Congratulations to our Uncle Dr. Rich Goldberg for his Lifetime Achievement Award and all his accomplishments within Rhode Island Hospital! #psychiatrypioneer #immensecontributions #humbledoctor #mentalhealthservices #opiodcrisisdoc

that’s dr. mom to you; i don’t take your insurance, but i’ve already diagnosed you.

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对不起 哦!

This is from a text conversation with my husband 2 years ago.
The same doctor he had challenged earlier that day had stayed many hours past the end of her shift to help with Gemma's case.
After Adam challenged her assertion that Gemma was improving, she listened. She asked what we were seeing. She spent her lunch trying to connect the dots. She came back and shared her thoughts that were outside of the box and more diagnosis for an adult.
One of her thoughts was the appendix. I remember her doubling back multiple times as this was a very outside of the box thought. I held Gemma while the doctor pushed on her left side, a moan, then her right side. Gemma's dying body let out a loud scream. I will never forget the look on the doctor's face when this happened. It was of disbelief, shock, and panic all at the same time.
Things progressed quickly after this. An ultrasound, CT scan, consultation with surgery, then news of needing to be life flighted to a hospital who could handle this delicate case. We were life flighted out around 3am and I never saw this doctor again.
I don't blame her. I have a lot of respect for her. She listened when she was being criticized instead of asserting, belittling, or ignoring us. She was very apologetic and stayed hours past her shift to help. I can't really explain what she was feeling but I felt it too. It was like a whole new world had opened up in her mind. I can't speak to her realization but I can to mine. The world that opened up to me was of questioning. Questioning those who I held to as some type of authority over me.
If anything, I know this was a learning experience for her. Gemma did not present typical labs of someone in distress. It's extremely rare for a child under the age of 2 to have a ruptured appendix and even more rare than that to have a 9 month old in this situation. Gemma will most likely be the only case this doctor will see like this ever again.
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Grillailupartyt on alkamassa. Täällä kaadellaan jo valkkaria laseihin 😊😊
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Yes at no charge. Talk to be about anything and I would give you answers #humbleDoctor #medicinemylove #consultationmypassion #medicaltips #onlibeDoctor

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Tq dr. Juanli, sharing hari ini begitu luar biasa selain membuat kami makin melek tentang arti pentingnya menjaga kesehatan, pola hidup, resiko apa saja yg akan terjadi jika berbagai masalah penyakit kritis (JANTUNG, STROKE, CANCER, TRANSPLANT ORGAN) terjadi, biaya yang dibutuhkan, psikologis orang2 yang terpapar resiko penyakit kritis, and many other paradigm that we never know before dan yg paling luar biasa adalah membuat kami lebih memahami istilah2 medis dari sisi medis dengan lebih sederhana dan medis dari sisi Assurance.
Tq utk kontribusinya di Industri ini, yg sudah rela menginvestasikan tenaga, pikiran dan juga waktu untuk merealisasikan Buku yg luar biasa ini bagi kami semua. Sungguh Ilmu yg bermanfaat yg tidak akan lekang dimakan waktu.
Materi ini tidak hanya bermanfaat bagi kami tetapi juga untuk masyarakat luas. Makin bangga dengan Prudential yang dengan luar biasa menciptakan "Produk Seng Ada Lawan". Karena harga gak pernah bohong! 😁😁 ♡♡♡♡♡~~~~~♡♡♡♡♡ Imas Masfufah, Rfp

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🙏🏻SUNDAY BLESSINGS! When I was younger, I never fully appreciated how much my parents sacrificed to give us a great life! Now, I just want my father to enjoy his life! I still don't talk to him or see him as often as I would like....But, the days when I get pictures like this and a phone call are awesome days! 😍🙌🏻☝🏽💗Hug your dad or mom today..Listen to their stories (even if they repeat it over and over again 🤗😜). Tell them how much you LOVE them...One day, they may be far from reach or gone from this earth...Let them know you are grateful and that they are appreciated......before it IS too late! God Bless You! I love you, dad! 💙💚💛🧡
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Baru sampai rumaaah 🤣🤣😍 Ahh selalu merasa amazed sama dokter satu ini, baik ramah dan sangat humble kepada semua pasien membuatnya selalu dinantikan untuk dikunjungi.

