Just in case you missed the sunrise.#whywedoit #hunt #getoutdoors #sunrise #geese #huntformore

haven’t been able to get out in December in a couple years. excited to see what shows up.

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Huge shout out to Cory Miller for trusting us with his once in a lifetime trophy. This buck is as bad as they get. #couesdeer #muzzleloader #huntformore #huntaz #coues #nontypical #europeanmount #beetlecleaned #taxidermy

I'll take the offseason over any hunt. The only time and place I can think of to always get back what you've put in. May not always be what you want, but it's fair, and seems to always give you what you need. It's free from judgment, but humbles you with every step. And it's got a strange way of making you excited to go sweat your ass off when it's in the teens 😂 I hope I never lose little moments like these.

two days, two bullets, two pack outs and memories that’ll last a lifetime. ➡️ swipe
Chris’ buck for the last hunt before the “rut hunt.” i was going to head home that morning but Chris said, “no you should come with. i can hear it already when you say, “i got a buck” he wasn’t lying because those were my exact words when I glassed this buck up. Congrats man! glad I could be there 👊🏽

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Here is some @phoneskope footage from 2017 that Guide @tlbundy8 was able to capture of Joe Bennit’s buck he took with us this year! It’s always interesting to see how bucks change from year to year.
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I have guided/hunted 61 days since September (not including scouting) & the day this was taken I pushed myself & the client harder than I have gone all year. It left me w/ a long sleepless night of pain because of a bad ankle that I have been dealing w/ since I broke it 21 years ago in a summer basketball tournament. HERE IS THE REALITY... NO one cares about your aches & pains! The world keeps going meanwhile so many want it to stop for them but it never does.
Today my ankle feels great but tomorrow it could hurt like a mother. Don’t ask for a pity party over your pain, get your ass up & go back for more. 🤙🏼 #huntformore

My brother and I were out setting traps tonight. We heard some grunting and eventually found a decent buck beating up some trees a couple hundred yards away. Adam ran back to the car, grabbed his bow and we began our stalk. Made it to within 100yds of him, but couldn’t make it happen. Next time. #tinesnlines #huntformore #kuiu #sitkagear #matthewsarchery

Nature’s art. Everything about these animals is awe inspiring. #desertsheep #desertsheephunting #adbss #wildsheepfoundation #huntformore #colburnandscottoutfitters

“ol two box” for those of you who don’t know my brother has had a tough couple of years hunting. he shot a mature fork 3 years ago which is when he developed a nickname and since has ate soup every year. he had been getting more and more involved in hunting this year. he bought one of my rifles and put some time in at the range. he spent multiple weekends setting cameras and scouting. well, I finally got to hunt an opening day with him (never have in the past). the first morning we were out once I told him this buck was a 3x3 and BOOM!! (Drilled him) zero hesitation all instinct. he didn’t care how big he was because all he knew was it’s been 3 years since he felt that feeling and it was bigger than his last.
Congrats brother it was a blast!
we won’t call you two box anymore after that shot and next time we will be more picky

#Broadheadoutfitters #hunt_az #couesdeer #riflehunting

From #zerotohero in this game real quick, so don’t believe the hype, most people won’t show you the #failures. #keepgrinding #prouddad 🤙🏼 #huntformore

Well the elk hunt is in the books. We had been watching a 330 class bull a couple of days before the hunt. We didn't turn him up opening day but @dangherna glasses up an even bigger bull in the 360 class range. It took us 2 hours to make a move and it was still a long shot. I came close but no cigar. Last night I ended up killing a bull with the help of Denny and clay. It was such a blast. Im so appreciative of all the hard work and time @dangherna Denny and Clay @dcoutfittersaz put into this hunt. #gto #hunt_az #huntformore #elk

Here’s another look at Jesse Smith of @best_shot_llc and his incredible 13B #azstrip buck! Jesse and @rickcorven were a pleasure to hunt with. They hunted hard and it payed off big!
#claybundyoutfitters #arizonastrip #hunt_az #muledeer #hunting #deerhunting #muleycrazy #bigbucks #letsgohunting #trophyhunting #huntofalifetime #huntformore

kill shot on Chris’ buck from the weekend. they only let me hunt with them for one morning each before they decided to hammer one 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 glassed this buck up at over 860 yards and decided to move in to take a closer look after we lost sight. ended up drilling him at 362 #tuesdaycouesday
@andy_gonzales 📹

#broadheadoutfitters #hunt_az #phoneskope #couesdeer #sickforit

I am so proud of my daughter, not because she killed a #bigbull but because she wasn’t perfect & pushed through it. She failed twice before regaining her composure in order to make her last shot count; it’s something many people lack, the ability to get back up when sh-t don’t go your way. I love you kid, thanks for hunting w/ me, even when I don’t make it fun. 🤙🏼 #huntformore

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