Check the live video of @boostedboiz wagon #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Ive been working with Hasport on a project. Brian recently let the cat out of the bag. What do you guys think of a lean EF? #eflove #efhatch #efsedan #crx #wagon #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Custom Clutch Line we did for L15 Swapped Fit. #hasport #fastbrakes #clutchline #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

We drew this version out in December but had not added to our line up. A customer then asked us to build him one like it. There is another prop valve on the market that will divide front from rear. This customer wanted the lines to be simple and tucked but wanted a OEM feel of the booster. This set up still ties the dual master outlets together just like when using a single outlet such as a Wilwood. He will be keeping his booster unlike our mock vehicle. #brakelinetuck #hushstar #hushperformance

😍this is cool! Our EF 3 Piece is a nice addition to all this goodness Mike B has going on under the hood! #ef3piecefrontend #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Right on! We got a full drag prep EG Brake line kit going out. EG rear staging brake line kit for CNC 402 and our EG SFWD brake line kit for the Banjo Wilwood Master. These are available for DA, DC and EK but have been slow to make it on the site. Check out our website by clicking on the link in the bio for an idea of pricing. Either DM or Email us to order. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Brake booster Deletes for OEM style master cylinders. Just like removing your power steering from your light height Honda or sport compact, you notice the added effort however quickly get used to it and often forget. Brake response is immediate but relative to how much pressure you apply. This means when you step on the brake it doesn't automatically lock up. You will apply as much pressure as you need to stop. We have kits for S13 drifters. They appreciate the quick response for heel toe purposes. Honda owners mostly adore the looks but it also frees up a lot of room for a big intake manifold or turbos. Available in Aluminum and Black for EF EG DC DA EK ITR S13 G2 Eclipse. #brakelinetuck #hushstar #hushup #hushperformance

If you want something we may not "offer" We may be able to make you what you need. Our fitting selection is increasing. Here is a custom kit built for a Dodge SRT4 SFWD style (front brakes only). SFWD are coupled with independent rear staging brakes in most cases. We can make you that end as well. As long as you're able to provide us with what fittings you want and lengths of hoses (as this customer provided a detailed digital drawing) we can make it, most of the time. Check out our website by clicking the link in the bio. This may give you a good idea of what it may run you. We can always figure out the most cost effective solution as well. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

Prep OEM style brake booster Delete push rod by removing the Clevis from the booster and reusing on the new push rod supplied with the kit. These are available for EF EG DA DC EK and ITR. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

友人のhushperformance代表RobertからEGシビック用ブレーキマスターキットが届きました👍 彼はEGの他にEKやEF,DA用のブレーキマスターキットやEF,DAでのクラッチワイヤーから油圧式に変換できるキットなどリリースしています!hushperformanceのパーツを気になる方は私にご連絡ください。

Project CRX is close to being done _ special thanks to #hushperformance #hasportmounts #lsr_pekpek_juice_drn
#whitfieldmfg for leading me and taking on this project.. Team Southern Series Racing

New part available. EF/CRX/Sedan/Wagon rear staging brake kit. We have line kits for the Popular CNC 402, Wilwood Compact and Wilwood GS Masters. We also have a complete kit available using the Brand New Wilwood H beam brake handle and Wilwood GS master. This kit is a complete pull out of the box and install kit (add brake fluid). Make sure to choose your correct body style as the center line varies in length. Click the link in the bio for pricing and more information. Use our introductory discount CODE: BRAKEYOURSELF2018. #brakelinetuck #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance

@ryanefhatch is working on a Turbo K24 swap CRX with A/C. Also using our EF cable to hydro conversion and EF OEM style Brake Booster Delete to fit that sidewinder turbo manifold. #eflife #eflove #efhatch #efsedan ##crx #hushstar #hushup #hushperformance

Thanks to @jswappedteg she's back on the ground! Taking a little break to do a side project for a friend, but next up are some custom Wilwood brakes and to finish some miscellaneous powder coating. I am loving the hardware from @downstar, but I didn't coat them like I did with the ones going into the engine bay. I'll be asking for opinions when the time comes to get the motor in but it's looking pretty sexy! Also, going to be redoing the brake lines with @hushperformance to accommodate Wilwood's staging brake!
#downstar #ASR #ksportusa #hushperformance #wilwoodbrakes #sohc #dseries #buzzlightyearbuilt #toinfinityandbeyond

@sincitydagzr looking so fresh, and I’m really feeling the beam tripper dawg. 💧#sfwd #db1 #gsrintegra #hushperformance

SEMA 2014. Found some pictures I thought I lost. I went all in on this project. I worked hard and saved for years. Fall of 2014 I quit my job and spent tens of thousands of dollars to make this front end. In December of that year I would have told you it was the worst mistake. Today, I tell you it was the BEST mistake. #sincitydragstar #street2track #hushup #hushstar #hushperformance #da9mafia

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