PLEASE READ!!! If you have young kids and you’re getting pressure to make them play one sport year round....get a different coach, go to a different team....stay strong! Many studies have shown that it doesn’t help their chances of being “the next big one” it actually has the opposite effect along with a lot of other bad stuff! Great post here by @getpt1st
Let’s be better! #evolvephysicaltherapy #physicaltherapy #humanimprovementproject #letkidsplayallthesports #bebetterateverything
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Just say no to early single-sport specialization. There's a reason the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, and many other professional organizations are against it.

Help to prevent youth injuries and burnout, encourage young people to play multiple sports. It will help them be better athletes and healthier kids!

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Shout out to @evolvept209 athlete Miss Miranda Padilla who is competing in State swim championships tomorrow! She is a senior at St Mary’s and has already committed to UOP to swim for the Tigers! She has been training with me for 2 months to address some ongoing pains she has been having as well as a general strengthening program to improve her swimming!

She is one of the most dedicated, sweet and overall amazing young ladies I have had the privilege to work with and I couldn’t be more proud! I know she will kill it tomorrow!
Remember find a provider that understands what you need!
If your physical therapist only uses bands and ultrasound you should get a new physical therapist!
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One of my favorite drills! This is my go-to version of the “open book” exercise and great for getting some rotation/movement into that thoracic spine! Limited movement through that part of your mid back can cause havoc all over. Limited shoulder mobility, lower back pain, poor neck and head position...the list could go on. So grab a KB (something you can control overhead) and give this a try. Make sure a breathe out as you try and drive that shoulder down towards the mat. Controlled and intentional breathing makes all the difference in getting some good motion through that mid-back.
Give this a try and let me know! Having problems? Let me know that too!
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GREAT post here! Thank you to The Man, The Myth, The Legend @mikereinold for the original repost! All my CrossFitters our there that love their social hour on the foam roller...read up! Questions? Ask me! Comments? Leave em! Concerns? Contact me! #evolvephysicaltherapy #drred #humanimprovementproject #buildingbetterhumans #ilovethefoamrollertoo

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💡 The amount of time I've seen some people spend on a foam roller(way too long), you think their workout split is push/pull/foam roll. Let's dive into what foam rolling does, what it does not do, how it works and how we can optimize our results.
🔹Foam rolling does(based on research):
-Increase range of motion(albeit for a short time <10 minutes)
-Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness(DOMS) when foam rolling post-workout
🔹Foam rolling does not(based on research):
-Break adhesions or knots in your fascia(takes over 9000N of force to influence fascia 1%, amateur boxers can punch on average roughly 2500N to give you an idea of how much force that requires)
-Increase muscle performance(it does not decrease it either)
🔹Mechanism of how foam rolling works(mainly theoretical, still needs more research):
-If we are not breaking knots or adhesions then how do we get new range of motion? It kind of works like a massage in the sense that we believe the foam rolling is decreasing neurological tone in the muscle. If we decrease the tone then we can have better tissue extensibility(limited).
-The 'massage' that foam roll gives may also help improve blood flow which is why it may help prevent DOMS(yet to be researched on a physiological level).
🔹 Optimizing our foam rolling routine(based on research):
-Used in conjunction with static/dynamic stretching and loading yielded longer results
-4x30 seconds had the same amount of ROM benefits as 2x10 seconds, so stop rolling yourself like a pasta
-You should not spend more than a couple of minutes(<5 minutes) foam rolling before and after workouts IF you want to use it as a tool
📃 'The effects of self-myofascial release using a foam roll or roller massager on joint range of motion, muscle recovery and performance: a systematic revie

This is my Mom. My Mom is 72 y/o and she started @crossfit last week. She practiced her handstands today and I was so impressed! She help this position for 15-20 seconds 7 times! She never thought she would be able to do this but she is surprising herself every time she walks through those doors!
My Mom isn’t trying to go to the games. She wants to keep working full time, walking 4 miles a day with her friend and living her damn life without being limited by weakness or 💩-y mobility! She represents a population that NEEDS Crossfit and we are going to bring it to them!!! @hip_crossfit209 #evolvephysicaltherapy #humanimprovementproject #crossfitisforeveryone #stronger #ageisjustanumber #pr’sarebetternumbers

