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#PoliticalTuesday : Benjamin YoungSavage has a point.
If you want to know more about whats happening to the black and latino girls that have gone missing in the Nations Capital look up 'Black Twitter Calls Out Incompetent Cops' on YouTube.
Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkOGuIp6XPw
#dcgirlsmissing #humantrafficking #dcteensmissing #nationscapital

New DNA tagging now allows you to track the origin of your cotton shirt!
. . .
Around the world conditions for cotton workers are harsh, and in places like Uzbekistan they are taking people from their homes to work in the cotton fields as a form of slavery.
. . .
It’s estimated that 1.2M Uzbeks, many of them children live in slavery because of the cotton trade, that’s 4% of the population. But as technology advances, we can now TRACK where our cotton is coming from and END IT together. AWARENESS is doing the work. ❌#enditmovement
Photo by: Pimacott. Full story: (link in bio)

All the rich elite taking advantage of children and doing unspeakable acts to the innocent will be exposed. They can try to hide but to many concerned caring human beings are united to bring the truth to the light. #PizzaGate #HumanTrafficking #PedoGate #MkUltra #MindControl

My hope is that people are starting to see just how broken the system is. Why wasn't this company shut down? The top 2% is running everything and we are but mere pawns. We are pawns b/c most of us are still sleeping....change can occur when the people unify. We must seek to become aware of what's happening around us in every way. What else is being covered up? The truth is stranger than fiction📚 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
#repost @4biddenknowledge
US House Rep #CynthiaMcKinney Exposes Human Sex Trafficking. #PizzaGate is nothing new. Its just being exposed. A lot of people are worried about invisible demons when the real demons are right here on this planet in physical form. These are the demons that we should be concerned about. Real people with evil intentions #truth #knowledge #awaken 👁

#WashingtonDC . – After over 500 juveniles were reported missing in D.C. since the beginning of 2017, and a letter signed by several congressional officials requested federal assistance from the Justice Department in investigating the matter, a DC police commander, when asked, “What preventative measures can young people take, specifically so they don’t become a victim of #humantrafficking?” responded that the best advice for young people was to — “Stay home, it’s as simple as that.” It was during an interview last Wednesday with Chanel Dickerson, the new commander of the D.C. Police Youth and Family Services Division, on the Joe Clair Morning Show, when she was asked about the reasons for the seemingly large increase in missing teens – a sentiment she pushed back against – and what families can do to mitigate the issue when she gave the controversial response.

Joe Clair: What preventative measures can young people take, specifically so they don’t become a victim of human trafficking?

Dickerson: Stay home, it’s as simple as that. If they stay home, it reduces the risk. I’m not saying that’s the fix-all but that’s where we have to start. We have to start small, this is a problem and it’ll take a community effort, but we have to start small.

Community members and celebrities alike displayed disdain towards Dickerson’s advice to “stay home” to avoid the dangers of being a victim of human trafficking. Rapper #Wale took to twitter to give the D.C. police some advice, suggesting that perhaps rather than telling people to “stay home” – they should “come up with a plan.” Although DC police have claimed there was no uptick in the total of missing girls, and blamed the increased awareness of the missing teens on a broader social media campaign, community members still felt inclined to draw more attention to the issue — starting their own search committees, according to CBS report. ✋🏾More in comments👇🏾#FindOurGirls #MissingDCGirls #PedoGate #PizzaGate

@ashleebanks_rt reporting from South East DC giving an update on the missing girls. #dcmissinggirls #missinggirls #humantrafficking #rtamerica #questionmore

You guys have to be careful #HumanTrafficking is real and DANGEROUS! Pay attention to what's going on around you. Walking by yourself is a NO 🙅🏽 Out late after your curfew is a NO 🙅🏽KEEP an adult with you☝🏽 Go inside STAY HOME it's not worth chilling outside if it may cost you your life! I pray that they make it back home safe! 😰🙏🏻 #WAKEUP #humanTrafficking #HELP


The #ChiefMinisterofAssam has directed to set up a special #womenpolice battalion to check crimes against women and children after reviewing the #humantrafficking scenario in the state.


