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Dont judge me. Other HG moms have found comfort in popsicles and Coke. Believe it or not some swear the syrup contains something that helps stave nausea. I'm desperate until I get better to try everything. I'm waiting for my pump to be approved and hopefully placed tomorrow.

Wow! Can't believe it has been a year since my last race! I haven't been for a run since I got pregnant as I was so sick with #hyperemisis I am really looking forward to getting back into my running and ticking of some overseas runs from my bucket list

Hoping that completely changing my diet.. Switching up meds..and exercising more regularly will help my morning sickness!
#fitpregnancy #hyperemisis #morningsickness #mealprep

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time! I left the house to have lunch with my Mom, got some cuddle time with Luna Bear, and best of all - made art for like an hour without my hand shaking!!! Unfortunately I paid for my big adventurous afternoon by reclaiming my crown as Queen of Barftown. 💁👸I'm on the max dose of anti nausea medicine so at this point I just need to accept that I can do precisely one thing a day or I'm exorcist girl🤦‍♀️. At least I made this cutie happy for a while💙! PS thank you to everyone who read my blog yesterday and sent me love, shared your stories and reminded me I'm not alone. This experience can be very isolating but it's comforting to know I have so many sweet and loving friends out there 💙💙💙. Also- the recommendations for binge-worthy TV shows has been mega helpful, working my way down the list, feel free to add! 🙌💙#littlevictories #hyperemisis #twentyfourweekstogo

Baby JohnStones first outfit! #hurryupbaby #hyperemisis #17weeks

I remember my 8th overnight hospital trip from #hyperemisis, I sat there lifeless, 25 weeks pregnant, and 8kgs lighter than my pre pregnancy weight. I sat there vomitting my stomach up, hating Benny for doing this to me. I was full of so much hate and so much pain, anyone who has experienced hyperemesis would understand. It's funny how you really do forget all the bad pregnancy perks, all the pain which really seemed a lot like torture. I've already forgotten it, it's long gone buried beneath the love I have for this beautiful being, that we created and grew. How long did you wait, or plan to wait before having your second child?

Lg iseng buka gallery di hp, eh banyak nemu foto begini

Judulnya "di balik cabut pasang infusan dan perjuangan istri bulak balik beberapa rumah sakit demi si jabang bayi, ada suami yg setia nemenin dan rela tidur dimana aja" hahahahahhaa

Jangan liat muka tidur nya yg ga kobe, tapi kemauan sama tanggung jawab nya
😂😂😂😂 segitu juga udah uyuhan
I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!! #hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum

Big Red Bucket days. Blergh.
Speaking of spew - new blog post is live (link in bio) - my top tips for surviving Hyperemisis Gravidarum.
#hyperemisisgravidarum #hyperemisis #morningsickness #mummyblogger


Dont judge me. Other HG moms have found comfort in popsicles and Coke. Believe it or not some swear the syrup contains something that helps stave nausea. I'm desperate until I get better to try everything. I'm waiting for my pump to be approved and hopefully placed tomorrow.

Woke up after finally getting some sleep and forgot he was out for a second. Best feeling in the world was remembering he was here and just down the hall. He is doing great and already off oxygen. Still can't touch him yet but soon.
He opened his eyes when I talked to him.
Feels like we won the lottery.
So in love.

Throwing it back to this time 2 years ago when my bum was as big as my belly 😂. My gorgeous friends arranged an awesome baby shower/ Christmas meal and piss up (piss up for them not me obviously). I was still suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum and was on 13 tablets a day just to stop throwing up. This was a good day and there wasn’t many that’s for sure. Photo credit goes to my incredibly talented friend @instamariefitzgerald who kindly took photos of the day. I had forgotten about these but I’m so happy she did as there are hardly any of me pregnant because I was so sick 🤢 Hyperemisis sucks. I didn’t know about @pregnancysicknesssupport back then so if you’re a sufferer get it in touch as I’ve heard they are pretty great 👍 .
#whiledollysleeps #babyshower
#throwbackthursday #throwback #instadaily #instamum #instamom #pregnant #hyperemesisgravidarum #hyperemisis #pregnancysicknesssupport

