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•Act like ya know each other• 👫 #oside #hubstagram

I almost missed #MCM 💕💕 My husband makes my magical life possible, and I am so so grateful to have a man who takes care of me the way he does. And the whole suit-y attorney with a Saff' London accent thing doesn't hurt either. 😉😏💕 #mancrushmonday #hubstagram

Happiest birthday to the best husband I've ever had @jakesalinas22 #hubstagram #throwback

Had a super fun day of geocaching. Well, one of us did anyway. 😉🤓🤳🏻👣🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻

Gunz on 💪🏻's #hubstagram #afternoondelight 👮🏼😌😩😛😍

I'm with Cupid. ⬆️🗝♥️ #happyloveday #hubstagram #xoxo

"We used to stay inside for recess because we thought outside was worse" #hubstagram #pacificnorthwest


Welcome to the Collective! Click the link in our bio to watch Episode 2 of “Follow Your Path” featuring @thecoldcollective. #pathtolife ❄️

It’s an honor to finally bring forth this episode to share it with everyone. This was the second interview I filmed (I’ve since done six), and I was so blessed that @fireatwillphotography already had a wealth of great video content I could include to really showcase some of the other talented individuals that have contributed to the Collective.

Let me know what you think about the video by leaving a comment here it on YouTube (link in bio!). If you would like to be featured or know someone that might be interested, send us a DM or email pathtoliferva@gmail.com. 🤘🏻

Tomorrow will be @thecoldcollective day! #pathtolife ❄️

I’m really excited to share this episode with everyone because @fireatwillphotography has been a long-time friend since I started going to shows and taking photos in Richmond. It’s awesome to see him making progress with this Collective, and I hope that our coverage of their story to this point will contribute to Will’s goals coming to fruition.

As I mentioned in my previous post, community is everything to me, and my goals for Path to Life include building a positive community around the brand. I’m grateful to have Will and the other members of the Collective be a part of that growing community.

Subscribe to the Path to Life YouTube channel by clicking the link in our bio, and be on the lookout for it tomorrow at 2 pm EST / 11 am PST. ✌🏻

The signal may not have been the greatest but I'm so glad the kids and I got to see this stud's face this morning. 😍 #hubstagram #absencemakestheheartgrowfonder #army #friday #newnormal

Two more days to the release of “Follow Your Path” episode 2 featuring @thecoldcollective! #pathtolife

One of my favorite parts about The Cold Collective is the importance of community. This focus is at the heart of everything @fireatwillphotography is doing to build the brand into something bigger than him, which I find very admirable.

The Cold Collective is currently featuring multiple artists per month on their website and social media accounts. If you’re interested in being featured, send them a DM and tell them you heard about it from Path to Life

Please be sure to visit our website by clicking the link in our bio, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

And from here on out ✈️🙊 it's all questionable 🐼 @sephiroth4life #nolagram #hubsandwifedoNOLA #letsgo #hubstagram #admiralsclub

Episode 2 of “Follow Your Path” to be released this Saturday!

For Episode 2, I will be featuring @fireatwillphotography who started @thecoldcollective last year to help bring artists of all mediums together in order to strengthen Richmond’s art, music, and film culture by collaborating and featuring other artists in the community.

As Will discusses in the video, he wants to see The Cold Collective grow in other cities by inspiring other artists to form their own chapters to create greater interest and community across mediums of art.

To stay updated on our video releases, click the link in our bio to visit the website, and scroll down to find us on YouTube.

Do what you want for your life. #pathtolife

Over the weekend, @missallie790 introduced me to @thesecret365, otherwise known as The Law of Attraction. The basic rule of this law is that what you concentrate on most is what comes to you, whether positive or negative. The three steps to getting the results what you want include asking the universe, believing you deserve it and following through with actions to get there, and finally receiving the gifts as they come to fruition.

The first step on this path is to express gratitude for what you have now, from your eyes that allow you to see this beautiful world to the unique skills and passions that help define your identity.

If you want it enough and work hard to achieve your goals, the universe will respond to your vibrations. Alex and I are doing our best to do just that.

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