@thankfulorg tree @unitednations - so much gratitude for the extraordinary journey of last 10 years , yes, the pain, the joy, the failures but above all else the people who have stood by me. @thewonderbag @unilever @pfizerinc #friends #wonderwomen #africanwomen #abundance #failure #success #globallyconsciouscapitalism #humanpotential #socialsuccess

I'm SUCH a Contrarian ... I do very few things like "normal" people. I try to eat organic whenever possible. I had my baby at home in water with only his father present. I homeschooled. I'm not religious but am deeply spiritual. I don't drink soft drinks. I rarely eat sugar. I care nothing about sports. I don't watch the news or read the newspaper (they are biased, can be deeply depressing and create a great deal of fear) ... although I often do deep research about what's going on in the world. When I'm not feeling well, I turn to herbal supplements rather than call the doctor's office. I left corporate life to work for myself and now I get to decide my hours and who I work with. Ah there is freedom in that. I meditate and do yoga daily. I avoid stress and toxic people. How about you?

Prove to yourself how powerful you really are!
Close your eyes and go revisit your future dream! Be that super hero or that super healthy (sexy) woman.
What decisions would you make, how would you feel, what people would you have around you, where would you live?
The mind doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not.
Imagine taking a bite into a lemon. Got you… I bet you started producing saliva in your mouth just now.
In that same way over time your brain and body will adjust if you keep repeating your dreams.
I am just becoming increasingly aware of how powerful manifesting your best life into existence really is!! .
Two years ago my life was a mess. And I decided to change. Radically.
I became aware of how I was always pushing and controlling everything into reality, especially my career.
Something inside me told me to surrender to the divine. I just wasn’t able to do this any longer on my own.
I started learning more about spirituality, how the brain works, quantum physics. About the mystical!
I started practicing meditation, journaling my dreams, my beliefs, my little lies, researching who I am and working with the most lovely coaches, attending workshops, conferences. I did it all!
Fast forward, I quit my well paid corporate job, I’m starting my own business, working with creative people whom I love, bought the house I was dreaming of… and I am very happy with where I am in life right now. The best part: I really enjoy(ed) the journey! .
I wish for everyone to fall in love with life!
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💡Listened to Dr. Autumn Gore speak a couple weeks ago, and she said something close to these words. I thought it was such an elegant explanation of what we do that it has stuck with me. #thepowerthatmadethebodyhealsthebody
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▪The nature of motivation▪
Productivity is a question of motivation. Motivation is a question of being able to do what you like, what you are good at, in conditions that suit you.
People feel motivated when their individuality is respected and valued, not when they are asked to adapt.
Unfortunately, incentive systems are very much based on adaptation, in meeting goals no matter what. People get rewarded for fitting in, for
forcing themselves. That has nothing to do with motivation. That’s submission. That’s a system of going hard until you break.
We should let people be who they are. We should give them space.  And enjoy the riches that come from it.
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Making the #economy work for #people.

If only I had worn one my many many “colourful” shorts for meeting this legend!
Great chat about mental health, recovery, and of course fantastic shirts with the gentleman that is Popey (@popeapparel) after his amazing, honest and Inspiring talk at the inaugural Soul Space in Claregalway Castle!
Inspiring day all round filled with amazing talks, workshops, avocado, meditation and well-being with @antoniaomalley. Definitely going again next year and big thank you to all involved! . .
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My work allows me to regularly work alongside the masculine, but very rarely do I have the opportunity to spin magic with the feminine.
So when @universalbalancemindbody offered me the opportunity to speak for their 'Women of the World' charity event today, naturally, I snapped it up.

See, here's the thing ladies...
The most powerful way to change the world... is to go first. Serve as the example.
Be yourself - fully, unapologetically, ALL of you - the good, the bad, the ugly.
When you allow yourself to shine, you serve as the example. You grant others permission to do the same. You invite them back to themselves too.
Your SELFISHNESS is the single most SELFLESS thing you can do, because you are the sun and when the sun stops shining everything else turns to shit & dies. "We can't help the poor by being poor.
We can't help the sick by being sick.
We can't inspire by living uninspired." DO YOUR THANG SUNSHINE. 🌞
Thank you women of the world. 💎👑
And thankyou Universal Balance. ❤

OH and look at all the nice things these gems said about me today. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 What else is possible?