Spent my morning with the lovely folks at @abc7dc! I had an awesome time sitting down and talking all about my most used app @peanut @letstalklivedc 💕

Auch in dieser Woche spüre ich noch nichts vom Gezappel des Krümels.. Es müsste ca. 5 bis 6 cm groß sein und um die 15 Gramm wiegen.. Die Reflexe sind viel eindeutiger. Wenn ich während des Ultraschalles meinen Unterleib leicht drücke, windet sich das kleine etwas in mir.. Schade, dass ich die Bewegungen noch nicht so spüren und wahrnehmen kann ohne am Ultraschall hängen zu müssen.. Die Nerven-Verbindungen im Gehirn beginnen sich zu formen. Man erkennt hin und wieder, wie es sich die Hände zu einer Faust ballt und seine Zehen einzieht. Die Äuglein werden immer zu zusammengekniffen 😅😅. Jeden Tag sieht es mehr wie ein kleiner Mensch aus. Seine Augen, die sich zunächst an der Seite des Kopfes gebildet haben, wachsen jetzt dichter zusammen. Die Ohren sind schon fast an ihrer vorhergesehenen Stelle an der Seite des Kopfes. Die Leber produziert Gallenflüssigkeit und die Nieren sondern Urin in die Blase ab.
Die Hosen passen mir alle noch (zum Glück)!! Aber meine hübschen Blusen mit Blumenmuster sehen richtig blöd aus mit meiner jetzigen Oberweite 😅😅 Angeblich soll die Übelkeitsphase nun überwunden sein.. Tja bei mir ist das leider immer noch nicht der Fall! Ganz im Gegenteil es wird gefühlt immer schlimmer 😖😖 Lag bereits vor der Dienstreise im Krankenhaus und direkt nach den drei Wochen noch ein paar Mal.. insgesamt nicht mehr als vier Wochen Krankenhausaufenthalt kann ich nun sagen: Hört auf euer Bauchgefühl! Esst nur das was ihr wollt und euch auch wirklich schmeckt! Lasst euch von niemandem etwas einreden oder gar aufzwängen! Es ist euer Körper und ihr entscheidet was damit passieren soll.. Ich hatte auch schon früher enorme Schmerzen Kur vor einem Pups 😅 und das hat sich nach wie vor nicht geändert.. Daher versuche ich auf Lebensmittel zu verzichten die bei mir starke Blähungen verursachen könnten.. Ach und noch was:
You baby Is the size of a Minecraft Pixel or a chicken nugget 🤣🤣 #liebeimbauch #schwanger #pregnant #chickennuggets #minecraft #glückimbauch #schwangerschaftsübelkeit #schwangerschaftsupdate #hyperemisis #hyperemisisgravidarum #baby #krankenhaus #blähungensinddoof #blähungen #pupsi #schmerzen

Had the loveliest birthday weekend seeing family, eating roasts, watching Christmas films, drinking tea and cosily brunching 💛
Actual birthday started abruptly when Harry pinged awake at 3:45, and has been full of work, hyperemesis, tears (mine; hormonal / worsened when I accidentally rubbed salted tortilla chip crumbs into my eyes) and bad news. So I'm going to end it with jammies and anti-emetics and a bath. I'm allowed to pick a do-over day, right? 💔
#birthday #complaining #pregnancy #pregnant #hyperemisis #hg #27 #baby #toddler #love #family #brunch #mumlife #motherhood #mum #mama #atleastcybermondayisstillon

Filmed a mom date yesterday with @wusa9 for @peanut! Meet my new mom friend @mollyfordays and her son Isaiah. Just like Peanut-butter and Jelly we were a match! The video and article will be out soon. #peanutmomma 🥜💕

Home care can't put in an IV or unblock a PICC line, can't get the PICC crew at the hospital to fix this until tomorrow at 1:30pm, 3 days without proper IV medication.
What does your best friend do?
Comes over to eat candy with you and put in an IV line.
Are we nurses? Hell no.
Have we done this before?
Just desparate and tired of the crappy home care system and hospital 12 hour waits.
Xxoo Sylvie
#friends #IV #hyperemisis #gravol

It's okay to not be okay. Reach out for help and support. Pregnancy and postpartum come with a rollercoaster of emotions. You are not alone!