Pun hari ini luar biasa, datang jam 12an, eh ternyata dapat nomor antrian malam karena membludaknya pasien hari ini.

Selalu sehat yaah dokter cantik @stellashirleymansur , makasih udah jadi dokter yang setia di persalinanku, dan menuju persalinan selanjutnya 🤗😃 ***Sejauh ini kata dokternya princess, semoga yaa Rabb, biar ada #minime 😍

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Happy birthday to you my baby, my male form, the symbol of my strength, the seal of love between myself and Hubby. I am grateful to God for opening my womb when I had lost hope and giving you to me. I thank God for the opportunity of being a mum and pray that God will answer those waiting on Him for babies IJN.

Happy birthday my prince

Dokter paling kece sejagad raya, boleh nanya sepuasnya, kalo konsul gak pernah buru2 waktu, sampe Gavin bosen nungguin emaknya sama tante Dokter konsul ttg MPASI 😅 abaikan ekspresi Gavin yg protes nyuruh emaknya udahan tanya2 🤣 #dokterlaktasi #asi #asip #bayiASI #mpasi #workingmom #nicedoctor #humbledoctor

Thank you doc for your time of visit inspite of your tiredness, and for the love and surprise food that fills my heart and stomach....#humbledoctor #alwaysthe best

Nyt tulee väkevä postaus! En oo yleensä mikään älyttömän kova fiilistelijä, mutta teen poikkeuksen.
Tällä hetkellä mä elän elämässä sellaista kvartaalia, mistä tulee jäämään hyvä maku suuhun!

Mä oon mun elämäni aikana, 14-vuotiaasta lähtien tehnyt vähän kaikenlaisia hommia: ollut myymälävartijana, järjestyksenvalvojana helsingin rautatieasemalla, psykiatrialla yöhoitajana, tehnyt ympäriämpäri maailmaa ambulanssilentoja flight paramediccinä ja toki ollut virassa monta vuotta palomies-sairaankuljettajana #stadinbrankkari :ssa.
Nyt on lääkisopintoja 10 kuukautta jäljellä ja tämä kuukausi anestesiologialla on saanut mut lyömään lopullisen valinnan lukkoon: musta tulee anestesiologian- ja tehohoidon erikoislääkäri. Mihin kaupunkiin ja mihin sairaalaan - se on vielä auki. Tärkeintä on tehdä päätös ja kulkea päämäärää kohti, loppu on yksityiskohtia.
Tietyllä tavalla nyt tuntuu, että tähän se elämä on mua (pitkän mutkan kautta) kuljettanutkin. Joo, päivystystä tulee olemaan paljon ja muutamia muita miinuksia on - mutta työporukka anestesialla on aivan jäätävän mukavaa ja työ itsessään on haastavaa ja merkityksellistä. Vastuu on iso ja hommaan pitää sitoutua koko sydämellä ja jokaikisellä aivonystyrällä (pahoittelen epälääketieteellistä termiä🤣), mutta se sopii mulle hyvin: en rukoile kevyempää taakkaa, vaan pyydän vahvempaa selkää!

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'Doc bagi dos besar sikit sbb sy byk openhouse ni!' Hahahahaha..1st time MC selama kerja. Akhirnya tandus. Taktahan gatal. Doc tanya MC 2 hari ok?? Aku ckp 2 tahun skali jalan lah habiskan raya haji taun dpan..doc gelak smpai taknampak leher..hahahahah..#benicetopeoplealways #humbledoctor #selamathariraya #allergicreaction #teamtakotjarum #noseafoods #nopeanuts tapi lontong kuah kacang boleh.hahahahahha

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