidarum, detailing how sadly a woman lost her baby as a result of the illness and doctors and midwives not listening to her. And it hit home just how lucky I am to have my beautiful happy and healthy baby boy. I suffered from HG and was being sick multiple times a day right up until my 30th week. I was hospitalised and on a drip countless times, and even though the evidence was right there in front of them doctors and midwives still told me I had a “stomach bug” or “it’s completely normal.” It wasn’t until I was literally unable to function, and a complete mess that they diagnosed me and actually gave me the treatment I needed.
So grateful that Arthur is one tough little cookie, he may have been a skinny minnie when he came out, but four months later and he’s a right little chunk 😍🖤

Andddd I’m off 🚴🏼‍♀️
Got my exercise bike downstairs again because the new linen basket we have is in the spare room. It smells of wood. Hyperemisis means that the slightest ‘odd’ smell makes me nauseous and I’ll most likely be sick 🤢 So I’ve begged for my bike to be back in a room I can actually cope with 🙈
I’m having a nauseous afternoon but trying to push through it with a gentle bike use which will be followed by resting on the sofa 👌🏼
It’s all about balance and I’m finding if I at least do some kind of exercise then I feel a bit more like me and it gives me a bit of time to stop feeling so sick all the time!
So here I am, low resistance for half an hour - slowly and steadily building my strength and aiming for a fit and healthy pregnancy 💪🏼👊🏼
#workout #workouttime #wednesdayworkout #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyworkout #pregnancyworkouts #slowandsteady #workoutjourney #transformation #hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum #morningsickness #hg #fitlife #fitness #fitnessjourney

Nightly med routine...plus two prenatal gummies. Ugh hyperemisis sucks.

#pregnancymeds #pregnancy #hyperemisis #hyperemisisgravidarum #gestationaldiabetes #nauseaallthetime #secondtrimester

Happy #BumpDay! 2016 & 2017- both pictured at 20 weeks 🤰🏼- what a major difference in boy pregnancy vs girl! Also can you tell which pregnancy I had hyperemisis? (Sick all 40 weeks!) 😩 They also say girls steal your beauty (true story! 😂) Pregnancy is a beautiful blessing & I will forever be grateful for my pregnancies & I thank God daily for these miracles. I am very blessed and C O M P L E T E 💙💗😍 #pregnancy #blessed #thankyougod #boymom #girlmom #hyperemisis #pregnancyisbeautiful #hardestthingever #worthit

One for all the mums!! 🤰 ✨Fertility
✨Post Natal

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