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As I sit with a half-sweet Gingerbread latte this morning whilst waiting to pick up the truck from the mechanic, I am contemplating how swiftly the year has flown. Here we all are staring down the six weeks ahead of us with a myriad of emotions, which are most likely hinged on faith, traditions and beliefs...but also typically inluenced by commercialism, greed and materialism. It’s always difficult to achieve the balance we so eagerly seek, and this time of year makes it even more harrowing than usual. Every year, I endeavor to take each day in stride and do the best I can, but generally end up a blithering blob of tears by December 3rd 😂...just another facet of my Holiday traditions. So look...we’re all in this together despite the variations in our character, lifestyle, choices, practices, struggles, victories, perspectives and possessions. Let’s love one another. Let’s give and receive, laugh and cry, argue and identify, struggle and strive with kindness, respect and understanding. Let’s be like the dandelions that push through the concrete to show the world their strength, beauty and perseverance. Let’s do it together. #hustleandheart ❤💚💙💛💜 (Jewels not for sale ~ but tap for artist tags so you can go shopping!)...
#smallbusinesseveryday #stayhumble #ringobsessed #tucsonturquoisemafia #supportyourbabes #everybodyloveeverybody

She is a #beautiful #savage
#rhsin @r.h.sin

Today is the day! My birthday!
36 years ago today Veamoni and Noelani #lautaha brought me into this world by the grace of God.
#bornandbred in #kahuku
Named me Kolina Loseli Lautaha.
Raised me to have the #hustleandheart
Set my feet on a path that has lead me to where I am today.
This is me. This is my life.
#mahalokeakua For blessing me with another year of this beautiful life.
36 never looked so good!

#fitmomof7 #fitmom #figuremom #figuresister #fitmomsofig #sagittarius #yearoftherooster #happybirthdaytome #cakeday #iampolynesian #pacificislander #polynesian #tongan #hawaiian #hawaii #utah

Let the gratitude over flow today, and every day. Happy Thanksgiving friends, we love YOU!

#innerlightyoganashville #pursuesweat #hustleandheart #thesweatlife #nashvilleyoga #yogaforeverybody #nashvillethebeautiful #yogaparty #thisisyoga

💃🏻✨Ending my 1st year as an IFBB Pro with the @ferrignolegacy Pro show, it’s been absolutely nothing short of amazing filled with highs, lows & of course my most favorite part of all, meeting so many incredible athletes with the same passion for fitness & success in life.
Preparing for shows is always a balancing act as my career is my main priority but that’s what makes it more exciting, challenging & believe it or not, keeps me that much more focused & disciplined in all I do.
This year has been a year of growth… my physique, posing presentation, training, to how I prepped. I’m proud of the physique I present because I know I give 100% in all I do & am passionate about. This really is the Best I Have Ever Looked!!! Now, looking forward to a productive improvement season & the gainz it will bring💪
Big thank you to @musclecontest @spectrumfitnessproductions @ferrignolegacy for always producing amazing shows & the opportunity to grace the stage!  Love all MY @teammpower sisters & coaches for pushing me to my limits with every training & believing in me, as well as the #ifbbbikinipro ladies I share the stage with for making each show an unforgettable experience, you all motivate me!
Huge thank you to all that helped me look especially sparkly from head to toe & feel my best! ✨
Suit: @competitionfitwear
Jewelry: @blingcompetitionjewelry
Heels: @theshoefairy_
Makeup: @beautybynancyj & @krystalmeltonhairandmakeup
Tan: @tanmasters & @martinispraytan
Team: @teammpower
Judges: @tamerelguindy
#crazyenough to think I can #fitandfab at any age #nolimits

Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends! I hope you all have an amazing day! 🍂🧡
Although my thanksgiving has come and gone I want to take this time to acknowledge someone I am forever thankful for.
For the next two weeks @joshuawillman is going to be out of town working his ass off. Why? Because our economy has been down and there isn’t any work in his trade close to home. He isn’t just working for himself, he is working for us. This is what he is constantly telling me every time I am upset / sad he is away. He is putting in this time away from home so that we can get married next summer and add some little humans to our family.
To the love of my life: thank you for sacrificing your time and energy for us and our future. Words cannot express how thankful and blessed I am to have such a hardworking and dedicated man in my life. I love you to the moon and back, forever and always. ❤️
#thankful #thankfulthursday #throwback #hustleandheart #fitness #fitchick #fitnessaddict #fitlife #fitnessjourney #fitspo #yeg #yegfitness #yegfit #lifestyle #bodybuilding #weightlifting #progress #motivation #determination #positive #positivevibes #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #khfitfam #khfitgirls #khfitbabes

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. You are the author of your own book 💯, always remember that !!