At 22 weeks pregnant ive now got to over halfway through and im still suffering. I cannot even begin to explain how debilitating HG is, how phyically and emotionally painful it is. The pain i feel from hearing medical professionals tell me to take the antisickness tablets, to eat and drink....its impossible. Finding those few that take me seriously means the world to me right now but unfortunately it still doesn't take away the real struggle of HG.

So today at week 22+3 I have finally been back to the gym 🤗Nothing to major but I went!
For the past 4 months I have felt to poorly to exercise but over the past three weeks my energy has improved, sickness has stopped and I feel ready to exercise-yay!
It was strange going back to a place where I was last more toned but hey ho. Know your own body and do things when you are ready!
#hyperemisis #exercise #pregnancyexercise #fitmum

I couldn’t share the excitement of expecting baby #2 without being honest about what I’m currently going through. I was looking for a description of #hyperemisis to help me explain and this brave woman’s post came up and it’s EXACTLY how I’m feeling😢. I had #hyperemisis with Gia but it wasn’t NEARLY as bad. I am having a tremendously hard time and it’s 10 times more difficult with a toddler. You may have experienced it and didn’t know it had a name. Those who know me know I super energetic and grateful pretty much all the time. This has completely stolen my energy but not my gratitude. Please keep me in your prayers❤️🙏🏾. #babyboy #secondtrimester
#Repost @crunchymegan (@get_repost)
I've been somewhat trying to silently suffer through Hyperemisis Gravidarum this pregnancy, because I hate the backlash that it brings of, "You're ungrateful for this baby." or "You're only X amount of weeks and you're already complaining?!" But I realize I need a lot of support and with those who understand, comes those who do not.

I am struggling. I'm throwing up 10-20+ times a day. I have constant nausea and despite the cocktail of meds I was given, it seems that the only things that will slightly touch it for a little bit is IV fluids. I'm exhausted and achey and I constantly feel dehydrated. I'm irritable and short tempered, even though I don't mean to be. I am starving, but when I eat, it all comes back up. I eat with the hopes that part of it will stay down to help.
HG isn't simply just morning sickness, although on good days it may seem that way. It can kill your baby and it can kill the mother. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
I fear that I may get trapped in my house again for the next 7.5 months, like my last pregnancy. Leland was absolutely worth every day of suffering, but it's hard. It's hard especially when you've gone through it once and you know what you're in for this time around. You're only in the first trimester and you know just how much worse it'll get. #januarybaby #pregnant #notsofluffy #pregnancy #hg #hgawareness #hgstrong #tougHGuy #tougHGirl #hyperemesisgravidarum #hyperemisis #gravidarum #notjustmorningsickness #suffering

Don’t know how I would have gotten through the last 20 weeks without this one. This pregnancy has been the exact opposite of what I expected and being sick every day, multiple times a day has been one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever dealt with. It’s leaves me physically weak and emotionally drained and sometimes it’s a struggle to cope with. We’re still not out the woods and I think the toilet bowl and me are gonna be friends until February; but this one just takes it in his stride and is happy to pull over on the motorway or pass me a bag when it all goes tits up 🤢. There’s lots of pregnant mamas that have it worse than me but I’m still really proud of myself for living through one of my biggest fears every single day. You’re gonna be so worth it baby boy 💙 #20Weeks #hyperemisis #FirstTimeMama #PregnancyProbs

