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Got the most charming handmade trinkets from this cute lady!! She gave my sister and I discounts because she said we reminded her of her own children lolol. #HumansofThailand

She is smiling right now 💛 #humansofthailand

70 years old, this woman has one of the sweetest gigs in town – coconut sugar producer! As the owner of land with countless coconut trees just outside of Bangkok, she makes a good living and has arms stronger than flotus. Her dedication to her trade is incredible, as is her product. Learned so much about the beauty of Thai culture and its people today. I cannot believe I'm here. #humansofthailand

Smart people can easily be elegant.
#humansofthailand #lostinthailand

This woman, her name is Wawa. Tour guide by day, Thai pancake extraordinaire by night. #humansofthailand

This lil guy patiently sat at the side of the walking path while his parents attended to their store. He saw my brother with his camera and was so engrossed by it, he couldn't take his eyes off. His gaze followed us even after we crossed the street, and it was probably one of the most adorable and humbling moments of my life. #humansofthailand

Pot sticker chef at Chiang Mai's Saturday Night Market. This guy knows what he's doing! #sodelicious #thaichef

Throwback photo to my first week in Thailand - Ko Chang.
A ferry transfer worker poses for me as we cross over to Ko Chang.
Ko Chang, one of the largest Thai islands in the Gulf of Thailand, with dense, steep jungle. Mu Ko Chang National Park, a preserve with hiking trails and waterfalls such Klong Plu, which I visited and loved.
#kochang #thailand #streetphotography #humansofthailand


Pot sticker chef at Chiang Mai's Saturday Night Market. This guy knows what he's doing! #sodelicious #thaichef

stumbled upon these kids playing bacci ball in the back of a temple.

A monk passing through a road in Thailand. Behind him, is an astonishing landmark, the Grand Palace at the heart of Bangkok. #HumansOfThailand

A Thai monk blesses devotees at Wat Chedi Luang. #humansofthailand

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