Thailand is failing to protect migrant workers in the fishing industry.
That's the damming message from a new ILO report which says #humantrafficking and #slavery remain widespread in the sector. http://bit.ly/2okfwrO

#humanrights #Thailand #Asia #fisheries #seafood #fish #fishing #modernslavery #illeglalfishing #piratefishing #peopleandplanet #photography #documentaryphotography #picoftheday #photooftheday

An issue that truly effects the entire city.....particularly those of color due to disproportionate media coverage. The blame on that falls with all of us, preconceived notions held about various cultures, lack of awareness as to resources available....the list goes on and on. Come support this forum to bridge the gap. Don't assume you know the issue, come out and possibly learn/teach something. Register at the link below.
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FOLKS FACT: TP the simp took a hoe on a outcall (2) Pull up smoking weed 😤 (3) he sat parked waiting on the hoe (4) a Hoe who had a fake New York State ID card 🤔 and (5) after TP was read his rights he still spoke to the police 😂 smh that's your pimp partner 👮🏻 it's #folksalert #yabitch #pgo #hgo #humantrafficking #polkcounty #polkcountysheriff

@redeemingloveca is providing a #safehouse to victims of #humantrafficking . This IS happening where you are. Help #stophumantrafficking .

In the past few weeks in the DMW (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area, over 14 girls have gone missing suddenly! This happens regularly, but we never hear about it unless close to our home area, and sometimes not even then! It can happen to anyone, any age! A21 is an organization committed to Awareness, Rescue, Prosecution and Recovery for those they have rescued and to abolish human trafficking by the 21st century!!www.A21.org

#slavery #humantrafficking #a21 #children #sons #daughters #prayer #p3presslife ##presson

With Andrew Forrest & Grace Forrest from Walk Free Foundation discussing ways to combat #modernslavery #humantrafficking

Part 1 of 3: Selling her virginity to the highest bidder 🤔 #folksalert #yabitch #humantrafficking #backpage #cnn

Part 2 of 3: Selling her virginity to the highest bidder 🤔 #folksalert #yabitch #humantrafficking #backpage #cnn

Part 3 of 3: Selling her virginity to the highest bidder 🤔 #folksalert #yabitch #humantrafficking #backpage #cnn

So...this happened. #TEDx
The theme for the evening was Defy Society. I was there to represent Arts & Activism. The title of my talk is "Playing the Odds..." (link in bio) .
I was among an impressive group of speakers and was more nervous than I can recall being in my life, but was honored to have the opportunity to talk about #humantrafficking and the connection to #elephantconservation , and to hopefully inspire a few minds to take a gamble on what they are passionate about. 🙏
Of course, you finish a talk and all you think about is what you wish you had included or what you should have said differently. While I didn't get to talk about Brazil, projects we have done, children's individual stories or NGO's I would have loved to acknowledge, all of the NGO's I have worked with or visited were listed in the program.
If you're looking for ways to help please visit
@passport2freedom @zoechildren @destiny_rescue @a21 @childrenshungerfund @elephantnaturepark @saveelephantfoundation @fashionhopenews @dswt @savingthesurvivors @animalavengers @blackmambaapu .
Thanks to the incredibly talented goddess @amberarbucci for letting me use her beautiful #blackandwhite #elephant family photo-with my nerves I forgot to credit her 😳😳😳😰 during the talk. Please check out her incredible #wildlifephotography
#endtrafficking #endpoaching #saynotoivory #humanrights #playingtheodds #thelastanimals #savetheanimals #creatinghopefromhurt #jointheherd #sextrafficking #sagehillschool #ashtonkutcher @aplusk

im working on a project im SUPER passionate abt!!!!! human trafficking is an EPIDEMIC and is rapidlt becoming the most common form of criminal activity on the PLANET. im going to make an art series that depicts how disgusting, violating, and terrifying the reality of human traffickjng is. if ur queasy or are triggered by anything sexual/nonconsensual/etc, PLEASE dont swipe. BUT, even if you're uncomfortable with human trafficking, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET INVOLVED!!! write to your representatives and ask them what they're doing abt human trafficking, donate to organizations, spread AWARENESS!!!!!! much love to all of you 💘 stay safe out there
#endhumantrafficking #humantrafficking #awareness #humantraffickingawareness

FOLKS NEWS: So they got a warrant for the #geolocation on the phone 👮🏻the phone ☎️ not the person the phone 🤔. It's #folksalert #yabitch #humantrafficking #backpage

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