Thought of the Week. How many times have you quit when that muscle starts burning? That’s the good stuff, that’s the part where you want to push a couple more reps out. Your body can take it. That is the time where you have to dig deep and tell yourself you can keep going. Develop that mental toughness and you will be able to get through anything....


Exercise 15: Close grip EZ bar curl

This is my last set of this exercise.
I tried to be as slow as possible during the bottom of the movement to concentrate on negatives.
Many people do the bicep curls with their whole back and legs helping them. There is no point in doing such heavy weight with improper form.


1. Relax your arm completely at the bottom for a proper stretch of the bicep.

2. Try to keep the upper arm as stable as possible during the curl.

Momenteel bereid ik me voor voor een hardloopwedstrijd op 10 juni. Het is een uitdaging om met mijn huidige trainingsniveau krachttraining met looptraining te combineren, zonder dat de prestaties van de ene capaciteit verslechteren en mijn herstel budget wordt overschreden. In het begin was het trial en error, maar heb ik nu wel de juiste balans weten te vinden om in de progressie zone te blijven.

Het doel is om de 5km binnen 20 minuten te voltooien. Dit komt overeen met 4 minuten per km. Naast uithoudingsvermogen spelen snelheid en kracht ook een belangrijke rol, om het maximale uit deze run te halen. Dit houdt in dat naast lange duurtraining, specifieke intervaltrainingen ook een belangrijk onderdeel zijn van een doordacht programma. En ja, zelfs krachttraining kan een belangrijk onderdeel zijn in de basis.💪 Nog 3 weken te gaan!

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Monday training done:
🔹 high rep back and bi gym session
🔹yoga and meditation

Tweaked my knee last Thursday so have had a slow couple days, the recovery has begun and I should be back up and running within a couple weeks.

How do you work you back muscles?
This was the pump from my bro session.
Upward rows 45kg 3x12
Shrugs pyramid set 60-180-60 max reps
Seated delt Flies 26kg 3x12
Standing Flies 12kg 3x12
And guns!

Breaking down the 3rd dimensions ultimate source of protein. Vitruvian Protein ingredient 1/11.
_________________________________ 🐮 Organic Whey Protein

ℹ️Organic whey is one of nature's ultimate anabolic muscle building sources, supplying a complete spectrum of all the essential amino acids. Naturally abundant is branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), organic whey is rich in the BCAA Leucine. Leucine is known to increase the signalling of our mTOR mechanism which increases protein synthesis, leading to lean muscle mass development.* ℹ️ A whole food source of bioavailable micronutrients that promote healthy cellular function, experience an energy level up with increased ATP production and mitochondrial performance, to assist in any vigorous task confronted with.

ℹ️ Power up your immune system and detoxification pathways with enhanced glutathione production.* Glutathione is the maestro antioxidant that is key to our phase 2 liver detoxification process, allowing your body to breakdown, neutralise and remove toxic compounds from within the body.

Above are just some of the many benefits from 1/11 of the ingredients used in Vitruvian Protein. Make sure you follow us @primalalchemyuk for more Intel drop coming this week.

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What You Do Post-Workout Is So Vital To Your Overall Fitness!
It can either slow you down or benefit you to maximize your results. Taking the most essential need of what your body craves after any workout will maximize your results.
Ignition and Phormula-1 were made and specifically formulated into the exact ingredients your body screams for after your training which is more fuel(glycogen), protein, and aminos.
Do You Want The Full Benefit to Maximize recovery, performance, and lean muscle building? or continue half assing it and wasting gainz! YOU CHOOSE?!
Learn More: Link In Bio💥 or Message Me!

Had an absolutely fantastic weekend with old and new friends, #judo, and a great #deadlift session.
This deadlift is purrty big for me for a few reasons. First #hookgrip rep work over #fivehunnit and it was done #beltless so would have been another beltless PR as a single. Grip started to slip and then I lost balance on second rep so holding lockout was a trial. Also, I almost fit a #Miata. The steering wheel rests against my thighs if the seat is close enough for my legs to touch pedals. Oh well. #powerlifting #vintagestrong #hydeparkgym #safetysquatbar #legpress #hybridathlete #tinymancontitanthighs

Are you chasing perfection? If so, I’m here to tell you to stop!🙅🏻‍♀️
Are you reading “expert” advice in magazines on how to “lose 10lbs in a week” and how to “be the life of the party”?
Are you looking to others to tell you whether you’re measuring up?
Are you hiding yourself away for fear that if you let your true self show, you wouldn’t be enough?
Do you feel like you are “chasing perfect” in some ways, and attempting to measure up to an impossible standard?
Some people’s chase for perfect may be more extreme than others, but the feeling of not measuring up is something shared by may of us, and maybe even all of us.
The hardest part of breaking the chains of fear, control, and the chase for perfect, is seeing that you need help. The second, equally hard, step is asking for it.
I know I’ve asked a lot of questions already, but I have one more - and I hope you really stop and think about it because it might ignite something you never expected:
⚡️What are you really chasing?
Maybe you’re not really chasing “perfection”. Maybe you’re striving for success…for significance…for approval.
⚡️What is the thing you’re really racing toward?
Write it down, or say it out loud - and if you’re so inclined, I’d love it if you shared with me.
I’m always here to help however I can.🖤
It’s time you start choosing purpose over perfect!
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That's the "I swear I'm having fun" face! Sunday morning stairs and 75lb @bruteforcesandbags 100m runs. Rest? I'll rest when I'm through. Get your dreams and aspirations everyone!
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Forgot to grab an action shot during today’s long run so instead you get this nice selfie 😅
Today was just brutal, I could tell after the first 2 miles I was going to be in trouble. The legs just aren’t quite recovered from last week yet. BUT, today was the longest distance I’ve ever ran. So that’s pretty cool! I’m going to bump up my calories a bit and see if I start recovering better from all the running I’m doing now. I used to be a bodybuilder so I should be more patient with this switch to long distance running!
Now I’m off to eat pizza.
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American Made and Damn Proud Of It!
As I was mowing today I was thinking about life. Where I am, where I want to be, all the great things in my life, and how fortunate I am to call this place home 🇺🇸
Life Is Good.
#americanmade #iam1stphorm

WHY Yoga? 🤔
🧠 Here’s what’s on my brain today about yoga... if you are OVERWEIGHT than you should be practicing yoga, NOT RUNNING. ❌
🏃‍♂️That’s right. If you are overweight or obese than you should not be lacing up your running shoes. WHY? Running is a repetitive motion of pounding your joints and bones into the ground. The extra weight you carry increases the impact and damage done to your body. This leads to pain, injuries, and discomfort. 🤭
🙌 So what should you do? You guessed it. YOGA. If you are overweight and/or obese or just heavier than your frame has been in the past, F* RUNNING. Practice yoga, weight training, and walk 1 hour a day - coupled with an elimination diet. ✅
👣 Why? (again) Yoga helps create balance in your body, muscles find their alignment, stress is released, and imbalances are corrected. Injuries are prevented and yoga also helps you recover in between weight training sessions. 👍
You don’t need to pound the pavement. Start with your foundation. Don’t just run because everyone else does. Find your movement. Be a functional badass. 💪 #thefitnesscru #yoga #running

Family Vacay/Sis Grad Trip Is A Go!
Disney World for 4 days then Florida Keys💥

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