🌱🚀Transplant Session With MJ 🏀 Brought To You By @eberspapyrus 👊🙏 -Transplant: All seeds that have germinated since planted 8 days ago have gotten the @elite91_nutrients #mycojordan slurry & now have a new home in a mild supersoil blend for seedlings I mixed. A friend of mine once said “it’s all about how you pass the baton”...🤪 so be ready and don’t drop the stick. Things are about to go #0to100realquick - #elite91 #Idealplantnutrients #healthiswealth #clones #roots #mycojordan #silicicacid #4.1%MSA #therealdealSi #500viablesporespergram #rhizosphere #sustainable
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E91 SILICIC ACID Always Coming Through With Solid Results💪Definitely A Favorite In The Garden & A Clutch Component With The Overall Feeding Program 🌱🚀 KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • A uniquely powerful, super concentrated and stabilized form of plant available, bio-active silicon for crop enhancement. Extremely pure, immediately bio-available and easily absorbed by the plants tissue for significantly visible growth promoting results. • This proprietary, 100% soluble liquid formulation contains one of the highest concentrations Monosilicic Acid ever achieved at 4.1% and plant available Silicon at 1.2%. • Forms no cloudiness or precipitation with other nutrients or compounds when added to water and does not raise the pH of your nutrient solution/water. • Enhances overall plant growth quality, strength, health, structural integrity and nutrition, while maximizing genetic plant growth potential and accelerating growth rates. • Increases root structure and volume and improves plant fiber development & reproductive growth, helping to create tighter and more compact internodal spacing.• Increases and enhances metabolic absorption. This in turn increases the utilization of essential nutrients for maximum plant growth productivity and/or performance, resulting in higher quality crops and heavier yields. • Controls and maintains nutrient imbalances by serving as an efficient carrier for all essential nutrients, especially heavier elements such as Calcium. • Produces stronger and thicker cell wall formations for a more uniform and vigorous dominant plant growth structure, resulting in larger and thicker branching of the stems, foliage and increasing the net weight of fruit and flower dry matter content. • Increases natural resistance and strengthens plant growth functions and abilities. This provides essential protection and decreased susceptibility against stressful and potentially harmful conditions such as, insect, bacterial, viral and fungal attacks; excess heat, cold, wind, drought, water and salt stresses. • Decreases salinity and optimizes water management by reducing transpiration. 🍃🌿🌱🌲🌷✔

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