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{ We can’t really say goodbye Summer, can we?? But we are happy to welcome Fall because it’s... chicken soup season baby 🤗 and our favourite Chef bear is goooood at it! 👨🏻‍🍳 } #akryldug #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ Some of the new wipeable fabrics from Fleur de Soleil shop in Paris. Love those shades of green and beige 🌿}👉🏻👉🏻 dets in bio for wholesale and check out our eshop

{ From Paris with love 🇫🇷 We are happy to present you the newest pattern from Fleur de Soleil the water green Papyrus 🌿 Available for you retailers in tablecloths and roll in coated cotton and in 100% cotton. Contact us to receive more info. ❤️🐻 } #akryldug #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ we love the classic red Confettis wipeable... timeless and a bit Danish 🇩🇰😊 } available for wholesale 👉🏻 contact details in bio #akryldug #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ New collection alert! Chevron Curry is available for wholesale now and soon on the eshop. What do you think? Double tap if yoi love yellow as much as we do 💛 #akryldug #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ Anyone for some salmon? Here on the wipeable tablecloth Cherry Tree in brown & coral ❤️ } #akryldug for wholesale info contact in our bio 👉🏻#fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

Such a lovely day today here in Copenhagen ☀️ Hope you have a fab weather too! The tablecloth Coral red makes us travel to the South of France in 1 sec! Love it! #summerisnotover #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #akryldug #thebearfamilyagency

{ Some yellow to make your evening happier 🍋 } #hyggedug #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

French breakfast anyone🥖 ??
Here's on the tablecloth graphic Chevron Black 😎 #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency #akryldug

{ Happy Monday Instagram!! Here's a sneaky peek of one of the new Fleur de Soleil collection available in September: Mustard Chevron! That is gonna be a seller ❤️❤️ } 😘🐻 #moderntablecloth #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ With this fab weather, we fancy the coral blue fabric for a classy seaside look. what do you think? Is it not perfect for the garden table?? 🐳Happy week IG friends} #happysummerdays #wipecleantablecloth #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ Quiet morning sometimes is good no? 📸 the Fleur de Soleil tablecloth in Confettis Turquoise and tableware from Asa Selection } wish you a peaceful weekend everyone ❤️🐻

{ Modern table with the mosaic tablecloth in light gray. The pattern is inspired by old cement tiles ❤️ And you know here we love pretty and practical so yes it's a coated tablecloth you just need to wipe it after each meal } #youarewelcome ❤️🐻#fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ Gray? What gray sky? Bold pink tablecloth with a bold orange bouquet offered by our @emotional.leftovers brings Summer vibes whatever happens outside. So middle fingers to you weather ✌🏼🌺🌺 } #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency #colorfullife🌈

{ 🍋 When you try to have an healthy morning routine by drinking water and lemons. But let's face it, sometimes, you just forget and go straight to coffee instead (oopsy) !! Am I the only here ? (it's Laura but I'm sure you figured it out😆). It's so much easier during the weekend when you have the time to prepare everything and you woke up rested on your on time, no? So the good news is, it's Friday 8 a.m so in few hours we will be on weekend 🍋🍋 #bringthelemons #checkoffthislime 📸 Turquoise wipeable tablecloth by Fleur de Soleil 👉🏻 dets in bio #thebearfamilyagency #fleurdesoleilscandinavia

{ 🥐☕️ Breakfast equals favourite meal of the day ☕️🥐at least for the Frenchy one in this family 😁 Double tap if you are a breakfast lover too 🇫🇷 } ❤️🐻 📸 @maison_rive_gauche #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency #breakfastlover❤️

{ Double tap if you love bright colours as much as we do. Can you picture yourself, in your garden, with the sun in your face and lemonade in your hand? Happy Summer days from the Bears ❤🐻 } 📸 Pink tablecloth by Fleur de Soleil #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency #pinklover💕 #lemonade🍋

{ Happy Monday everyone, may your week be as colorful as this tablecloth 🐠} 📸 tablecloths Fish Soleil by @fleurdesoleil.fr 👉🏻to contact us heads up to our bio ❤🐻 #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ Hmmmm we love bank holiday breakfast ☕️ Enjoy yor day every one } 📸 wipeable tablecloth stripes taupe/pink by @fleurdesoleil.fr 👉🏻 contact details in our bio #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

{ We bet we are not the only ones dreaming about yesterday... lasy sundays are the best ☕️ Just 7 days to go 💪🏼 Happy Monday little bears ❤🐻} 📸 cushions Chevron Beige & Astrancia pink by @fleurdesoleil.fr #fleurdesoleilscandinavia #thebearfamilyagency

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