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When we were on our way to see @bassnectar at the middle lands festival. What a fucking trip and a half. life is nothing but a wild ass ride. Thank you @bass_network for this amazing journey #humblepost

Belly watch 🌼 we did a big ride yesterday :) #humblepost #humility #virtuespire

I'm sure you guys have all been wondering where I've been but there's no need to worry Instagram... I'm still alive! 😂💀
#peepthedoritosonmyfingers #humblepost #selfiegameweak

Happy #nationalsiblingday to my main two.. You guys are truly blessed to have me in your lives! I love you guys!! 💩💩💩
#humblepost #noseriouslyiloveyouguyssomuch

God is in the moments... grateful for just being. Sometimes you have to just be & be ok with it. #humblepost #gratefulheart #worldwide #majesticmoments

This chile here man...My first child, with me during the struggle...Young mother trying to attend college, work and party on weekends. My priorities were off ALOT of times. Delayed progress😔 My grades were A1, but money was #nah Oh but we UP👆 now! I give it to you because you still smiled at me when I couldn't baby. I love you LaLa. #humblepost

#NoFilter Cause I'm THAT #flawless 💁🏾👑 || #humblepost #lol

Realized I've been helping everyone but the one person who needed it most... MYSELF. I don't ever complain, I don't ever vent but I think it's crazy the way people just put things out there. Usually I fall back but this game really one sided at times. I'm just a college grad in love with the art of creating. I use to listen to people's ideas and try my hardest to help out with the limited resources I was given (No Budget) or anything. Moral of the story, follow YOUR dreams and create what you passionately want to create. Don't go out of your way for the same people who wouldn't do it for you. #HumblePost

How could I forget to tell yall this!?? I sold my first painting.. Well technically not the first but the first one sold where I didn't have to do anything. I customer came into the coffee shop and bought it. I truly feel blessed to know someone wanted something I created. Wanted it enough to buy it. Whomever you are thank you.


Belly watch 🌼 we did a big ride yesterday :) #humblepost #humility #virtuespire

🙏🏻 S/O to the one's that believed in me! #Humble #Appreciated #ThankYou #HumblePost #HumbleQuotes #GivingBack #🙏🏻

Wow, who knew something could be almost as pretty as me #humblepost 👸🏽

Happy Sunday y'all! So I just got home from a little vacation in AZ! I had a couple of minor set backs with some cancellations but I have to just say how humbled I am that I GET TO go on vacations now whenever I want! So thank you to everyone that's supported me and my goals! #KeepOnKeepingOn #FlashbackWeddingPost #Bride #HumblePost #GratefulPost #SouthernCaliforniaPhotographer #WeddingPhotographer #BridalPost

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