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Of course I forgot to record the episode #husbandfail #fail #govote #dwts24 #teammaksimumheat

What the kitchen looks like in the morning when you have pneumonia and your hubby offers to "take care of everything" so you can go to bed....sigh. #15minutecleaningroutine #husbandfail

No filter needed for this one. Sorry everyone this one is NFS. @jnutting82 picked this stone months ago and I just delivered. #husbandfail. This killer stone was a purchase from @azurz. Azurite and Malachite are a few of my favorite minerals not only because they are formed back home in #arizona but because of some the powers these minerals behold. Here are a few examples:

Azurite was highly sought after in Ancient Greece and Rome for it's healing powers. In South America the Mayans believed azurite helped transfer knowledge from the gods.

For modern practitioners, azurite's metaphysical properities still mirror it's legacy of power. The crystal helps with clearing tension and confusion and helps the mind focus on new perspectives. Azurite tempers the mind; it releases stress and confusion or those plagued with continous stress.

The malachite (green) in this stone is known for asorbing negative energies and pollutants from the body. In the workplace, malachite is used to protect against noise, flourescent lighting and harmful rays from machinery and cellular phones.
Hope she enjoys.

Happy Birthday @wendystrong - wife of my youth! You are a constant inspiration and encouragement to me - raising 4 kids, whilst working, playing high level sports and studying a masters all whilst I am away a lot - your capacity is 2nd to none - your beauty breathtaking - your zest for life contagious - your love for your family and friends fierce! 😍❀️😘❀️#presentiscoming #husbandfail #marriedforbreeding

This is what Kellen packed me for lunch today. Not sure if it's a #pregnancywin or a #husbandfail πŸ˜‚

Is this really happening?
#Repost @thrivinjesse
Husband folding laundry instructional video by yours truly. Husbands...make notes and make your wife proud. #husbandfail

You might be asking why is this video so short. Well this is @sarahsmilee lifetime PR of 240lbs on back squat! My phone ran out of memory 3 seconds into the video...... On a positive note, she was listening to hatebreed again 🀘🏼 #ihadonejob #husbandfail

Fred! I need that cabinet πŸ˜‚ #HusbandFail #ElfOnTheShelf


When your husband breaks a glass and 'cleans up' .... Gee thanks dude! πŸ˜’
#husband #husbandfail #useyoureyesdude #hurtslikeabitch #bledlikeabitch #imgonnacutyou #nobandaids #whodoesnthavebandaids!?

When you open your van door to take the kids to school and get smacked in the face with a god awful scent!!! Who put onion bulbs in van last night and sealed it up tight??!! Oh....that would have been my husband!!! #husbandfail
Good lord....I'm ticked that it's raining as that bad ride needs to air out!

There's not enough Scentsy spray or febreeze in the world to help a girl out right now!! What's the worst thing left in your vehicle that gave you a less than pleasant smell!!!

There goes those sunglasses πŸ˜’#husbandfail #itwasdark #satonthem #iwouldbebrokentoo

He told me the other day- "I changed the settings on the dishwasher, and they were super-clean when they came out- but it kinda smelled like burning plastic" I'm cracking up! I can't even be mad.. I mean he does dishes and laundry! #fail #husbandfail #oops

...married 11 years and I could count on one hand how many times I've not worn my #weddingring...how come I just now noticed that I haven't had it on for almost a week!? : #husbandfail #40andforgetful #anniversary #softhands

When you spend an hour trying to find where the horrible smell in your house is coming from and find this little "gift" my husband brought home yesterday hidden under my cabinet in the bathroom. There is nothing fresh about this thing. Seriously honey!? All I could do was laugh. Even the kids came down and said "oooooh dads in trouble!" πŸ˜‚ Time for an oil education family workshop. #sideeffectofusingoils #smellchemicalsamileaway #husbandfail #lovehimanyway #purificationdiffusing

After close to a year off on maternity my better half @nat_reid is heading back to work. Hoping these bad boys from @adidasuk NMD R2 PK will make the walk to work a little easier for her #nmd #adidas #beets #trainers #sneakers

When you send your husband out for shampoo and he returns with shampoo for 'thicker hair'...thinking it was for people with thick hair (like me) rather than if you want thicker hair...and the result πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ thanks hubby! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ #thickhairproblems #thickhair #curlyhair #curlyhairproblems #husbandfail #nochoice #nothingelsetouse #lionmane #crazyhair #badhairday #selfie

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