I'm currently working on a new post for my medium account. My last two about how bears are treated in the community were fun to work on, but I want to get back to full-on bondage content. I also want to get back to posting my bondage fiction. So, stay tuned for updates on all that.
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mistress in converse

Going out with Alpha, which one of you cücks is paying?

Currently available for sessions, inbox me with your wallets open mutts 🤑

Do you feel powerless talking to me? With every breath you become even weaker for a goddess like me.

What? You are sad because I didn't answer you back? Don't DM me without a tribute or you won't get my attention. I deserve all!

You want my attention? Tribute first and then we'll talk about how you can achieve that.

What's wrong little boy? I can see that you're becoming weaker for a woman like me. Isn't it time to leave your family, that holds you back and start serving me?😂

No! You're not going on a honeymoon. You're going to pay my vacation expenses with that cash, no questions asked.

I'm bored and in the mood to destroy someone's bank account. I'll take what I want and when I want it.

How too properly approach UrMajesty. #Verified

i now accept amazon giftcards! i only respond to people asking for my tribute info

Don't bother me unless it's a deposit

Vested interest

Para nós da NO-XCAPE, um verdadeiro sub/slave vale o seu peso em ouro e talvez por isso exibir e usar essa riqueza toda em público ainda é um privilégio para poucos. Valorize o que é seu, cuide do que é seu, zele pelo que é seu, PROTEJA AQUILO QUE TE PERTENCE para que essa peça tão essencial em sua vida não escape pelos vãos de seus dedos. Faça-nos uma visitinha sacana e encontre o acessório certo para seu sub ou para seu Dono. Na foto um de nossos capuzes confeccionado em couro legítimo mantendo o anonimato de um sub em algum banheiro “sujo” por ai... Lembrando que todas as nossas embalagens são discretas sem menção alguma a nossa loja e produtos. Até sua vózinha poderá receber suas mercadorias sem se dar conta do que se trata. Onde? Aqui ó: WWW.NO-XCAPE.COM
.We ship orders all over the world!
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If you don’t pay, we can’t play! Only talking to you if you dm me and give a tribute. You bitches are pathetic! Prove your worth to your goddess!

Due to something coming up. I’m not going to be on for the rest of the night. Have fun losers.

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