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Ran into my old neighbor today and while we were catching up she was telling me that her husband got her a brand new Mercedes E Class AMG ($130,000) and proceeded to tell me she didn't like it so her husband is getting her a G Wagon instead. 😂 The one thing I respect about her is that she works as well and bought her husband a Porsche. Now thats what I call love, respect, and hardwork. 👌
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Hydro: the new JOSHUAS Running’s. Made in Italy. Ergonomic sole + leather and lycra . Drop in November 👹


ATAD Collector; Michelco_33
Triple the Creepy, triple the charm - just the magical kind of creepy we look forward to!
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They both got us seeing double the rainbows - may we dance and twirl with!
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His mesmerizing collection of alluring Bearbricks never fail to get us all excited - do you see what I see in the background!
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#hypeflix:《Space Jam 2》首波資訊大公開!由 NBA 知名球星 LeBron James 參演的經典籃球電影《Space Jam》續集《Space Jam 2》,終於在今日傳來最新消息,LeBron James 於個人 Instagram 釋出首張電影圖片,透露了兩位主角 LeBron James、Bugs Bunny 與導演 Terence Nance 的資訊外,最為驚人的即是電影製片一職將由《Black Panther》導演 Ryan Coogler 擔任。
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Didn’t know that @dominos was baking this in their ovens along with pizza 🔥 (via @vintage_heatwave)

Sick shot by @maxhyped
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