When you’re recovering from an injury there is a huge emotional component that no one really warns you about. (Unless you have a stellar Physical Therapist because it’s one of the 1st things I talk to my patients about 😉). But really I’m a week out from surgery and the emotional toll is setting in and I’m reminded of the harder part of recovering. You will get frustrated, feel discouraged and probably battle some form of depression. These are all normal reactions when you are sidelined from the things you want to do. And it’s all part of the healing process. The best thing you can do is stay disciplined in your rehab, allow yourself to feel down sometimes but keep those times short and find a great health care provider to help guide you through. Remember we are one giant system you can’t separate the emotional from the physical you have to treat both! #roadtorecovery #physicaltherapy #evolvephysicaltherapy #humanimprovementproject #aclrecovery #drred

In the words of @gsubry209 “Never miss a Tuesday!” @ssgt_v85 is ready for another workout fueled by liftoffs and filled with back squats!! Today is a spicy one 🌶 #Crossfit209 #WeDoCrossfit #WeDoHerbalife #stockton #Crossfit #humanImprovementproject #BackSquats #hipnutrition

⚠️Don’t mind the foot traffic ⚠️ BUUTTT! In today’s segment of LEG DAY: 20min cap to find a heavy 6 rep max back squat 🤭. If you had asked me 3 or 4 months ago to do a 6 rep max back squat @ 315lb I would probably laugh and tell you no way lol, well obviously that’s not the case anymore! And I couldn’t be happier with the improvements I’ve been making in the gym from pushing my self a little harder to go that extra mile, practicing different skills (HSPU, butterfly pull ups, kipping ring dips, etc.), and eating better (still a struggle lol) seriously cannot wait to see what else I can accomplish this year! 😎💪🏼🏋🏻‍♂️ #crossfit #crossfit209 #humanimprovementproject #hip #legday #squats #nike #niketraining #romaleos3 #rougefitness #sealfit #improvements #gaintrain #leggains #thestrugglewasreal #feeltheburn

Prehab is rehab and equally important! I’ve gone and tore my ACL again a few weeks ago and rehab started the NEXT day! It will be one month between injury and surgery and that time is SO valuable to a speedy and effective recovery!
Sometimes no matter how careful you are, how much you stretch, warm up, activate your muscles 💩 happens and you hurt yourself. If that happens get in to see a professional ASAP and get on the road to recovery! Don’t just give in and sit on your 🍑🍑 hoping it will fix itself. You can’t rest your way to recovery (there are always exceptions so relax haters). I’ve been diligent with my prehab and I’m ready to get this knee fixed, once and for all! Going to dominate this rehab! #acl
#yesididitagain #noimnotgoingtostopcrossfit #crossfitasrehab #evolvept #practicewhatyoupreach #humanimprovementproject

Blowing off some tension after our Delta Classic and my coach got a great lift for me. Thanks @gsubry209 #humanimprovementproject #ilovetosquat#400hereicome#gettingbettereveryday #setthetone

Testing out my new toy! This little beauty is going to be a life saver after squat day!!! #theragun #physicaltherapy #trainwithoutpain #wellonlythatgoodpain #drred #evolvept #humanimprovementproject #crossfit

18.2 in the books! 📖💪🏼😎. 12min cap of 1-10 dumbbell front squats, and burpees over the bar. Then with remaining time hit a 1 rep max squat clean, glad I gave it another shot and overall I’m super happy with my performance and score!! thank you to everyone cheering me on especially on my last attempt on the clean!! 😱 was definitely feeling the gym vibes today! 👌🏼😁@hip_crossfit209 @crossfit #crossfit #crossfitopen #crossfit209sport #18point2 #humanimprovementproject #nike #niketraining #rougefitness #caffeineandkilos #gymvibes #feelingthegains #gainsRus #frontsquats #burpees #squatclean #burpeesarethedevil

Have you heard of Blood Flow Restriction training??? It is an amazing technique that can be used for rehab after/during an injury or as a supplement to an already rigorous training program (@hip_competitor and @hip_crossfit209 peeps I’m looking at you) 😬 I’m using it currently to maintain strength and speed up heeling for a knee injury I sustained a few weeks ago and I can tell you it has been the difference maker! Curious???? Hit me up! Let’s chat! #evolvept #physicaltherapy #bebetter #humanimprovementproject #bloodflowrestriction

Gonna be a good day, just gonna send it.. nice little strength send before the workout.
3 strict pull ups (90lbs dumbbell)
3 box jumps at what ever height that is
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The look you give when you know your going to make 18.1 your bitch. #crossfitfamily #crossfitopen2018 #fancyfithousewife #209crossfitsport #humanimprovementproject

Have you registered for the open yet? I can literally hear my coach @gsubry209 asking us if we have and if not why haven’t we done so yet? Lol there special shoutout to you 😊 I’m in 💪🏽 #crossfit209sport #humanimprovementproject #theopen2018 #crossfitgames #crossfitchick

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