📷: @bendraperphotography

Did you see our post with all the weekend’s sale deets? Everyone wants to know what’s coming back for Bannor Limited Rewind on Monday and I think you’ll be pleased to know our Shape Puzzle will be back for one day and one day only!! Stay tuned to find out what else will be back on Monday!! 👍🏻

✴Timing is Everything✴
Designer Savings is Yours
Dm, Text me for the Best Savings of the Holiday Season.
#gucciunderthetree #santastyze #shopfortheholidays 📸 c/o @pittsburghheat @jessejames237 @balenciagamens @girlmeetsmensshoes @heatbyhenzo @caitdevlinpgh

#tbt in Kabale, Uganda a couple of years ago, trying to find another ride after the brakes literally fell out of the one we had. 😂🤣 mad love for our awesome friends for keeping it together like it was just another day in the neighborhood 🙃 #thisisafrica #hustleandheart #stuckinthemud #adventuretravel


On this last #thankfulthursday of the month, we couldn’t help but share this adorable series of pictures from one of our dancers, Miss Morgan! Morgan says that she is thankful for “Nana Cuddles”😍 I hope everyone is having a wonderful thanksgiving filled with family and friends! If you haven’t already, make sure you tell your family how grateful you are for them! So to our Dance Project family: the students and their families, our falculty, our volunteers, and everyone that makes The Dance Project what it is... we are indescribably thankful for YOU. 💛🧡❤️ #danceprojectslidell #hustleandheart #workhard #stayhumble #happythanksgiving

#MOOD🙏🏻 What are you most thankful for this year?!? <— besides fizzies😉

so thankful.

#tbt in Kabale, Uganda a couple of years ago, trying to find another ride after the brakes literally fell out of the one we had. 😂🤣 mad love for our awesome friends for keeping it together like it was just another day in the neighborhood 🙃 #thisisafrica #hustleandheart #stuckinthemud #adventuretravel

Thanksgiving may pass quickly but our thankful spirits don't have too.
I'm thankful for many things, but I have to say doing what I love from home is right up there. 😉

Keeping a #thankfulheart!
(Can you see the hearts!!) What are you thankful for?

I never would have thought these shows would put me on such a high... when others dig your work, it’s incredibly uplifting! Because this is work that doesn’t feel like a job; it’s so intensely passion filled! That’s such a beautiful feeling! .
#sweetrelish #pursueyourpassion #wordsmatter #signlady #kindess #uplifting #workshop #beauty #makersmark #woodworkingcommunity #hustler #hustleandheart #signmaker #entrepreneurquotes #girlswhobuild #huntinghandmade #calledtocreate #naptimehustle #customize #happyplanner #woodensign #rusticdecor #homegoods #designed #woodenart #torontoart #guelphproud #kwawesome #waterloo #abeautifulmess

In all things give thanks. -
There is so much to be thankful for. I am learning to be thankful even through the storms of life. -
#bethankful #happythanksgiving #thereisalwayssomethingtobethankflfor #inallthingsgivethanks #thankfulthursday

Always look out for your passion but don't be blind in the pursuit. maybe on the way you will find something that you never would have thought you could love.

On this Thanksgiving we are so grateful for each and every single one of you! Especially the itty bitty, including little Dorian! Let’s send Dorian all the good vibes today as he’s 100 days young and a fighter!! We are blessed to have you all in our lives and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our shop!! 💙

Off to do some Christmas shopping! 🙌🏻💗My good friend @karahertlein has inspired me to host a gift filled fitness challenge in December. 🎁 I LOVE giving gifts.. so for 21 days I’ll be giving away some of my f a v o u r i t e things leading up to Christmas!🎄✨More details coming soon! Drop your fave emoji below if you’re interested!👇🏼

True or False: my Jack Skellington toque is just as Christmassy as it is Halloweeny? (Spoiler Alert: I’m wearing it regardless of the general consensus, but feel free to weigh in)

💯I'm having a HUGE GIVEAWAY tomorrow💯
💌 Wanna know how to ENTER to WIN? Tap the link in my Bio 👆🏾

worry less. pray more

I hope you're as excited as this pug to eat ALL THE PIE, because that's my plan for the day! Family and pie! What Thanksgiving is all about!
( 📷 @charlesdeluvio via @unsplash )
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Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends! May your pie be sweet and your conversations even sweeter. 🦃🍁🍂

REAL TALK for just a sec about thanksgiving.
If you’re going into today already getting anxious about eating too much or having a few too many glasses of wine...let’s talk for a sec.
You know those silly cliches?
About how one workout won’t make you fit and one bad meal won’t make you fat?
You know where I’m going with this.
This is a day to count your blessings and not your carbs.
To enjoy the people around you and, yes, enjoy the abundance of food.
So if you want seconds, HAVE SECONDS!
If you want another glass of wine, right on.
If you want both kinds of pie, go for it!
Maybe don’t eat yourself sick, but damn friend, cut yourself some slack and enjoy yourself.
You deserve to be present in the moment enjoying good food with good people making good conversation.
Allow yourself that!
Enjoy your day, in whatever capacity that means, WITHOUT GUILT.
And happy freaking Thanksgiving!!
#shiftshop day 11✅

Isn't it so true? Happy Thanksgiving friends. A few things at the top of our list: -a strong team
-a strong purpose -this amazing planet we call home

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