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Repost from @bailandojourney @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Exclusive interview with @griselleponce 💃

One of the world’s most recognized and decorated salsa artists, the Mambo Diva opens up on being a dancer, mother, and humanitarian, the importance of staying humble, and how dancing can help you become the best version of yourself.

Support Griselle's cause and the organization @tainasunidas who are working on the ground to provide relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Maria 🙏🇵🇷❣️ You can make donation to here: Tainasunidas.org/donate

Link to interview: https://bailandojourney.com/…/exclusive-interview-with-gri…/ •

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And you think your pets are messy! 😁
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Although my time with this man was limited I learnt that his name is Blair and he is a huge Blue Jays fan. I truly believe that taking a second to acknowledge and show a homeless person that they're not neglected and have value & worth means more to them than anything, a simple hello and a smile can go a long way.

Serena // I think since moving back to Lancaster, I’ve been realizing a lot about myself. I’ve been really introspective, which isn’t really a bad thing - although sometimes you feel like it can be. I think recently, especially over the summer, I hit such a good point in my life. Lancaster has always been home, so coming back to where I grew up was really nerve racking, but better then what I expected. I think I also enjoyed knowing so many people in Lancaster, but also branching out and seeing a different side of Lancaster. •

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(Bidding Closed)
Bid in the comments(US dollars)
Increments of at least $5 or more

Will try to update as much as possible.
Auction ends in 24 hours
Dont forget to tell others about this!
🙌Where the money goes to🙌
I will be using all the money from this to go around and help the homeless people on the streets here in New York. I will choose a day and go out to give that money to people in need and I will post all of that on my story so you guys can see 🙂. Scroll down to read about why I am doing this
-Bid increments of at least $5
-Bidding will end in 24 hours
-payments taken through paypal
-pencils, inks , and colors done by me (Zach Hsieh) signed
-done on 11x17 comic art board
-ships internationally 🙌Why I am doing this🙌
In New York there are so many homeless people on the streets and it breaks my heart when I have to walk by on of them. I am an 18 year old student in college and I don’t have a ton that I can give away but I have been blessed with my skills I have learned throughout the years and I have been given a wonderful opportunity to go to art school and work hard so I can one day achieve my dream of being a professional comic artist. I really want to help all of them but I just done have the money to do that. However, I want to use the thing I love(art) to help the people in need. I see so many people on the streets that need money to get a ride back to where they came from or money to clean up and get a room for their job interview the next day. I want to use the money to help them get started on a path to success and start a new life. I am fortunate enough to be living comfortably and get enough food to eat. Whenever I draw from now on, I am not just drawing for myself but drawing in hopes that my skill can one day be used to bless many others and help make the lives of others better. Especially now that it is getting cold and rainy in New York the people here need places to stay and food to eat more than ever. Thanks so much for the support you guys! If this works out well I hope to do more in the future.

So you agree, New York? You think you're really pretty 🙄


“We hope that Australians can recognise that our love is no different to any other love. We encourage all to #voteyes”
| Willow & Lottie | 📷 @thewillowcat.and.co

I took a lot of gorgeous pictures of iconic New York that I'll most definitely put in a new post. I wanted to put these separately since they are my favorite. The empire state building and yellow taxi cabs make for amazing pictures that are a dime a dozen. But the more I travel, the more I realize that it's the people that define each place. Each mundane interaction leaves its impression on you and it's those events that deserve to be captured. In the words of the great Jim Halpert, there's a lot of beauty in ordinary things.
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Dipping into my box of inspiration. Having the time to reread some of my favourite books is lush.
#sunday #reading #duvetday #girlboss #humansofnewyork #susansontag #howtofindfulfillingwork #dontgetajobmakeajob - there's a bit of a theme to these books.

"..six billion people in this world. And sometimes, all you need is one." #thoughts

No one in Spanish Harlem gives less f**ks than you. And that's why I love you. Keep doing you boo. Keep doing you. Thank you for always being supportive. Thank you for being an authentic you. #canon6d #lifestylephotography #photojournalism #harlem #spanishharlem #peopleofnewyork #humansofnewyork #hony

Dogs can get pretty big in Brooklyn 🐶 🤷‍♂️ #cowordog #bushwickopenstudios #bushwicklove #humansofnewyork

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