Fuck the orange cheetos policy! And it's HIS policy! Not the Democrats! Him! Anyone who still supports him are the pond scum of life. I don't care who they are. I. Don't. Care. Who. They. Are! They should NEVER BE FORGIVEN! I walked the camps in Krakow. It's happening again. #republicanssuck #republicansareevil #neverwillbeforgiven #thiswillneverbeforgotten #WhereAreTheChildren #HumanTrafficking #ChildrenInCages #borderpatrol #TrumpConcentrationCamps #FamiliesBelongTogether #TheResistance

It's hard not to think about the victims of human trafficking being someone's child, loved one or friend. It's hard not to think that they had hopes, dreams and plans for the next day, just like you and I do.
The only difference is...they are not free and we are. Human Trafficking doesn't discriminate. It happens to the young, the old, the rich and the poor. It happens to people of every single skin tone and every language. You see, if I was captured my new dream would be that someone was looking for me. My plans for the next day would be the hopes of seeing my loved ones faces again and that it would be the day I'd be saved. I'd be free. ••
Let's continue to become more aware. The more we stir up and talk about this ugly truth called human trafficking, the more people we will save and the sooner it will end. Get involved. Shine your light. Be their voice.
#unshackled #woodsidebible #truth #awareness #humantrafficking #knowledgeispower #getinvolved #bethelight #betheirvoice

Join us in celebrating the newfound freedom of five new survivors of #humantrafficking!
It is YOUR support that enables the National Human Trafficking Resource Line to respond, assist and coordinate services to each new survivor that is being rescued.
Watch the full documentary of the @a21 10 Year Anniversary - MISSING PERSONS film on A21.org/10

#freedomforall #stophumantrafficking
#celebratesurvivors #missingpersons

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We are all Called to use our gifts to contribute to the world , to make this world a better place for you and for me . @paulukonu is on a mission through his lens to project and speak against human trafficking .. @the300project
#GOE #300project #humantrafficking #throughthelens #likeneverbefore

It’s time to END forced labour in the fishing industry!
Find out more: IOMX.org/ .
#forcedlabour #fishing #humantrafficking #humanrights #IOMX

#Repost @stopthetraffik ・・・
#humantrafficking is a global crime that is one of the most widespread crimes in the world. It can even happen in your own community - help us raise awareness #TraffickingHappensHere

Arundhati Roy said; There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard. Please make your voice heard on the 1st August 2018 commencing the womens month. I need you to be there to support this movement. There are other forces supporting this campaign. Watch my timeline for more of other volunteering forces into this campaign. #thetotalshutdown #domesticviolence #humantrafficking
#rapevictim #nomeansno #womensmonth #august

We are fortunate to count a group of talented young people among our staff, who play a key role in researching material, coming up with amazing and innovative ideas, editing our text to ensure they are accessible and easy to understand, among many other functions—a group that continually inspire us with their endless creativity, dedication and drive! 💡💥 🙌 #TeamTuesday #AboutUs

Remember three years ago when I'd post stuff about #jadehelm15 and #martiallaw?! It's happening guys. It isn't just a conspiracy theory no mo. What has been going on at the border is absolutely awful. It has been, for years! People wanna throw stones at the president when in fact the same immigration laws fully occurred under the Clinton and Obama administration. Why aren't we blaming all these migrant parents that are hiring strangers to smuggle their children into the United States. Remember, these smugglers are not Robin Hoods who are interested in helping families. They are cold-blooded human traffickers and capitalists! I know Mexico can be a great country, however the corruption is preventing it from happening and the mexican government has failed its people on so many levels, it’s criminal. We all need to somehow work together to stop the madness. 🤨📣

UN rights expert urges restraint in security operation in Myanmar's Rakhine state

A United Nations human rights expert has expressed alarm over reports that an army battalion has flown into Rakhine state in western Myanmar to help local authorities boost security in the region. “This development, which reportedly took place yesterday, is a cause for major concern,” said the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, in a press release from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). “The Government must ensure that security forces exercise restraint in all circumstances and respect human rights in addressing the security situation in Rakhine state,” she added.

