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Current shape. 😊 After traveling through South America for several months, and working hard on my businesses back in Switzerland over the last 5 weeks I'm more than happy to be back at the Mecca for the next 3 months. Gonna start a radical #30DayShred soon. My goal is to lose 4-5kg of pure fat, so at least 1000 kcal deficit for 1 month. Who is in? #TeamLeanBulk #PlantPower #LoveTheGrind

Sometimes all you need is a long walk.
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Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.
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Summer fun 🤣😎
🕹️Brazil 😆
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They must be taught how to think, not what to think👏🏼
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Let go👌🏼
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Working on the promotional stuff today with Wilbert. #gamemaker #workfromhome #promo #hustlehard

"DREAMS" T just dropped on the official website www.hustledailyapparel.com LINK IN BIO get yours in both white and black. #hustledaily #inked #tattooedandemployed #hustlehard #hustle #newgear #veteranowned #miami #losangeles #goldgods #dope #zumiez #stunt #gear

Father/Son matching car goals!
Double tap if you would do this for your son or daughter!

Vielmehr sollten Probleme schon vorher definiert werden und nicht erst im Meeting selbst! 👍🏼
Das spart Zeit und in erster Linie auch Nerven. 
Weitere Tipps & Tricks für einen relaxteren Arbeitsalltag und besseres Zeitmanagement in „Die 4-Stunden Woche“ von Timothy Ferris. ⏰

When your wife finally asks you to train her...lol she is my beast. Watch her in 3 months she will be working like a semi pro. Power, Speed and agility. I got you mama.😍 Live4Iron #fitnessaddict #weightlifting #training #powerbeads #conscioushavoc #life #healthy #healthyliving #motivation #success #weightloss #mindset #positive #boxing #martialarts #hustlehard #futuremillionaire #entrepreneur #inspirational #love

Part 1:
Completed video of T- Top Cutlass Supreme with the guts blown out. The leather in this car is "oh so soft" & the custom stitching matches the interior panels perfectly. The custom console/shifter/stitching gives this car a subtle flair of elegance only available at Player's Choice Customs!!!
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You can have all the goals written down you want but when life hits you in the mouth you have to have a "Why". Your why has to be greater than life knocking you out!
I want to be like Buster Douglas in the MIKE Tyson fight he was down and got back up! No one ever got knocked out by Mike and got back up⬆️.
He said before his mother died she told him he would beat Mike. 2 days before the fight his mom died. He made a decision! He didn't want to let that dream die with her! His "why" was stronger than defeat!
My purpose is what drives me! My " Why" drives me everyday! My purpose is bigger than any defeat.
You have to know what it takes. If Amanda Nixon did it once she can do it again!
Find your "Why" it will get you up early.
It will keep you going! God gave me purpose. My struggle can be someone else's blessing.

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