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You can have the best coach, the best training plan and the best gym but if you can’t make the commitment to your plan and stay consistent you will never be satisfied with yourself.
My advice to anyone who struggles to commit to a plan and stay consistent is to find a goal that really has a deep routed meaning to you, find a type of training that aligns with your goal and you really enjoy, set a deadline for yourself. If you follow these steps, the commitment and consistency will take care of itself because you now have a reason to commit and enjoying the training allows you to be consistent, the deadline allows you to stay driven throughout the process. 😬These are just some of the topics we cover with our PT clients and it’s our job to teach our clients to hold themselves to a higher standard along with everything else. 😬 Have a great Monday guys.
If you’ve any questions or you’d like to know more about our services you can email us at teamstormbodyfitness@gmail.com.

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Happy Monday! Okay, so two things from this post. 1. I’ve put a ton of pressure on myself to try and create these big crazy, wild, illustrations everyday which has made me feel a bit of burnout. So today I decided I’m going to paint a simple cup of coffee with a cheeky lil turtleshell spoon! I hope you enjoy my simple creations💛 2. I am in process of starting a website 😱 this will take a lot of time and hustle because I want it to be excellent. But with that - new prints will be postponed until the new website is out - which makes it seem like everything is moving slow but in reality, behind the scenes I’m hustling hard! Thank you for supporting me through this process 💛

It ain’t the color you wearing it’s the color in ya pockets 💵💦💦💦 #money #hustlehard #hustleharder & #thinksmarter

It’s Monday, it’s a FRESH start + NEW WEEK! Starting the day with my raspberry mango superfood smoothie, and a workout- now to tackle my to do list! Happy Monday babes, make it a productive week! 🌻

Mixing up some pigments for this 'Orbit' brooch series. Still experimenting to get the exact shades I'm after but here's some Lavender pieces that are now up on the website. However, the website is currently still broken. 😠 Having a fight with WordPress now so hopefully have it working shortly! Can find a selection at the @soulretreatedinburgh spa if you're in Edinburgh though 😊
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