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time! I left the house to have lunch with my Mom, got some cuddle time with Luna Bear, and best of all - made art for like an hour without my hand shaking!!! Unfortunately I paid for my big adventurous afternoon by reclaiming my crown as Queen of Barftown. 💁👸I'm on the max dose of anti nausea medicine so at this point I just need to accept that I can do precisely one thing a day or I'm exorcist girl🤦‍♀️. At least I made this cutie happy for a while💙! PS thank you to everyone who read my blog yesterday and sent me love, shared your stories and reminded me I'm not alone. This experience can be very isolating but it's comforting to know I have so many sweet and loving friends out there 💙💙💙. Also- the recommendations for binge-worthy TV shows has been mega helpful, working my way down the list, feel free to add! 🙌💙#littlevictories #hyperemisis #twentyfourweekstogo

David bought me this for christmas last year and this is the first I have used it. I had such bad morning sickness at Christmas that I couldn't even look at the sewing machine without being sick. Now I'm looking forward to taking time in the evening trying out this @sizzix machine and seeing what I can make. First thing I want to make with it is a cloud cot mobile.
#sizzix #bigshotplus #hyperemisis #sewing #lanturns #stove #charnwoodstoves #dog #toypoodle #ipreview @preview.app

Celebrating heading over the half way point with a bit more sunshine and R&R ... .... For all other expectant mothers I am sure you found getting into a bikini or new (bigger sized) underwear very daunting. Myself included. I felt a pang of anxiousness and self consciousness around the pool on the first day of our holiday and still do however the feelings of baby moving make me think 'so what I am a few pounds heavier, I am growing a child and I don't care what other people think'. I am trying to embrace the curves, I am healthy, not indulging for 6 of us and just enjoy the bump whilst I have it. We shouldn't care what other people think...(easier said then done sometimes) I am feeling super happy at the moment, sickness has eased with medication, I have the best husband and I get to see my baby next week!!! Wahooo 😁
... #expectantmother #mothercare
#mumtobe #pregnanyprobs #changingbody #babymoon #hyperemisis #hg

We are very good at waiting now. Lots of practice during this pregnancy. Thank goodness for free hospital wifi.
#sooverthis #hyperemisis #preeclampsia #gestationaldiabetes #pregnancysucks #PICCline

So today I had the pleasure of learning what a pulmonary embolism is. I also had to learn the hard way to actually GO to the ER when they tell me too.
Seems this newest thing can cause sudden death. After 14 hours there today, they let me go home after a shot of blood thinner and I go back tomorrow to see the specialists.
This pregnancy is beyond ridicules.
#hyperemisis #gestationaldiabetes #preeclampsia #pulmonaryembolism #pregnancysucks

I love the new IV medication order even if it means getting up at midnight and 4am to set up an IV line. This every 4 hours with a double dose idea is working better.
#hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum #preeclampsia #gestationaldiabetes #iuisuccess #pregnant

Just made my 1st banana bag.
Here's wishing for 8 more weeks of home care, no hospital stays and baby growth.
#hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum #gestationaldiabetes #preeclampsia. #iuijourney #pregnant

I realized during this hospital stay that I am one of the lucky ones.
I received early care and treatment for hyperemisis.
Sadly this is not the case for many women. I am not the only one admitted right now with this condition and I am shocked at the difference in care we are getting.
Without getting into private details, I can tell you that some are being treated like they have a little morning sickness and that it's their fault for not eating.
Some have been vomitting blood for months and still not being taken seriously. Some, who really want their babies are begging to terminate just so they get relief.
It's very sad.
#hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum

Baby boy is happy and doing well and I am in good hands here.
They are working on a plan and I hope to be set up at home again soon. Trying a different version of chemo style meds, blood pressure med and nutrition therapy...oh and then working on the diabetes thing.
It's a little tricky to make all these things cooperate together.
I am in a good mood and hopeful that things will be sorted out enough to keep this bugger in long enough.
#hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum

