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Thank you for the share @isaacda9_k20. Your DA will be even better now!! We are shipping out our latest stock starting today. We sell out frequently. We usually sell out before are batches are ever complete including this next batch that has just finished. All sold. We have another batch being produced now. If you are waiting on yours it is on its way. Thank you for you patience. #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Some EFLOVE from the @saucespot. We met back in 2012 as he started an EF page on FB and become Mr. Media. You want the LIVE exclusive major event coverage you have to follow is pages. Thank you for the support and we just supported back. I heard a comic group, "keeping us out of the poor house, keeps us out of your house". BUY one or all of his shirts and stickers. Help support this mans coverage, help keep him going. Just got ours! #saucespot #eflove #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

A year ago today we cruised the Las Vegas strip. I was freaking out. No insurance, no license plate. #ridingdirty #NeverCatchusSlippin #KeepSpinnin #eflove #eflife konigwheelsusa #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance #neptune #tunerview

How many of you mechanics lift? My family has run an @inbaglobal_official sanctioned body building show for over 35 years. My grand father (85) still competing has passed the Arizona Copromotion to me. I've never cared to train, but just like my business with autos, I need to know a thing or two about the sport. As a mechanic I value my tools. They are an extension of my skill. If there is a tool for a job, I got to have it. I started my training about a year and half ago and have competed in two of our own shows. I drink up to gallon of water during my training session. The @gallongear is like bringing your tool box to the gym. Keys, wallet, cell phone, gum... whatever you would normally have to either stuff in your pockets and then throw out on to the floor or stuff in a gym bag. The "Cozi" with pockets conveniently stores all of the things I would normally bring to the gym in one place. It's legit and I'm really happy it's a part of my tool collection arsenal. #toolsofthetrade #gallongear #inba #pnba #naturalathlete #naturalbodybuilding #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Customer Staging brake set up. If you know what you want we can make it. Please CALL ONLY for inquiries. #brakelinetuck #stagingbrake #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

First EG SFWD in bay kit going out today. This is the easiest front brakes only install. All lines are inside the bay and run directly to the OEM Rubber hose mount. Comes with all fitting. You can purchase the lines by themselves or with a master and your choice of black anodize or aluminum brake booster delete plates. We have many others options available. Use our introductory discount code: BRAKEYOURSELF2018. #brakelinetuck #sfwd #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

EK/ITR oem master cylinder booster delete plates in stock. We currently have EF brake line kits available for the use of this master. Up on the site now. Use our introductory discount code: BRAKEYOURSELF2018. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

EG Wilwood to OEM Prop and Wilwood to Wilwood Prop complete line replacement no cut and flare . Both these kits locate the lines inside the car then back out to the wheel wells via bulkheads. Is now available and up on the site. Use our introductory discount code: BRAKEYOURSELF2018 for a limited time. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

EG brake line tuck Wilwood to Wilwood prop kit. This completely replaces existing lines. Hoses run from the inside to the wells and then those hoses run to the OE hose bulkhead. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

The new hotness with that engine tuck. @deadbeat_garage build progress from @importfaceoffofficial Chandler 3-11-18. #deadbeatgarage #eflove #eflife #efhatch #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

EG Hatch Full in Car Wilwood to OEM Prop. We be listed soon ok the site. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Lol when she posts about her Honda ❤️ #checklight #checkengine #isittherestill #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

First 2 EF/EG OEM style master cylinder Brake Booster Delete Plates going out today. EK/ITR is also available and on the site. DC will be listed soon but in stock. Available in Aluminum and Black Ano. Comes with all hardware and replacement Push Rod. We have Tuck brake line kits for EF OEM. EG we are working on now. You can use your existing hardlines with this plate. In most cases you do not even have to loosen them. Just unbolt the master from the booster and move it to the side. Remove your booster and replace it with our plate. Tighten master to plate, add our push rod with your clevis and done. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

EG SFWD in car. The hose coming from the master tucks behind the steering column up to a bulkhead T. The hose then T's off to the right and left sides to a 90 bulkhead in the wheel wells. The kit is designed to be used with a banjo style Wilwood master. You can purchase the lines by themselves or with the master cylinder and your choice of Black anodized or aluminum brake booster delete plates. Click the link in the bio. Use the discount code: BRAKEYOURSELF2018. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

EG lines hitting the site. First up is the SFWD in bay kit. Very easy install. This is a front brakes only kit. Comes with all the fittings. This kit is designed to use the banjo style Wilwood master which you can add with your choice of aluminum or black Anodized brake booster delete plate. Starts at $119.99. Click the link in the bio. Use discount code: BRAKEYOURSELF2018 until all our options are listed. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

EG Brake Line Tuck kits coming up. We have a full line up of EF. We are adding more versions and chassis'. Use discount code: BRAKEYOURSELF2018 to save big until we have all versions available. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Our Brake Booster Delete plates for Wilwood and and Honda OEM Masters bolt on from the back with studs. Wilwood plates counter sink the masters base. We have complete line kits Full Tuck and "mini" we are adding more. Click the link in the bio and use discount code: BRAKEYOURSELF2018 for huge savings on our Brake parts. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Our first EF Wilwood Master to Wilwood Prop Full Race Tuck going out today. Comes with all lines and fittings including master and booster plate up to the factory rubber hose bulkhead. We are working on the EG kits this week. Click the link in the bio for other options and applications. Use discount code: Brakeyourself2018. #brakelinetuck #brakelinetuck #shavedandtucked #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Subscribe to the @vtec.academy YouTube channel. We are adding to the Budget K Swap line with an EF. Over the last several months we have been discovering and documenting what the most cost effective method maybe. A universal rule had been formed, "Budget doesn't always mean easy." To see what we have done including parts we have used and made subscribe to the channel. As this project is coming to a close on our end the videos will be released in a sequential order. #vtecacademy #hasport #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

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