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‪Go time showtime. #HTTR #WASvsLAC

I'm glad you know how we feel @jno24, but we're used to it now. Every December, the Skins fall apart. I just don't know why. Can the offseason come any faster?
#redskins #goredskins #nfl #nflfootball #washingtonredskins
#httr #joshnorman

Tomorrow is going to be epic!

Moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it. #HTTR

#tbt... through the good the bad and ugly 26&89 made smethn happen! #httr #realnews @clintonportis

What is most likely going to happen tomorrow?:
A) Kirk Cousins throws 3 Touchdowns
B) Phillip Rivers throws 2 Interceptions
C) Josh Norman holds Keenan Allen to no more than 5 receptions and 75 yards.
D) The Redskins win on a game winning drive
E) The Redskins defense records 5 Sacks

😑 feeling like jay gruden's water bottle rn
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Gameday in La La Land. #HTTR #WASvsLAC 🐱🐱Learn more Washington Redskins 👉 https://clssport.com/category/nfl/washington-redskins/ or @redskinsfans365 on Bio #redskinsfans365
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Beer, football and my girl. Finally got to see my team play live for the first time ever. Even though we didn’t play well today, we were surrounded by a great group of friendly Chargers fans. Today was a good day. @ohducky #ididntevenhavetousemyak #redskins #httr #seantaylor #21

Who you got? #httr
#wewin #httr #washingtonredskins #kirkcousins 🐱🐱Learn more Washington Redskins 👉 https://clssport.com/category/nfl/washington-redskins/ or @redskinsfans365 on Bio #redskinsfans365
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First NFL game ever! And now i have a team! Lol 🤘🏽 #HTTR 🏈 Another crazy fun experience with boo can’t complain 👫❤️🏈 (Rosa and Angel were there too 😂)

You know you’re a true dc sports fan when you:
-watched the @washwizards on Saturday, stupid clock operator cost us the game 😠
-met Super Bowl 27 MVP Mark Rypien
-gifted tickets and you take your family to see the @redskins play on Sunday, no surprise with the end result 😣
-went to @disneyland right after 😎

Truly blessed to share these moments with my family Gotta keep raising my son the dc sports way! #dcfamily #httr

@yykkcciivv it's always a good time when we see each other #FACT #REDSKINWOMENDOITBETTER @rndangerouscrew nice to meet you #BRO #HTTR #4LIFE

Got an autograph and called the pick #HTTR

Talk all the trash you want about my skins losing and being done for the season....you see I’m still smiling and winning #vacay #westcoast #family #sundayfunday #httr #winaplayoffgame

#Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger called out his teammates and coaches for their lack of preparation leading into Sunday's 30-13 loss to the L.A. Chargers***
#httr #djswearinger #nfl #nfceast **********************************
"It’s blah. Blah. OK, we out here to practice blah,” Swearinger told reporters. “We gotta practice better. I’ve been saying it all year.” **********************************
"It’s not surprising at all to me. At all. If you don’t prepare well, you’re gonna fail. I don’t think we prepare well with some of the questions that’s being asked like before the game. ‘What’s this right here? What’s this right here?’"

@hoser559httr Man I must admit the 559 reps the SKINS well #FACT #HTTR #HOGG

Little did I know how badly we were going to lose…at this moment I currently still had hope.#httr

Mood: 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ #HTTR #askingforafriend #FireTheTeamPresidentToo #AndTheCoach #AndMostofTheRoster #JustFireEverybody

‪Enough said. Let's get the W. #HTTR ‬ 🐱🐱Learn more Washington Redskins 👉 https://clssport.com/category/nfl/washington-redskins/ or @redskinsfans365 on Bio #redskinsfans365
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Even tho we lost Breelend #26 with the pik 6 make the poster #HTTR #redskins

Breeland takes the INT all the way to the HOUSE 🏡 #HTTR

Another season of high hopes being broken but I'm still a ride or die fan till I die. Hopefully next season is better.... #HTTR

DC in LA #httr

The weekly photo with my best friend's hat 😂#HTTR #redskins

Highlights and Low Lights 🏈 comment yours below and let me know who you think played a positive or negative role in today’s debacle. ——————————- There were very very few high lights to toss out today. All around the ball, today was one of the worst performances I’ve watched in a long long time. Here are few game balls I can hand out. 🏈Anthony Lanier🏈 is playing some fantastic football. From a training camp hopeful to a pivotal part of a depressed defense, he’s racked up 3 sacks in the past 3 games. He’s a bright light that I hope to see in Burgundy and gold for a while. 🏈Kirk Cousins🏈 did not have a good game by any means, he missed a handful of throws he would at most times make with ease. But I was glad to see him step up and through the pocket and his line touchdown to Vernon Davis was a dime on the run. His pocket presence has been one of his key improvements. 👇🏻Low Lights👇🏻 I want to be clear here. 🏈Josh Norman🏈 has been the best free agent signing this team has had in years. And it’s not even close. He brings more than ability to this team, and I’ve never been happier to have a star in Burgundy and gold. He’s been worth every coin. Since the Vikings game in this last 4 game stretch, Josh Norman has been horrid. He was watching scrub receivers run circles around him today, spent a lot of time with his eyes in the backfield and making uncharacteristically rookie mistakes. Josh is one of my favorite players, but I have been shocked to see him struggle so much. 🏈Josh Doctson🏈 Another game, another day we wonder when Josh Doctson will emerge as a true number one wide out. I am bullish on his potential, but consistency is still the biggest question that looms with #18. 🏈Defense🏈 The Monday following the week 3 win over Oakland was the first time I’ve ever felt our defense had the chance to be dominant. Fast forward to now, and our defense looks more like a 6-8 year old flag football team defense. Phillip Rivers looked like he was playing 7-V-7 and it was embarrassing to watch. Injuries have put this defense in bad positions, but lack of consistent execution is part of what is sending this team packing in 3 weeks.
#HTTR #thezonedc

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