39 weeks! I was very ill throughout that week. I just stayed at home and bounced on my ball whenever I was capable lol. I lost a KG during it which was crazy at this stage but that's what HG does 🤷‍♀️😪 BUT that's when little man has the most fun as you can see! So there's always a plus 😊 I was trying to get a decent video of it but it sooo didn't work. Awk well! #babyboy #39weekspregnant #hyperemisis #pregnant #getbouncingmumma #wiggles #activebaby #tired #huge #bigbump #HG

I have less than 3 months to go and this has been one of the hardest most intense things I've had to go through. She has made me stronger, she is my motivation to keep pushing through this condition I have and in life. The journey is not over but I just want to say Michael I don't know how you do it. You work so hard for both of us, not once have you left my side and you always make sure we are both taken care of. The list can go on of everything you have done for me, losing sleep, putting up with the tears and vomit and blood and pain, the emotional changes, the cravings. You are one amazing human I've been blessed with and now you have given me the greatest gift ever. I love seeing how your so crazy about our daughter without her even being born yet. Maybe I won't be able to be the greatest mom but I know she'll have the greatest dad in the world. Happy almost 6 years of being together and happy 2 year marriage anniversary. I wouldn't have it any other way, I love you Michael ❤️ #marriage #potd #instagood #lifeofadventure #pregnant #hyperemisis #couplegoals @mmonk31

Heading into our 19th week... Nearly half way 👀 wahooo.
Today's me and bump are going shopping and lunch with my bestie, my nan 😍
Three days and no sickness .... let's keep fingers and toes crossed we are nearly over it!!!! 🤗😇
#hgsufferer #hyperemisis #mumtobe #familyday #nearlyhalfway #pregnant

Lol...sitting here and dreaming about the lunch I might be able to eat when my meds finish.
Ummm...forgot to hook up the IV line so that's why it was taking so long.
Ahhh...lack of food and baby brain. Great combo.
It's the strangest thing. Feeling so hungry but you can't eat since you know it will just come back up. The last few days have gone back to this.
#hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum #pregnant

Why did we choose to have a second child? Why did I choose to go through the hyperemesis again? And spend yet another pregnancy ill? Why choose to start over with the sleepless nights? This is why #hyperemisis #difficultpregnancy #allworthit #sisterbonds

38 weeks! 2 weeks left. I am starting to feel gigantic at this stage 😂 I'm so blessed with so many good people in my life. At the beginning of my 38th week my besties threw me a surprise baby shower! It was amazing and I shall be putting a bunch of pics up once I get to the computer 😍 it was a surprise right up to half an hour before because I was being grumpy and was going to walk out of the house like I am in these photos with my hair scraped back and no make up which is fine for any other day but Kyle knew he had to tell me or I'd have been upset or I'd have felt ugly in photos so he told me haha I seriously couldn't believe it.
This week I cleaned the house top to toe and I've done almost everything to help get baby into the world and it's looking like he's cosy despite many pains and "this is it" days, he's still in there 🙄😂 oh and people please!! Asking me if he's here yet or any signs? Won't make it any easier for me or you, just makes me want sigh and roll my eyes 😂😂😂 trust me, I think the whole world will know when he's here! Also this isn't aimed at anyone, you'd be surprised how many times a day at this stage you get asked and by people you didn't even know still kept up with you 😂
I'm starting to get tired now and as my mummy says just putting the wee finishing touches to my nest as wee wait for him. I'm starting to make lists of things I want to do when he's out and it's not the usual alcohol or anything, it's being able to eat breakfast lunch dinner and a can of redbull 😂 I know being able to prepare, cook and eat a full breakfast, lunch and dinner will be a challenge and may take months after how long it's been from I've been able to but no one has any idea how excited I am for it! Although I do believe I'll be grabbing a redbull on my way home from hospital not going to lie 😂😂😂 AND OF COURSE THE THING IM MOST EXCITED FOR IS GETTING MY BABY BOY IN MY ARMS 😅😅 #38weekspregnant #2weeksleft #babyTrainorParkes #babyboy #excited #operationgetbabyout #tired #nesting #cleanhouse #hyperemisis #HG #pregnant #hugebump #babyshower #bestfriends #luckywoman

