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Baru beberapa doang yg restock ya. Full rangenya mungkin minggu depan.
Berikut yg restock:
- Light and More Oil 30ml
- Essence Brightly Ever After 30ml
- Essence Grab Water 30ml
👉Order melalui Website:
❤ www.BeautyHaul.com
LINE: @Beautyhaulindo (pakai@)
• Comment di photo tidak dihitung sbg order(karena sering ketimpa2 & tdk kelihatan)
• Fast Response via Line : @BEAUTYHAULINDO (pakai @)
▪Seluruh Chat, Order, Payment Confirmation, Update Resi, & Shipment dilakukan dalam jam kerja (Senin-Jumat 10-5sore / sabtu 10-2siang).
Hari minggu & Tgl merah kita ikutan libur, admin juga butuh istirahat & waktu sama keluarganya ya😊
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My new fav boutique in OC! Thanks @christinebarraco for hooking me up @huxleyandharper ❤️Congrats on your new showroom! #newportbeach #pch #huxley+harper #trendy #clothing

Today's skincare lineup:
#thankyoufarmer Back To Pure Daily Foaming Gel Cleanser ✨#troiareuke Skin Complex Formula ✨#troiareuke ACSEN Pore Control Mask
#shangpree Ginseng Berry Eye Mask ✨#cosrx One Step Moisture Up Pad ✨#thankyoufarmer True Water Deep Serum
#labiotte Mineral Therapy Soothing Ampoule
#innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Eye Serum ✨#huxley Secret of Sahara Cream: Glow Awakening ✨#neogen O2 Energy Power Serum Spray

Unlike every other evening of my adult life with children, I have plans tonight. Given, those plans are going to a barre class because I’m recently obsessed, but I’m still getting out of the house after dark. Because I’m a planner I’ve got my PM routine all worked out. It’s a non-Curology night so I’m focusing on gentle skincare that layers quickly.
Post-cleanse routine in order:
🌱 @oneoseven_official rose vinegar water mist.
🌱 @graymelin 100% bifida fermentation solution.
🌱 @myblithe vital treatment 3 beans toner*
🌱 @yeouthskincare hyaluronic acid plus with vitamin c and peptide-31 serum*
🌱 OneOSeven Core Flex cream essence.
🌱 I’m split testing the Yeouth radiance eye gel (right eye) and retinol 1.5% eye cream (left eye)*
🌱 @stratiaskin Liquid Gold.
🌱 @polatam_official oak tree sap deep moist cream mixed with half a stopper of @huxley_korea Secret of Sahara oil:light and more.
🌱 @belifusa moisturizing and forming eye cream. This is so thick I’ve been using this more as an eye sleeping pack.
🌱 @manyo_factory aqua moisture sleeping cream pack.
On a non-skincare note, I am IN LOVE with these @illumecandles Boulangerie candles. This whipped cream and pear one smells like fresh cream and pastries. It’s AMAZING and I want them all. *PR gifts. Blithe toner gifted by @skinid.se, Yeouth products gifted by the company.

Minimal routine with cactus powered k-beauty.🌵

The Doors of Perception #thedoors #Huxley #floatingdoor


Happy Friday 💃🏼I'm so excited for the weekend! How about you?

Here is my #amskincare routine. I did add a little Vitamin C. I know I said I was going to lay off actives but I blame it on not having enough coffee 😆I am patting it in thinking to myself "you moron...no actives 😂😂".
⚡️Cleanse: I prefer cleansing waters in my #skincareroutine and I love #bioderma Cleansing Water (not shown) because it's effective but gentle
⚡️Treatment: After Cleansing, I used #theordinaryskincare Vitamin C 23% + HA, waited 20 minutes and used the #repiel sheetmask*
⚡️Other: After patting in the left over sheet mask essence, I applied the #jordansamuelskin Hydrate Facial Serum, then #huxley Oil Essence and then massaged a tiny bit of the #lamer Eye Balm. Lastly, #whamisa / #glowrecipe Chai Tea Serum in Cream that I bought at Target. I am not sure how I feel about this...anybody out there using this? What are you thoughts?

Finally, I applied the #farmacy Green Screen SPF 30* because I need sun protection but it's a raining ☔️ day here in Portland 🌧 It's actually a little depressing. To help glam up my face with a little bling, I apply the extra hydrating #clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil*. .
*=pr/gifted #skincareluxury #itgtopshelfie #365inskincare #bblogger #instaskin #igskincare #igbeauty #instabeauty #skinfirst #skincarejunkie #skincarediary #kbeauty #greenbeauty #skincare #skincareobsessed #skincareaddict

Don't trust the opinions of FDA pimped out doctors. Do your Research.
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Forbidden Cures

But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.
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⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ 4-2. These boys rock 🎸🎸🎸 representing Barnes School football match between Lowther School #winners #raphael #will #huxley #football

Hitting the bottles pretty hard....feckin water 💧 #drinking #feckinwater #healthy #missingheineken #heathrow #terminal5 #huxley


Good toners can do even more, like healing damaged skin, strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier and adding anti-aging benefits. Toning is about to be your new favorite step thanks to Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner.

The Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner is exactly what the name implies, an essence and toner in one. Unlike most toners that have a watery texture, this toner has a satisfying, thicker-than-water consistency. Water isn’t even on the ingredient list. Instead, the star ingredient is milk vecht root extract, also known as astragalus membranaceus root extract.

"Never underestimate people who took a really good care of their skin, they are highly dedicated human being"🙋🏼
A full 10-step skincare for this Friday night,
I do this full step routine when I have extra time to pamper myself, 🦄
It's like a celebration of self-love.✨
However, it's not exactly how a 10 step skincare routine supposed to look like.
I replaced toner and moisturizer with double-oil (tea tree oil + rosehip oil) and add some moisturizer for my lips as this is a night skincare routine (replacing the sunscreen step)
I don't do this every single day and I don't encourage anyone to follow this time-consuming routine (but hell yeah, my skin loves it) ☺️.
Fun's 10-step night skincare routine .
(spot some new products down here, and can't wait to share it with you guys)
.😴 Heimish ALL CLEAN Balm
.😴 CosRX low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser .
.😴 Glamglow Youth Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment .
.😴 Missha Time Revolution Intensive Moist First Treatment Essence .
.😴 Huxley, Secret of Sahara (Essence : Grab Water) .
.😴 7 days MASK (Tea tree)
.😴 Aromatica Tea Tree green tea oil (on area with blemishes) .
.😴 Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + (moisturize)
.😴 boH Eye lift serum
.😴 Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask .
If you want me to review any of these products in detail, let me know! .
Goodnight ✨
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Amazing #augmentedreality demo all the way from Berlin to YokeyPokey. #art #vr #huxley #exit #exitvr #berlin #brooklyn

What exactly is the 7 Skin Method, you ask?
Well, to put it simply, it's the act of applying a toner or a lightweight, watery essence to your face up to seven times—hence, the name "seven"—right after you cleanse and before you moisturize, explains Young-Ji Park, the founder of Korean beauty skin-care brand Purpletale. Oh, and if you're wondering why it's called 7 "Skin" Method, in Korea, toners are commonly referred to as "skins," meaning the literal translation for the 7 Skin Method is the "7 Toner Method." ❗️Read more on: https://www.allure.com/story/the-7-skin-method/amp❗️

I don't know what I'm doing on Insta I'm just a #cat
#instatakeover2017 #huxley #cute

New addition to our collection of serums 😍

Cosrx Triple Lightning C serum
This exclusive serum is a collaboration between Soko Glam's Co-Founder Charlotte Cho and the Founder of Cosrx. With 20.5% pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), this powerful serum brings back radiance, promotes healthy skin, and treats and prevents pigmentation. It’s also infused with 72% black chokeberry, an ingredient that works to stabilize the Vitamin C and ensure that your skin is smooth and hydrated.The Charlotte Cho x COSRX Promise:

In order for a pure Vitamin C serum to be effective, it must be fresh. That's why we're making all Triple C Lightning Liquids in small batches and air shipping them directly from Korea to ensure that the serums are fresh and high quality.

To maximize the effectiveness of your serum, it's best to store in the refrigerator or a cool, dark place. Keep the bottle air tight.

1 oz / 30 ml

What it is: (take time to read❗️❗️)
Just like it’s name, the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop is an anti-aging night serum that works to improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles to improve overall skin texture, while repairing damaged skin to create a stronger barrier on the skin.
When we think ‘anti-aging’, more often than not, we come to mind the image of our mother’s generation trying to fade the appearance of the deep wrinkles and creases of the skin that tells the story of the passage of time. However, aging can start from the mid-20s. This comes in the form of subtle creases that form in our smile lines, forehead, and even in the delicate areas around our eyes and mouth.
While many in their 20s and 30s won’t start thinking about anti-aging care until their 40s and 50s, neglecting this portion of our skincare can hit us full force in the future. Rather than frantically searching for a solution then, the blue drop is an everyday serum that can work to prevent formation of new wrinkles that start to appear in our mid-20s, and even care the for deep-set wrinkles that form during our middle-ages.

This is why the blue drop was born.

❗️❗️❗️❗️ NEW ❗️❗️❗️❗️ One of Missha's star products, this ampoule helps to give you a dewy, supple and clear complexion. The key ingredient for this anti-aging serum is Bifida Ferment Lysate, a fermented yeast that visibly reduces signs of aging and improves skin elasticity while protecting the skin. Often compared to Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair as its less expensive dupe, this serum has developed a cult following due to its ability to repair and hydrate, giving you luminous smooth and even-toned skin with regular use. The formula may be powerful, but it's gentle enough for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin.
1.69 oz / 50 ml

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