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When the new guys are stepping thru ceilings again! @945hvacoutlaw @hvac_oso ! What the Hell bro! Stay Aware of your Surroundings! by @getrepost @hvac_techs Thanks for your posts

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Mitsubishi Mini Split heat pump system installed in a spray foamed aittc. Homeowner wanted to get more use out of the space year round. He was very satisfied and pleased with the quality of the install and system. by : @southwakehvac LIKE THIS PICTURE

Quick @trane coil install on top an American Standard furnace.

Air conditioning systems helped introducing the use of the new term “Summer Blockbuster”. One of the first businesses to utilize air conditioning technology back in the early part of the twentieth century were movie theaters. In the 1930’s, patrons flocked to theaters to enjoy the films – but also to enjoy the cool air during summer months. Marketers took advantage of this trend and saved their big hits for summertime releases. Thus, the term “Summer Blockbuster” became a part of our vocabulary and going to the movies has never been cooler.
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What an amazing shot! :scream: See More here @hvacdaily229
All you states that ain't hot no weed stores . Just dont buy that fake week !who agrees ? by : @growtechsystems LIKE THIS PICTURE

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