Triceratops & Chrysanthemums for Josie ◇

As far as we got today, colour will make sense once the lightning goes in, thanks Chris for coming though 🤙🏼

Artist: @axthekid. To book a consultation, please contact our Sydney CBD Studio on 92790085

Artist: @codydresser Forgot to post the “I Want To Believe” Tattoo I did a few weeks ago. It was hard to get a good angle cause of the positioning. #darkmarkgallery #hushanesthetic #republictattoosupply #eternalink #vitalitreetattoo #hivecaps #stencilstuff #tattoosnob #texasinkedmag

So close to finishing my beautiful back piece from @tony_medellintattoo! 😍😍😍 Thank you @andrewbiddlecome for helping knock it out, y’all are the best. 🖤 And thanks to everyone at @lastingdosetattoo for making my trip so awesome! Reno fucking rules, already can’t wait to come back. 🙏🏼💚 #Reno #hushanesthetic #backtattoo

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