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My new foster kitten. I found him on a call today. I didn't get a before picture but I cleaned him up a little for the photo. Emily gave him a bath and we started his meds. Better picture tomorrow. I hope his appetite gets better and his eye infection improves as quickly as possible. I named him Fredrick. He probably saw for the first time today, herpes was so bad I thought I could never get the gunk out! I'm gonna care for and spoil this little man. 🐱❤️👸🏼 #kitten #cat #rescue #humaneofficer #animalcontrol

From the decaying, unrecognizable puppy in my passenger seat, to this lovely, wild boy. I could only hope you would win the horrifying battle for life you were going to endure. Now you're the crusader for new laws in PA. I never knew by helping you find your way, that you would open so many doors and shed so much light on the issues we face with puppy mills. Here's to you making it to your first birthday! #librestrong #libre #humaneofficer #bethechangeyouwanttosee

Our Oceanside Campus Humane Officers Stillions & Shelton rescuing a missing senior shepherd who was trapped down a 15 foot ditch. "Sam" is now safe and has been reunited with his worried owner. Thank you for protecting our community's animals Officers!
#sdhumane #humaneofficer #oceanside

I'm legit now! Officer Krow is on the job lol #HumaneOfficer #ladyinuniform #toolegittoquit

Looking good Keko! Thank you to Puff N Fluff Pet Grooming in Meiners Oaks who got our sweet Keko looking fabulous yesterday! Keko was rescued in the field not long ago by our Humane Officers and had to be completely shaved down while anesthetized to remove all her matts. Now that she is feeling much better a proper grooming was definitely in order! Doesn't she look great!?
Keko is already planning for the future and hopefully her next photo we share will be of her adoption! #rescuedogs #adopt #shelterlove #805 #ojai #ojaivalley #ventura #humanesociety #humaneofficer #doggrooming #beforeandafter

It's a minature horse and his name is jj and he's adorable I love him. #lawenforcment #humanesociety #humaneofficer #mountains #class

Grooming Degree ✔️next up is Humane Officer 🐈🐕 #grooming #humaneofficer #kirkwoodcommunitycollege


Be a voice among the silence. #puppymillawarenessday #LCAC #PLP & #playfulpupsretreat spotted my little man. Oh how far we've come my furry friend❤ (I totally pet as many dogs as I possibly could, talk about an awesome Sunday morning!) #librestrong #humaneofficer #compassionadvocate

This isn't the nature of this account, but I would like to say a simple "screw you" to all the horrible people who steal dogs from loving homes. And an extra "screw you" to those who keep these dogs in cages, illegally breed them or fight them. Animal abuse is not entertainment and is not an okay thing to do to make money. Shout out to all the Animal Control Officers, Humane Officers, Animal Rescue Groups, Animal Rights Activists and many more people who fight for these dogs so they don't have too. You rock. .
#animalcontrol #humaneofficer #animalrescue #animalrights #endthestereotype #endanimalabuse #stopdogfighting #stopillegalbreeding #fight4them #pawjustice

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