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New look with an old school feel. #humblebeginningstattoo @orlycukui

More to come on this one, thank you Wes! Let's keep it moving. #humblebeginningstattoo

Second session with @melchonattack at @hbtat2 tonight!!!! #tattoo #humblebeginningstattoo @925_irene

Late post from last weekend. Now booking appts for March. #humblebeginningstattoo #walnutcreek #guam #pacificislands #fishhook


Tattoo done by @lankylefty call our Walnut Creek location to book an appointment. #humblebeginningstattoo #hbtat2

Tattoo done by @lankylefty call our Walnut Creek location to book an appointment. #humblebeginningstattoo #hbtat2 #rosetattoo

A shift in my thinking happened when I turned 30 and since then, it's been so empowering and life-changing. Not many people knew, but I silently battled depression and anxiety for well over 3 years and it was the most difficult period in time for me. Something I'd never wish upon anyone. I focused on healing, i was in and out of therapy, tried hypnosis, but nothing helped. I just lost all sense of self... it was EXHAUSTING keeping a happy face in front of people and felt extreme self-pity and loneliness all the time... I'm here now though, alive and well, counting my blessings because I'm surrounded by loved ones who never left my side and God who continued to guide me and love me despite my flaws. I added to my journey piece (by the talented @melchonattack) and it was perfect timing. I wasn't ready for a new year new me, but now I am. Loving myself, improving every day, accepting the battle wounds, inked skin and all 🇵🇭 if you know anyone or are someone struggling with mental health, please know that everything will be okay. Seek help or find someone to talk to. I'm here to talk if you need as well. You got this 🙏👊🏽💪🏽#strength #inspire #humblebeginningstattoo #roots #filipina #pinay .
#filipinotribal #tribal #inkspiration #inkstagram #tattoos #girlswithtattoos #art #myjourney #passion #shouldertattoo #symbols #traditions #alibata #mentalhealthawareness #lifegoals #lovethyself #blessed #findyourhappy #selflove #latepost #selfworth

9 Lives baby! Gracefully applied by the one and only @edward_stirling_jr #traditionaltattoo #humblebeginningstattoo

Even in the murkiest of water something beautiful is made✨ In representation to the past I've had, and what I became. Losing my grandma at 6, my mom at 7 and then my aunt this past February(who was my second mother and raised me) I choose to take all that has happened and have a positive outlook on life. My aunt made me such a strong woman. She taught me so much like how to deal with grief and deaths. How to love myself and everyone around me. How to deal with the crazy parts of life and find my silver lining & continue on. I am so thankful that after all the care she gave me I could be that for her. I remember our trip last year to Safari west in northern Cali(it was her favorite place) and we sat at the pond admiring the lotus flowers and chatted about small things, not a worry in the world. I will cherish all the small and big moments we had forever. A special thank you to @joshhbtattoo for making me such a beautiful piece. You took my idea and and made it even better than I could imagine. Thank you thank you 🙏🏻 #hbtat2 #humblebeginningstattoo

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. Jim Rohn. #humblebeginningstattoo #stayrooted @hbtat2

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