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Today’s #JoeyWorldProject costume comes from our new friend Robert who is Hungarian Romanian. Thank you and your parents so much for gifting us this absolutely stunning Hungarian dress! 🇭🇺 I tried to do some research on the history of this dress but it turns out that there isn’t just one type of traditional dress from #Hungary but countless many that varies from region to region as there was so much influence that was adopted from bordering countries such as Romania, Slovakia and Austria and Croatia. I did find out a little bit about that gorgeous headdress though. It is called a párta and it was originated from the Kalotaszeg area in Transylvania, Romania. It is heavily decorated with multicolored beads on red velvet with red satin ribbons on the ends to tie it together. It is usually fitted right on the forehead but I wasn’t able to do that with Joey here because it kept falling down as I couldn’t secure it tightly underneath her wig. (Hope that’s ok!) Although it is not worn nowadays, the párta was worn on holidays and special occasions in the past and was valued as a symbol of maidenhood. There is a saying that a girl “stayed in her párta,” meaning that she remained an “old maid.” I have several friends who have visited Hungary and they all said they absolutely fell in love with the country and have been telling me I MUST GO. Seeing this gorgeous costume is really enticing me to visit and see more of what Hungary’s beautiful culture is like in person. I hope I can some day! Thank you again Robert for this beautiful piece of your country’s history!

that was literally me🔥🔥 @badgalriri @mdollas11

Why is Jesus Christ God?

Jesus Christ is God because He is the only Son of God, having the same divine nature as His Father. (a) Jesus Christ is the second Person of the Blessed Trinity, who from eternity proceeds by true spiritual generation from the Father. (b) We believe Jesus Christ is God because God Himself revealed this truth:

first, through the Prophets of the Old Testament who foretold that the promised Redeemer would be God;

second, through Christ Himself, who claimed to be God and confirmed His own testimony by the holiness of His life, by the fulfillment of His prophecies, and by the miracles He worked in His own name and by His own power, especially His Resurrection. (c) A miracle is something that is not according to the usual course of created nature, surpasses the power of all creatures, and consequently can be produced only by the power of God. (d) The senses must be able to observe a miracle if it is to have the value of a proof for us. (e) Only God can be the principal cause of a miracle because a miracle surpasses the power of all creatures. God sometimes uses creatures as instruments in performing miracles. (f) Since God, who is all-truthful, is the principal cause of a miracle, it cannot be worked in support of a lie. (g) The following are some of Christ's miracles: He restored sight to the blind, cured lepers in an instant, walked on the waters of the sea, multiplied the loaves and fishes, raised the dead to life, and finally, rose from the dead Himself by His own divine power.


3년 전 이맘때 투 #헝가리 #부다페스트
난 뭣도 모르고 들어 갔지만
얼마 전 배틀트립 보는데 맛집으로 나온곳


Freedom 🐈✈️

Never getting enough of this city. #budapest #szechenyi #magyaroszag #hungary #liszt

Views in one of my favourite Hungarian cities. ☁️

Cruising galleries and discovering Hungarian art. 🖼

Either humanity will finish with war or wars will destroy the humankind. 📍House of Terror Budapest, Hungary

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