After a great week and reducing tablets to stop sickness I am now back in bed at 6pm being sick 😷 #backtosquareone Trying to be positive it's just a one off and trying to drink as much as possible. Come on little one let's give mummy a break. #hg #pregnancylife #hyperemisis #inittogether 🤰

Feeling better today so a day out to find this beauty!! I had to give up half way to the top as baby didn't like the lack of oxygen and nausea but it was beautiful and serene at the bottom. Hubby @asho1234 carried on to the top! Fab was to end the #bankholiday #happymind #loveofmylife #threeofus #hg #mindfulness #pregnancylife #hyperemisis

This is going to be my first blog of my pregnancy journey. It's been a tough ride so far with severe sickness since week 5, hospitalised and put on a drip, anti sickness through an ivr, servere nausea constant and now having to take tablets to be able to eat and drink. HOWEVER, I am now at week 15 and starting to feel better, still on tablets to stop the sickness but I am enjoying food and my bump is growing. I am hoping by helping other HG sufferers see that you can come out the other side it may make their journey a little easier and we can all enjoy the beauty and miracle of being pregnant and giving birth 🤰🤗 #hyperemisis #hgsufferer #pregnancy #mypregnancyjourney #miracleofbirth

Officially 9 MONTHS PREGNANT! 36 weeks pregnant! Thank you and fuck you HG 9 months pregnant and still in pre pregnancy jeans and top! 😍❤ This both makes me very happy and very sad lol only a few KG over pre pregnancy weight as well. Although I do know my baby boy is very happy and healthy in there! He disagrees with my bra today and is trying to kick it off me 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂 which is normal but he had stopped kicking my boobies and started kicking my sides/ribs and I'm not too sure which is worse! Constantly winding me but I love this feeling. I hope this week is a good week 🤞so far today I've put all the baby stuff away in my room, done a clothes wash and tumble dried a previous wash, put clothes away, hoovered living room, cleaned most of the living room that I could do and now going to catch up with friends. Let's hope I hold out the rest of day. This is what a good day can be filled off but many days aren't like this. Many are sick buckets, not leaving bed or the sofa, unable to eat or cook or clean or even look after yourself. I'm so grateful for the good days and I'm grateful for the people around me on the bad days especially Kyle, my mum and dad because I seriously don't think I would have survived the first 6 months of this pregnancy without them literally keeping me alive on a daily basis. HG is a horrible pregnancy related illness and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It's hospital trips, IV fluids, being medicated your whole pregnancy so you can keep some sort of food and water down to keep you and your baby alive and that's even if they work! It's horrible hair, horrible teeth, dizziness, fainting, tore up throat and insides, throwing up so much you bring up stuff from other organs like the gallbladder and eating shit whenever you are capable of eating because that's the only food you can physically eat! I'm exhausted by this stage and probably done too much but I need to take advantage of the good days because there are so little! I'm proud of myself today, for cleaning, seeing friends, (kinda for being able to wear pre pregnancy clothes 😅) and for not have been being sick yet so today is amazing day so far 😊❤ just one more month left!

