Every minute with my little man is a chance to show the best behaviors that lead to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Lessons, game play, and inclusion in activities that encourage him to fail and try again. Every educational program should have these opportunities built in. It also pays to have a mentor who walks the walk...out in the real world...learning from their own mistakes, as well as the mistakes of others. My son has a front row seat to daddy’s failures and shortcomings too. When we accept that we are imperfect we give ourselves room to grow, learn, and make steady improvements. Today’s challenge is to spend a dedicated amount of time towards cultivating self awareness. Dig into your shortcomings and explore areas where you can improve. Give yourself the freedom to be honest without negative self talk, guilt, or defense. No one is here to judge, name call, or cast stones. This is your chance to meet your true you and to learn about your new potential for growth. When your done exploring the areas of weakness it is always best to allow yourself time to feel happy or even motivated by the new found path you can explore. The Memorial Day weekend I wish everyone happiness, health, and fulfillment in their life. May you find success in your path towards constant improvement. As my son says: #uhoh #thatsok #keeptrying #youllgetbetter
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I get so excited about a good read that I just want to share with the 🌎! 🤓🤪... Explore #humanpotential .. #strengthfinders #tomrath #bookstagram #newyorktimes #bestseller #readeveryday #psychology #truth #love #beauty #wisdom #growth #evolution

I did at one point feel shame and guilt over these feelings, but I soon realized that they are also part of what makes me human. But with that said I can be fully human and submit these feelings to God so that they don’t become idols in my life. For example a main motivation in my life is seeking adventure but this thing I seek can become an idol when I place it before God. (and you can place yours here……….) I have learned to celebrate who I am but also live completely in thankfulness and gratitude to the one who created it all. I have unclenched my fist and with open hands surrendered all my dreams, desires, hopes and aspirations. “….seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” - Matt 6:33-34
———————————————— If I can encourage you friends in anything is that there will be so many tiny steps in this process of interupting anxiety. Stay the course because in order to have a healthy mind, body and spirit requires commitment and self-care. ————————————————
Abigail our resident artist here at All of Us Matter gifted me a beautiful painting that read, “Bloom Where You Are Planted. Instead of fighting the process continue to be faithful, showing up and God will do the rest.
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” —Theodore Roosevelt.
Another one I really love is by Jill Briscoe, “Go where you're sent. Stay where you're put. And you give what you've got till you're done.'
Be present and joyful, love God and love His people. Amen. #freedomwriters #insight #process #vulnerability #raw #real #christcentered #freedom #internalmotivation #enneagram7 #adventurer #wandermore #travel #travelblogger #growth #humanpotential #empoweredwomen #bloomwhereyouareplanted #jillbriscoe #thedoreroosevelt

While everyone outside my building is having a ball, I'm getting ready for the week. Editorial schedule is tight, Blog, Podcast, Video and Radio; all scripts must be ready... How is your weekend?
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Sometimes we need to go against traditional thinking and push through resistance from loved ones, particularly when we are coming from a place of heightened awareness and knowledge in the world we live in today.

Thoughts inspire belief. Belief motivates action. Action spurs change. Ponder your greatness & Unleash your talent to ‘Sparkle & Shine’ #indigenous#inspiration#motivation#humanpotential#belief#action#change#pondergreatness#life#goals#sparkle#shine#beautysoul#live#happy#service#love#flowers

something beautiful will emerge from the chaos in your life. don't give up.
✨⚔️ keep following your inner light ⚔️✨
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Dear @cameronesposito,
:: Thank you for using your gifts to benefit us all. I listened to your interview with Alia Shawkat, mostly because I just saw her on Transparent, and from beginning to end you blew me away!
:: I'm nervous writing this because I want it to be as beautifully written as your podcast was produced. I'll settle for honoring you and hoping that it encourages others to listen. :: You said "stumble with me" while correcting Alia who described your wife as a lady. You got in the ring with her, you did the opposite of shaming, you said we're in this together. You said "know that you didn't do anything wrong because you didn't know." And of course Alia was a gracious co-pilot while you together figured out the right words to show @rheabutcher all the love and respect that they deserve.
:: I have avoided uncomfortable conversations about gender and sexuality in my lifetime. I have rolled my eyes because it all felt like a game with constantly changing rules. A game where I was sure to hurt someone's feelings. I understand now that the avoidance was setting me up to hurt people's feelings, not the trying to understand. :: And then you spoke about clothing and boobs, two of my favorite topics! And you said "sexiness is what we're exuding to the world." And that could not have come at a better time for me so thank you. :: Thanks for showing me how to have complex, emotionally charged conversations with humor. Thank you for showing me how to admit I don't know with grace. Thank you for explaining that all of these topics (gender, identity, sexuality) are ever changing. No one has to pick just one and stick with it for the rest of their lives. :: I saw you host an independent circus in Chicago years ago and please don't read this as condescending because I know this phrase sometimes can sound that way but, I am so proud of you! It's been really fun watching your career since then.
:: I hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! :: Thanks again,
:: Mary

Yes , It’s True, I Spend the other Half of my Life Training , not people , but myself , with the Goal to accomplish something, breaking limits , showing me everyday that the battle is not against others but it’s Xavi vs Xavi , Not Sure about the end of this , but either way I Will Test what is my #HUMANPOTENTIAL ! .
Thumbs Up if you will to 👍🔥
Si , es cierto , paso la otra mitad de mi vida entrenando , no a más personas sino a mi mismo , con el objetivo de conseguir algo , rompiendo mis propios límites , asegurándome de que cada día la batalla no es contra otros sino que es en contra mía , sin estar seguro de cuál será el final , pero eso si , quiero ver cuál es mi Potencial ! .
“Manitas arriba 🙌 si piensas igual” .
🎥 @Romi_Contreras16
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Taking care of your garden a little bit everyday is a lot more effective than waiting until it is overrun with weeds.
Taking care of your life a little bit everyday is a lot more effective than waiting until it is overrun with problems.

Get Clear and Connected:
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Curiosity fosters learning and growth, and inspires us to explore new ideas and discover more about things we don’t understand. Judgement is preconceived notions and ideas based on our own perception and opinions. Taking a judgmental approach can hold you back. They say to never judge a book by its cover. Without indulging our curiosity, we will never know what’s beyond the cover. When we judge a book by its cover, we close ourselves off to the possibility of learning and growing, and the same can be said about our judgement of anything that’s new. We don’t know what life has to offer or what opportunities we may miss if we don’t open ourselves up to them. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who are open and ready to seize an opportunity when it comes along. They are the ones who know that opportunities can come from the most unexpected places. It is curiosity, and the willingness to be inspired by the curiosity of others, that drives success and breeds an environment for innovation. It is curiosity that has led to some of the most impactful discoveries and solutions in human history. Tell me – do you consider yourself to be a curious person? How about judgmental? 👊 #getunstoppable

Time to set things in motion.
Mini kettle bell flow with a 20 KG
Not easy I needed to focus on maintaining stability on certain positions. And need to move efficiently with the #kineticenergy transfer through #efficientmovement .
There’s great insight in creating new #shi* // it’s just rewiring the brain with a healthy dose of danger
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