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A Recipe like no other...😍
Hand Casting for two!👰🤵
Video By:The Edinburgh Casting Studio

Snagga snagga time during my lunch☺️☺️☺️Monday mood,Simba says "Hello"

8.20.17 ~ "I promise to keep your pieces together when you fall and to love you to pieces when you're together." ~ j. iron word 💝


#when nature said#hug me.🤗

😌È tutto finito !! ♥️

Yesterday was a much needed workout break, I have been working out every day and all muscles where sore, plus it was just CC and I and we tried to make the best of or day.
This past week I have been going to the gym, even though I have one at home, I enjoy being able to workout without worrying of "where in the world is Cecilia Walseman??" But one day off and scrolling through pics I remember how much fun we have together doing workouts at home!!! #homeworkout #cantskiplegday #thatsmile

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