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💥Be bored on the treadmill NEVER AGAIN! 💩

If you are a beginner? Do the body weight version.... and if you are more advance? Grab them kettlebells, or dumbbellls and work that treadmill while toning that booty at the same time 🍑🍑🤗🤗
What am I doing here? Phew 😅 where do I start?... Walking lunges, side squats, side shuffles, donkey kicks, jump squats, good morning, single leg good morning, you name it 🎉🎉 and boy I had fun today 💦💦💦🤓
💥Monday started well 🙋🏽🙋🏽
. And this beautiful yellow leggings Are @nebbia_fitness 😍😍💪🏾.

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LADIES🙋🏻 IF YOUR BUN DOESNT FALL OUT DURING SPRINTS- YOU ARENT RUNNING FAST ENOUGH. #DaStruggle 😂 But seriously you guys HAVE to try this circuit out! This is usually how I do my cardio & personally love it! Tag a friend and give it a go!👫👭💦🔥🔥
30 seconds sprint
30 seconds push up KB bent over row
30 seconds Jump Ins
30 seconds Knee to Elbows
Don't forget to👇🏼
✔️Double Tap If You Found This Helpful (more vids?) ✔️Tag A Friend To Do This With 👫
✔️ Comment Any Questions or Concerns

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sweet as strawberry wine🍷🍓

Ab check with bae✔️ I let him win...😅💁🏼 #humpday #wednesday #couplegoals #fitcouple #fitness

I've really not wanted to post up any progress pictures for a few days.
Honestly I've felt rough. Not well and stomach issues yet again 😑
- it's an ongoing battle but it's what it is and I appreciate what I have in life much more so I never let it beat me up.
However sometimes you just don't want to post up pictures of yourself.
You don't want to do it for whatever reason and sometimes just need a time out, so that's what I have been doing.
Relaxing and recovering and very happy with my lower body considering I've not actually trained legs in almost 2 weeks 🙈
- hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better to do a big leg session .. maybe later just a bit of cardio... just a little walk... 2 days stuck in the house is so boring right 😫
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I sit here tonight looking at myself; I shed a tear of disappointment. Not where I expected to be, look or feel. I realise how much I've been through, my first break up which resulted in my entire life flipping upside down, losing not only my lover but my home and my career. Moving back in with my parents with very little left to my name; I used every last cent to move back to Melbourne. Not many people know this but for the first 6 or so weeks I had no furniture, for the first six months I really struggled to make ends meet; my electricity was a day away from being disconnected, eating only 1-2 meals a day because I didn't have enough money for food. I was out drinking, yeah I thought it was fun until I gained 8 kilos. Asking for help is not my strong point, I have a wealth of love and support in my life yet I could not being myself to ask for a helping hand.
I did not set myself up well for this comp, so to scrape back over the past 12 weeks, on my own, to how my body looks now I should be pretty dam proud!
Im now an incredibly happy and positive person, that doesn't mean Im not human, I have inner demons that i usually tend to keep to myself.
But this, this was worth sharing, this is not for sympathy, this is honesty, this is my peak week.

Work hard for what you want because it won't come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.
#BTS from my shoot with @charliesurianophotographer 😍🙌🏼 #quoteoftheday #tbt

Matchen wij even mooi met de gym 😂
Gisterenavond was een ontzettend late training😤 pfoeee, vind ik eigenlijk maar niks. Het liefst train ik in de ochtend of middag, maar soms kan het even niet anders. Dus wij hebben toch totdat de gym dicht ging getraind en geknald💪🏼
De ijsjes, pasta en chocolade zijn iig goed gebruikt voor legday🍦🍝🍫
Wie vind laat in de avond trainen nog meer verschrikkelijk?

Sat morning after my preworkout oats 😀 5 days after an updated plan and sticking at it to a T. Train for your mind, and eat to compliment your training not to sabotage it. Make eating nutritious foods a priority, you're wasting your time counting calories from Special K and Nutrigrain bars and calling that a diet. Upping my game for a short notice project that's happening this week, then a few days downtime in Paris and back on track for the countdown to a few exciting things in May 😀
Alanna10 for discounts on nutrition packages at @exceed_fitness
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Trying to perfect my new sumo stance. Slooooow and steady to really feel the eccentric movement 😩💥💥 #humpday #thíçkthîghssaveslives #deadliftparty


Let's go for a drive 👌
Would you go for a drive?
@chaka_publik .
#fitgirls #fastcars

Heavy deadlifts left today to round out my week of training with 300 💃🏼 first training day EVER successfully doing 300 for reps 🤓 #300lbclub

Pizza and Booty


Lo chulo del nuevo feature de IG es que ya no tengo que durar 40 minutos decidiendome por una fotografía y puedo poner la misma foto 5 veces 😅, ¿a quien le pasa?👐🏻
Btw, esos pantalones me hacen sentir como una chica superpoderosa. 💗🔥


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