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Many children, but little childhood! The cutest of babies tho! 😚😇
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Everyday beauty. No. 2.
She was a morning beauty . She was a tall girl but was wearing platform sandals on her bare feet, which revealed her non-nail vanished, natural toe-nails and well kept feet. She had a tightly buttoned up white shirt and a black jumper on, which gave her an elegant look and a school girl like innocence. Her long silver necklace was lying on her chest and her silver earring matched in colour. Silver earrings with the shape of clothes hangers. Rather unusual. She had a take away coffee in her hand and was pondering during the entire journey. She had lots of reminders written on the back of her hand with blue ink. She got on the tube at Highbury and Islington, off at Victoria. #beauty #humanbeauty

El brillo en los ojos y la dulzura de una mirada que refleja la pureza del alma!!! #puresoul #humanbeauty

I'll seduce you with this Rolls Royce that's on the way 😉

Красногубая мадам брошкина @sonyapora. Осваиваю новую технику ретуши, скоро еще занятия по цвету - спасибо @tibbar_nur за подарок на др)) Не прошло и полгода, как я смогла им воспользоваться 😂
Portrait if Sonya Babkina by me.

One of my favorite strangers that I've ever photographed. She was a bit leery of me at first, and this was only the second of two frames I had the courage to take. Little did we know the beauty that awaited on that roll of film. It's sometimes hard to take pictures of strangers, to get out there and risk rejection and alienation, but little nuggets of encouragement like this keep me going.
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Bad in blonde 🤦🏼‍♀️

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