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It was created by "Thekillerwc"
Over on Deviant art, he also has a Patreon.
Again I'm not the artist, just a fan.
Artist: The-killer-wc

Well , I just pooped in my pants so there is a huge bulge under my black leggings. I guess people will notice , plus there is the brown stain of the poop , and I really need to pee right now... I’m too afraid to go out of the toilets right now ^^’

Facesitting the gimp is available to buy on My clip stores...
#facesitting #pvcleggings #humiliation #mistress #dominatrix


Simon is mad he lost by default of getting pushed off the chair #kittens #kittenplay #humiliation

Matching hair 👵🏻


Takin’ a bath

@360_soccer1 @iamzlatanibrahimovic X Barcelona 🔥😍
أيام #ابراهيموفيتش مع برشلونة 🔥😍
Did you guys like his period with barcelona ?🤔
I didn't 😝
هل اعجبتكم فترة هذا اللاعب مع برشلونة ؟🤔
بالنسبة لي لا ، لأن طريقة لعبه ما تناسبنا !
🎵The Chainsmokers - Paris X G-Eazy🎵@kc.audio🎵
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Connaissez-vous ce livre sur les 5 blessures? Je l’ai lu il y a 15 ans et relu cette année! Je vous le conseille vivement et en voici un (méga bref!) résumé... chacun d’entre nous possède au moins 4 blessures sur les 5... selon la période de la vie. Nous en aurions 1 à 2 dominantes... ces blessures nous font prendre un « masque » et des comportements liés...Ce livre est assez troublant...il permet de comprendre mieux nos agissements parfois 😜 #les5blessuresquiempechentdetresoimeme #lisebourbeau #5blessures #abandon #rejet #humiliation #injustice #trahison #developpementpersonnel #conseillecture #lecture #bienetre

What would you do if I was your cell mate? I’d make you my bitch for sure!!! 😂😂😂

Over the weekend I was made to feel humiliated and hurt because of a mistake I had made earlier in the year. I crossed a line with someone I care very much about. He made me feel jealousy and that’s why I became a little crazier. So after no contact for months, outside at bar this weekend gone I was able to talk to him for a few minutes until his friends and family decided it was ok to say and point out to me unkindly how much of a freak I was and telling me to go away, leave and fuck off and that I will never see him again. I can understand their upset and defensiveness for their mate but to treat another so unkindly when all I was doing was make it ok between him and I. It should’ve been none of their business. I want him in my life, is that such a bad thing? The mistakes I have made are now a part of me and I can’t take back what I’ve done but I can make it right, start a fresh. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Some people don’t have the courage to apologise, I do. Like the quote says “it’s not how we make mistakes that defines us, it’s how we correct them that defines us”. I’m doing the best I can. It’s a shame his friends and family would rather destroy a persons confidence than understand. I hope he explains to them I’m trying to make it right not make his life a living hell. I’m trying to be the bigger person. I was just driven to some insanity because of how much I wanted him. I’ve basically been running crying with the wolves to get to him and now I have, I’m being put down for the courage I have to talk to him and make it ok. #imacrazy yes but I’m #notabadperson #forgiveness not #humiliation #dontputmedownforwhatyouwouldntbeabletodo

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