34 weeks pregnant! The photos of my in Kyle's clothes I am about 34+2 and the ones dolled up 34+5. The ones of me just comfy is me in my usual state 😂 the others are me putting a lot of effort in and having a good day. Last week was a really tough one. I was very ill again and felt like a train wreck. The house work piled up and I just simply couldn't do anything about it. I was in agony and barely slept at all. I had my first break down due to feeling so shitty and everything catching up to me and because of shitty medical professionals shoving me off again. When you have HG you see so much. You see when people can't be bothered with you. You see when medical professionals don't believe you or don't have time for you. You see all these misunderstandings but you don't have the energy to fix any of it and the world kinda moves on while things pile up. I felt like shit. I felt pretty damn worthless last week. I'm so thankful for great friends because I had a good day on the Saturday. I was able to go to a party for one of my best friends. It was so refreshing having old and good friends back. The different in my mindset was unbelievable. I was sore but I actually felt good. I felt relief when all my "safe" foods were there, when I was able to last more than an hour and sit in good company and enjoy being surrounded by good people. It really helped me feel better. I'm greatful for all the people in my life especially the ones who still make the effort even though I constantly cancel last minute because I just simply don't know when I will be well enough to leave the house, yet those friends understand and stick by me every time. They don't make me feel stressed or undesired. They help me feel human on the days I didn't want to. They've helped me so much this pregnancy. No one understands just how hard my journey has been and how much I appreciate everything now. Even so much as a text makes a massive difference even though I barely ever reply! I promise it's made so much of an effect on me. I'm sorry for rambling and I just want to say thank you to the friends and family who have helped me feel better and really stuck by me even when I've been in horrible shape ❤

33 weeks and a few days pregnant! I haven't been on Instagram for a few weeks so this will be me catching up on how the last few weeks have been 😂 33 weeks pregnant was a good week, I was able to go out to dinner, I dyed my hair, I seen old friends but it only lasted a few days. HG is one of those illnesses where each day is different or maybe in each our is different. So come the end of the week I was quite ill again but hey I got a good bit done and I did the things that make me feel nice! Happy mummy happy baby right?? But yeah I've now got greeny bluey random hair! (There was meant to be pinks and purples but they didn't take 😂🤷‍♀️) I'm really considering doing a blog about my HG journey and my pregnancy journey because there's so much I have in my head I could happily get out but wait and see! #33weekspregnant #hyperemisis #HG #bluehair #greenhair #randomcolouredhair #bigbump #babyboy #babyTrainorParkes #dyedhair #feltbetter #feelingmyself #feltpositive

For anyone who may need a PICC line in the future, I have to tell you to DO IT! This was an easy procedure with minimal discomfort and it makes life with IV meds etc so much comfortable. Not only do you end all the needle pokes, it also makes your nurse visits much less. Sitting back watching the Jays game while my night time meds are delivered.
#picc #PICCline #hyperemisis #hyperemisisgravidarum #40&;pregnant #iuisuccess #babyboy

Feels more like Winter than Summer here in Surrey 😫 So I decided we needed to light one of my new @aldiuk posh candles 💗 I'm also cooking roast chicken for our dinner, complete with a mountain of curly kale so I get a nice boost of iron 👍🏻 I'm still feeling sick and if I'm honest today has been a bit of a struggle...trying to entertain a toddler when I'm poorly isn't that fun! Oh well, hopefully I'll be stuffing my face with a huge dinner this evening and I'll feel a bit stronger 😊 #lifewithababy #poshcandles #whathappenedtosummer #rainyday #wetandcold #missingthesun #littletreat #hyperemisis #poorlymumma #pregnantmummy #pregnancyproblems #lifeisgood

Nurse calls at 7:30pm to tell me the medical order didn't get sent. No kidding, it's the norm. Tells me it's now ordered and will be arriving close to 11pm. I had just started my night time meds which knock me out....well she says, you'll have to wake-up and get it as we need these supplies for tomorrow.
Good times with home care from CCAC.
#homecare #ottawa #hyperemisis #hyperemesisgravidarum #iuisuccess

Cheers to the reason why I've been Missing in action for the past few months.
I was very ill with my entire pregnancy right up until my due date.
My little princess was born Sunday August 6th 2017.
A little update is that hopefully In the next month or so, I will begin modified hours. I will be sure to keep everyone posted with updates.

Thank you all for your love and understanding!! Cannot wait to get back into action!! #baby #newborn #hyperemisis #workmode #beastmode #happy #mygirl #toronto

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