In Kachin and Rakhine states, some 100,000 and 120,000 people, respectively, have remained displaced for more than five years following the eruption of inter-communal conflict between Buddhists and minority Muslim Rohingya.

The Special Rapporteur acknowledged the State's responsibility to provide security and protect people from attacks by extremists, but said this responsibility had to cover all residents, and the authorities could not afford more security to some than others. . .

#myanmar #laos #vietnam #vietnamesefood #viet #cambridge #president #cambodia #papa #mamma #mommy #refresh #malala #malalayousafzai #rohingya #conflict #buddha #buddhabar #europe #kingdom #buddhist #buddhabowl #humantrafficking #king #crown #humanrights #queen #obama #elizabeth #monastery

Incredibly proud to be representing India in this global cohort of 33 leaders from 25 countries at the Trafficking in Persons Lab organised by Thomson Reuters and GIZ. #thomsonreuters #giz #humantrafficking #innovation #brainstorming #leadership #sdgs #humanrights #dialogue #endtrafficking

ttdpodcast_official Great news! We have remastered the audio for our season 2 finale -- our interview with @ceotiatf -- and episode 5 from season 1! You can now listen to these episodes with higher quality audio while you wait for our first Survivors' Summer Season episode, which will be released on June 20th at 5 pm EST!
#awareness #activism #advocacy

TW for non-music political opinions and the mention of child abuse.

Reposted from @shaunking:
"Before genocide and oppression comes public humiliation and dehumanization."
What the Trump administration is doing...this very minute...to migrant children and their parents is not just immoral, it is a human rights violation, and also a likely violation of human trafficking laws. Children are being kidnapped, allegedly lost, and in some cases sexually abused in plain sight by federal border agents (see today's news).
Please do not write an email...actually call your representatives in Congress and tell them...forcefully...that you want this stopped now.
We simply cannot allow this to happen.
#shaunking #ice #borderpatrol #humanrights #rightsviolation #injustice #humantrafficking

I have a stutter. I get nervous when I talk to people. I talk fast and my words slur because I’m nervous. ADHD distracts me from topics and interrupts my train of thought. My words tumble out in a really big pile that makes no sense. I get frustrated when I can’t verbalize my ideas. I talk quiet sometimes. I say a lot and it doesn’t really mean much. I can’t verbally communicate effectively. My stutter doesn’t show when I write. My scrambled thoughts make sense when I write. My boyfriend just said something looks like a duck. My ADHD doesn’t come out when I write. I can edit what I write. I sound intelligent when I write. Writing has liberated me from a verbal prison. There are currently 30 million people with a much larger issue than speech impediment, yet they are struggling, voiceless as well. 29.5 million people are currently being circulated through the sex trade, 96% of which are women and girls. Further more, the sex trade is only 54% of over all trade. That’s a lot of enslaved people. That’s a lot of people with NO VOICE. trapped, put in horrible conditions, truly oppressed. Beaten. Forced to do unspeakable things, and made to believe that they deserve every bit of it. It’s my goal to help give those people, a voice. Girls are being trafficked daily. You see them on the streets, and you don’t even know that they are out there, against their will, scared for their lives. The best way we can help these girls is to know the signs BEFORE it happens. There are so many girls being trafficked that police and nonprofits can’t keep up, so it becomes the duty of a larger people to help prevent it before it happens. Know the signs. Know the number. Don’t hesitate. It’s far better to call on suspicion and be wrong, than it is to let it go and indirectly be an aid in allowing sex trafficking to continue.
#stopsextrafficking #voice #voicetothevliceless #sextrafficking #trafficking #humantrafficking #a21 #adidas #smile #liberate #destinyrescue #sunglasses #blue #blueaesthetic #nonprofit

@whitehouse For a moment, imagine what it is like to be a child again. Imagine yourself in an unknown country, separated from the only safe arms that you’ve ever known, with no promise of ever being returned to them. Keeping in mind the disturbing reality that you could disappear and fall victim to malicious arms that intend to destroy you, imagine what it is like to be a child again. Where is your empathy?

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