I have finally figured out what actually scares me more than anything: It is not becoming who I really am.
I realize I have been setting my standards and goals and dreams based on comparing myself to mediocre people and I do not want to be like that or “normal”. I want to be uncommon amongst even uncommon people. I believe I am here for a reason and with every twist and turn of my life the reason(s) will reveal themselves to me. Whatever suffering I go through is actually unlocking endless potential for myself. I know instinctively based on everything I’ve been through in my life that I exist to inspire and lead others to find their best selves. But now it is time to take this to a whole other level of magnitude. Judge me. I don’t care. This is who I am. I never want to get to the end of my life wishing I had done more or have any regrets about what might have been. My potential is endless.
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Feeling so much gratitude for my dream team. We are on the forefront of creating the spaces for people to become their greatest selves. What a privilege it was to hold this space in partnership with Emily @melacordata for the 15Five Customer Success team this past week in Marin. Here’s one of many moments where we connected to ourselves to better understand how we can maximize our contribution to our individual and collective success. To infinite potential and beyond 💫 @humansof15five #15five #greatestself #dreamteam #humanpotential #customersuccess

⚠️ You've been warned ⚠️

It doesn’t’ matter what department of a business you work in – marketing, sales, operations – we are all selling. As entrepreneurs, even when we move past the sales aspect into the business strategy and development, we are still selling. We want people to give us the time and to listen to the ideas we have about our business. And, when people like you they will listen – they will hear out the things you have to say, but it's not until people trust you that they will do business with you. We all have people who we like in our lives but may not trust. Think of the friend from college who you liked – you enjoyed going out with them but maybe wouldn’t trust them to do work for your parents or your boss. Trust is crucial to business success. We need people to not just like us or the products/services we offer, but to also trust us. To trust that we will deliver on the things we say we will, to trust in what we are offering, because it is trust that drives the purchase or the partnership. The best and quickest way to increase trust with potential customers and/or partners? Always over deliver on what you say you're going to do. Tell me – what are you doing to build trust in your brand? Do you always make sure to over deliver? 👊 #getunstoppable

What is that call that can open up opportunities for you? Don’t be afraid: contact someone, call someone, email someone who you admire. Reach out! #career #mentorship #mentor #womenempowerment #vintage #collaboration #partnership #bonds #networking #network #banker #humanpotential #coaching #corporatestyle #entrepreneur #outsider #outofthebox

I'm fascinated by human potential. I have a feeling I've only tapped into a small part of mine and am excited to see where I go to.
Where do you want to develop your potential?

While @__foundations__ is for all those intrigued with clean food, movement and general sustainable wellness ... this program is specifically curated for the person who has sat back and watched. Waited. Hoped for a quiet moment to explore what they've seen. Explored the content shared and maybe even played with it at home a bit behind closed doors.
It’s for the person who wants to move and eat differently ... for longevity. The person healing. The person growing. The person bored with burpees and protein shakes.
FOUNDATIONS is for the person who wants to do things differently. To experience something they maybe haven't before. All from the comfort of their chosen space.
Recovery. Community. Nourishment. Play.
#foundations 🍃 Join us. @move_with_ian @nikkifitatx .

Flow through life.... The last weeks of not knowing who I am, what I am doing with my life, what I want to do, I actually Liv more than I ever lived. Being present in the now, unaware of how things will unfold, allow and surrender to the universe... That moment is when things start unfolding.

I wanted to go to a festival today, a couple of friends had other plans and I had let go, I just had this inner movement to go, that's all.. How is feeling to go and do something, create an intention and allow things to fly you there, flow.....
What happened is that a guest came and she was planning to go to a jazz festival too and I was going there, so we end up going together... And had an aamzing time throughout the city.... In that moment, it doesn't matter how, when, what all matters is fly like a bird and surrender all to the energy of own intention that can carry you like a line towards your goal, not in a liner way but as birds fly, with the path of less resistance, to where the wind go's.... " Adjusting the sails of your soul with the universe" a "traveller". . . . .

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Discover you. Sound Healing & Guided Meditation. Sunday Sept 23 10-12noon #love #inspiration #humanpotential #transformationalteaching #themoreloveclub.com

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