Sitting here, contemplating the meaning of life and other important things, like- why does my kid love animal crackers, but when I buy the gigantic container of them, they suddenly hate them? Why do they ignore you until you sit on the toilet and then want to be one inch from your face? Why does their water taste better in their blue cup? Toddlers. 🙄😂 Who’s with me?
Pic: @2lilbrobros .
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Since 1993, parents have been encouraged to bring their children to work the fourth Wednesday every April. ⠀

As many of you know, we are family owned at Regalo Baby. 💙 We're lucky to have children in the office often, visiting parents and grandparents. Baby gates in our office doorways is the norm 😉 ⠀

Check out our Stories for some more office fun.⠀
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When I started out with all this (blogging, Instagram, YouTube..) it felt like the perfect outlet for the introvert in me. It was all a bit different when I first got in to it. I remember sneakily writing blog posts on my break at work, I was writing to myself really a bit like a diary and I loved it. After a while I started to notice a few like-minded people commenting on my posts and I found that it was the perfect way for an introvert like me to feel connected. .
Five years on and blogging, vlogging and social media’ing has really taken off. There’s so many more people either doing it now or interested in it. There’s a lot of focus on stats and algorithms - gone are the days when you’d just upload a quick snap you’d taken on your phone, unedited and without a caption to Instagram. ☺️ .
Over the last few years or so it’s felt like blogging and vlogging has become ‘cool’ and sometimes that worries me as I’ve always shy’ed away from the ‘cool gang’. I’m not one for big groups and lots of small talk, I’d much rather a deep conversation with 1 or 2 people. Networking seems to be important, yet standing in a room full of 100’s of people at an event makes me feel like I want to go and sit in a field full of sheep for a week. 🤷🏼‍♀️🐑 I’ve had online ‘friends’ who I thought were like-minded appear to forget we’ve ever spoken as they’ve gone on to make ‘friends’ with people with much larger followings. It can sometimes feel a bit... odd. .
I’ve read that if you blog you should really have a ‘niche’. But I don’t. I blog about whatever comes to mind. Over the last few days I’ve worried about whether or not I should worry about my stats more, whether or not I should drop some of the things I blog about and try and narrow my ‘niches’ and whether I should ignore the introvert in me and go and rub shoulders with people who can help me ‘grow’. But it’s just not me and it never will be. So I’m done with worrying about who I ‘should’ be as a blogger/influencer (I hate that term). Because this is me - I’m slightly weird, emotionally deep. I’m history and cat obsessed. ****(continued in comments).****

High of 82 degrees today?! Am I dreaming? We’ll be soaking in that glorious sunshine today if you need us ☀️🙌🏼

गुफ्तगू करते रहिये, ये इंसानी फितरत है...
जाले लग जाते है, जब मकान बंद रहते है...
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Surprise! Can't get enought of Carolina's expressions 😂💛 E' arrivato a casa un baule di legno che sembra arrivare da paesi lontani ( come quelli che si vedono nei film ha osservato Ginni). Dentro ci abbiamo trovato un lingotto d'oro e un piccolo rinoceronte accompagnati da un invito, e per un attimo ho pensato di dover partire per l'Africa🌍🎫🛫! A quanto pare invece è una parte del continente nero a voler venire direttamente da noi e ci aspetta il 5 maggio allo @zoomtorino 🙄 Qui siamo tutte super curiose ma una lo è più di tutte, riuscite a capire di chi sto parlando? 😆
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This little angel (with the most kissable cheeks 😍) has shots today and I’ve never been more nervous to take her than now she is 18 months old. She’s always been a trooper, but she’s going to know what happened, and know I took her! I don’t want her to think I’ve betrayed her. 😫 If anyone has suggestions for making this less painful for both of us, please share!

thoughts || There are a lot of things I have to juggle as a woman, wife & mama of five. One of them shouldn’t be this seemingly western obsession with having every hair shaved off my female body. IMO. As women, we’ve come so far. We fight for equality & demand equal pay. We shout body confidence & promote self love. We beg for “real” models & unretouched booties. We praise our bodies for carrying children & wear our stretch marks with pride. But when it comes to body hair, WHY is it still so taboo for women to wear the hair that was placed on their bodies by their creator to protect some of their most delicate areas?? Meanwhile, the male half of the adult world......yeeaahhh. I admit I still think about what someone may think if they notice my unshaved knee cap or peep the hair under my arm, but then...what’s the worst they could think?! Seriously. What. On the flip side, if shaving or waxing makes you feel confident & comfortable, then BY ALL MEANS do it. For special occasions I often prefer a smooth, shaved leg! But if you, like me, have been doing this continual archaic ritual of being sure not a hair is showing on your body from the time of puberty & never questioned WHYYYYY, then maybe it’s time we evaluate why this view is only socially acceptable way to live. 🧡 Personally, I’ve never felt more powerful, more honest, more myself than I am now, embracing the aging process with my whole body...one wrinkle, one dimple, one hair at a time. Jus sayin.

The best part of a party isn’t the cake or decorations but being surrounded by so many people who you love and who love you! Brooklyn James, never forget the community that surrounds you and supports you- you are so valued and cared about! We love celebrating and watching you grow💕

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No filters needed for this grandhuman. Beautiful faces of Myanmar. He spoke limited burmese and I spoke zero Chin. Didn't stop him and his family from inviting me for a cup of Chin Khaung-yay (rice ale). I don't drink generally, but khaungyay is the only drink I'm ok with! And it's an insult if you don't finish the whole cup offered 😉
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It’s time to clean out the closet. Out with the old and in with the new - or what still fits from last summer 😉

Madness. It's in all of us. When will people see it?

Nach 2 arbeitsreichen Tagen, freue ich mich um so mehr auf einen Nachmittag mit diesen 3. Das steht am Plan - ein riesiges Paket mit Malstifte auspacken (dazu bald mehr 😉), richtig viel Flieder aus dem Garten ins Haus holen und vielleicht die noch vorhandenen Schoko-Osterhasen verbacken! Das Wetter schreit förmlich nach Schoko-Marillenmarmelade-😊Kuchen!!! Was meint ihr? #lovedoinglifewiththem #momof3

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