AKC German Shorthair babies still available!!!!

Good morning Georgia!!!!!!

What a day. Trying to make something happen. Walk and walk and walk. Hot September days full of early season hunts. Folks scrambling last minute to put hunts together. DAWGS football, cold beer, great dog work. And great guys to share it with!

Photo Cred: @thesamejosh

Here we go folks! Round 1! Test your shooting ability with these fast flying birds. We'll give you coffee and doughnuts, as well as some lunch after.
Even if you suck, we'll forgive you and allow you to take home part of the quarry.
We have a group of some of the best retrievers in the South picking up downed birds. A lot of stuff going on, but you don't have to worry about anything. We'll take care of you and point you in the right direction. $250 per station. Can be split between 2 shooters. +$15 for the extra lunch
PS, it helps if you can count so you can quickly go from one station to another.
Come say hello to #sitheasshole

Something violent just happened

Still have pups available. DM for details.

What a way to start the morning!!!!!!!

Good backing work today behind @molly_the_gsp_

Saturday was humbling. #sitheasshole showed exactly why he earned that name. He and @molly_the_gsp_ have worked well together plenty of times. This summer, we worked hard with honoring other dogs and holding our steady all the way through the fall.
On this particular day, all that went out the window! Like we had never seen birds at all before. Zero effort to use the nose. Just busting through cover like it was a foam party in 1997!
Similar to when you know that slutty girl in the corner ripping down Marlboro 72s nonstop has a nasty snatch, but you're gonna bare back her anyways.
He came barreling down on a pointing dog and busted the covey! And not just once!!!!!!
A day to take a breath.... sing a happy song for a sec... heel the dog, and keep him there. Timeout bro.
Don't be afraid to put the gun down, put the lead on, and work your dog in baby steps if they're having an off day. We all have our days, so do they. At times, it's embarrassing. But that's part of life. Sometimes we're idiots.

#sitheasshole and @molly_the_gsp_ working a covey on beautiful day in the GA Piedmont!

#sitheasshole is not amused

He looks so fat with this angle.

Knocking the rust off. With cooler temperatures and more exposure, we're actually acting like a bird dog again!

Better this weekend than last weekend. Crossing our fingers and sticking to our gameplan. Gonna chalk that nonsense last weekend up as knocking off the rust.

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